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Manchurian Media Personality and the Reality of the Mind Control War










By Paul McGuire
May 5, 2014

The average person is programmed from birth to think inside of a box. They live under the delusion that they are free and independent thinkers, but they are unable to perceive that their thoughts and beliefs have been manufactured on the cerebral assembly line of what I term the “Mind Factory.” Despite minor variations of “The Product,” their beliefs are pretty much the same as everyone else’s. In addition, the thoughts and beliefs of the average person have been carefully programmed so they will fit neatly into what Aldous Huxley called “The Scientific Dictatorship.” If you doubt the existence of this “Scientific Dictatorship” please keep reading.

The primary manner which is used to program people to think inside of the box is to dumb them down through social engineering, education, and media. Let’s compare the intellectual life of the father of the First Great Awakening, Jonathan Edwards (1668-1759), with the cultural, business, political, and religious leaders of today. Edwards, who had been home schooled, entered Yale College in 1716 at the age of thirteen. He aggressively studied theosophy, science, religion, history, and many other subjects. In his personal notebooks he wrote extensively on subjects like the human mind and atomic theory. Edwards graduated as the valedictorian of his class at Yale at the age of seventeen.

Although Jonathan Edwards was exceptional, the majority of the cultural, business, political, and religious leaders were far more educated in diverse fields than their counterparts are today. Benjamin Franklin was a philosopher, author, political theorist, scientist, inventor and publisher. He was widely regarded as a polymath, which is a term that refers to a “Renaissance Man,” one of the world’s great thinkers. Conversely today there has not been one single political leader in over a hundred years who could even remotely be considered one of the world’s great thinkers. Those that are applauded as “deep thinkers,” such as Al Gore or Newt Gingrich, are not even in the same league as men like Edwards and Franklin. In contrast to Franklin, the journalists and politicians of today read carefully scripted talking points from teleprompters. So what happened?

George Washington attended only two years of formal schooling in his life. Abraham Lincoln had only 50 weeks of schooling, and even that was seen by his relatives as a waste of time. In 1840 the rate of complex literacy in the US was incredibly high, between 93 and 100 percent. The Connecticut census showed only one of every 579 people was illiterate. In 1993 the National Adult Literacy Survey reported that one in every five Americans (out of 190 million adults over the age of 16) was illiterate. Today after a series of learning programs like “No Child Left Behind” and “Common Core” the rate of illiteracy is even higher. Teachers are now forced to “teach to the test” where the right brain is overwhelmed with essentially useless facts, dates, and the mindless repetition of official dogma. By deliberately gutting the educational process of art, music, and creativity there is an on-going effort to suppress the development of the right brain. Used properly, the right brain is the place where out of the box thinking happens. Men like Bill Gates and massive corporations push Charter Schools as an alternative. But many of the Charter Schools simply “cherry pick” the best and the brightest from the public schools, which artificially inflates tests scores and creates a quick fix illusion of success.

The invisible elite who control our world decided to use the occult-based science of mind control and social engineering to create a caste or class system of people who would in effect serve them as slaves in what can be termed the Pharaoh god-king system, like the system utilized by ancient Egypt. The powerful international banking families and industrialists such as Rothschild, J.P. Morgan, Carnegie, Mellon, Guggenheim, Vanderbilt, Peabody and Ford created the Federal Reserve Banking System in 1913. Many of them had direct ties to the Illuminati and decided to restructure both the American and global society using the Luciferian hierarchal organizational flow chart on the back of the U.S. dollar which has an occult pyramid with an all-seeing eye of Lucifer and the words “New World Order” in Latin on the base of the pyramid. This is a blatant Illuminati symbol which illustrates a top-down control system where the bricks on the bottom of the pyramid refer to masses who are programmed to be slaves in this New World Order.

In order to accomplish this goal, the secret elite are employing scientific mind control technology that Aldous Huxley wrote about in Brave New World, and in a talk he gave to a group of neurological scientists in the 1960s Huxley talked about the emerging Scientific Dictatorship where men will be taught and genetically bred to love their slavery. In her excellent article “The Untold History of Modern U.S. Education; The Founding Fathers” (January 17, 2014) by Jamie Lee on Lee provides an excellent history of education which I have used as a source below.

In the early 1900s John D. Rockefeller amassed the equivalent of $663 billion in today’s dollars to establish foundations and think tanks to help implement this scientific dictatorship. In his first mission statement of the J.D. Rockefeller-endowed General Education Board in 1906, Rockefeller wrote the following:

“In our dreams, people yield themselves with perfect docility (Easy to manage, control and submissive) to our molding hands. The present education conventions of intellectual and character education fade from their minds and unhampered by tradition (Religious, family, moral and patriotic) we work our own good will upon a grateful and responsive folk. We shall not try to make these people or any of their children into men of learning or philosophers, or men of science. We have not raised up from them authors, educators, poets or men of letters, great artists, painters, musicians, nor lawyers, doctors, statesmen, politicians, creatures of whom we have ample supply. The task is simple. We will organize children and teach them in a perfect way the things their fathers and mothers are doing in an imperfect way.”

Rockefeller’s goal was clear: to dumb down children so they could be feudal slaves in the New World Order. Industrialists like Rockefeller created over 50,000 NGOs or Non-Governmental Organizations, and he and other members of the elite used the new science of “Scientific-Social-Engineering” to sell these radical ideas to the American public through the social propaganda campaigns of men like Walter Lipman and Edward Bernays.

Television and radio are important technologies in brainwashing a population and programming people to think inside the box. In1938 six million Americans were subjected to a scientific brainwashing experiment when Orson Wells broadcast H.G. Wells’ War of the Worlds. Psychologist Hadley Cantril published his findings on the effect of this broadcast in a book The Invasion From Mars: A Study in the Psychology of Panic. Cantril was part of the Princeton Radio University Research Project which was funded by the Rockefeller Foundation and also affiliated with the Rockefeller-created Council on Foreign Relations. Cantril established the Office of Public Opinion Research (OPOR) with television broadcaster Edward R. Murrow where they studied Nazi media propaganda, which was eventually used in the setting up of network television. I deal with this extensively in my book A Prophecy of the Future of America.

According to researcher Herbert Krugman, when a person watches television brain activity switches from the left brain to the right brain. The left brain is the center of logical thought and critical analysis and the right brain, when exposed to television, accepts data in a passive and receptive mode. This is different than using the right brain for out of the box thinking. The difference is that alpha waves pouring out of the television release endorphins and endogenous opiates, creating a kind of passive euphoria; a person can become addicted to television and receptive to programming.

That is why people watching television often have that glazed look…the same glazed look that most Americans have when you meet them in the supermarkets, shopping malls, and the churches. People are dumbed down not only due to the content but by a shift in consciousness which comes when we watch television. The dumbing down of Humanity is represented by another shift which occurs in the brain when we watch television. Activity in the higher brain regions, such as the neo-cortex is reduced while activity in the lower brain regions increases. Edward Bernays, who was hired by President Woodrow Wilson to get the American public to support the war against Germany, wrote in his 1928 book Propaganda that "The conscious and intelligent manipulation of the organized habits and opinions of the masses is an important element in democratic society. Those who manipulate this unseen mechanism of society constitute an invisible government which is the true ruling power of our country."

Despite all the knee-jerk reactions from dumbed down journalists and people who shriek the words “conspiracy theory” on cue every time any idea is presented to them that is outside the box, the documented historical research is quite clear that there is an invisible government that uses scientific mind control which is the ruling power of our country. It does not matter what the programmed and robotic journalists, political leaders, college professors, and religious leaders say; they have not done their research, or if they have they are paid well not to tell the truth in public.

In his book, The Great Technology (1933), Harold Rugg outlined the plan to program minds:

“A new public mind is to be created. How? Only by creating tens of millions of individual minds and welding them into a new social mind. Old stereotypes must be broken up and ‘new climates of opinion’ formed in the neighborhoods of America. Through the schools of the world we shall disseminate a new conception of government—one that will embrace all the activities of men, one that will postulate the need of scientific control…in the interest of all people.”

This scientific mind control goes all the way back to Prussia in 1819, where they used the scientific discoveries of Pavlov, the father of what was known as “operant conditioning.” Pavlov taught dogs to salivate in expectation of food by the mere ringing of a bell. The concept of the Pavlovian bell-ringing each hour of class comes from his theories on conditioning.

Prussia established a three-tiered educational system that was considered “scientific” in nature. Work began in 1807 and the system was in place by 1819. An important component of the Prussian system was how it defined for the child what was to be learned, what was to be thought, how long to think about it, and when a child was to be allowed to think of something else.

In 1814, Edward Everett was the first American to go to Prussia for a Doctorate in Philosophy, or PhD. During the next 30 years Americans went to Germany to earn degrees (degrees are a German invention). Those who earned degrees in Germany came back to the United States and controlled all the major universities. They promoted the concept that “the state is the father of children” and not the biological father. This was the beginning of the “It Takes a Village to Raise a Child” concept where the collective or the state replaces the family unit. This is also why there has been a highly orchestrated and strategic movement to destroy the family unit through media, education and political programs and why authentic Christianity has been targeted as an enemy of the state.

William Wirt, the school superintendent in Gary, Indiana was hired to implement a new educational program that would train children to be non-thinking workers. The Jewish immigrants whose children were targeted for this social engineering program saw it for what it was and riots broke out. William Wirt hada change of heart and began to publicly speak out about the conspiracy to bring about a controlled state in the hands of very powerful people. Mysteriously, Wirt was committed to an insane asylum and died two years later.

On 10/18/1951 Congressional representative John T. Wood (Idaho) added these remarks in the Congressional record’s Report to the American People on UNESCO (United Nations for Education, Science and Culture Organization) :“UNESCO’s (UNESCO was founded by Aldous Huxley’s brother Julian Huxley as a global institution to control education in every nation) scheme to pervert public education appears in a series of nine volumes, titled ‘Toward Understanding’ which presume to instruct kindergarten and elementary grade teachers in the fine art of preparing our youngsters for the day when their first loyalty will be to a world government, of which the United States will form but an administrative part…

The program is quite specific. The teacher is to begin by eliminating any and all words, phrases, descriptions, pictures, maps, classroom material or teaching methods of a sort causing his pupils to feel or express a particular love for, or loyalty to, the United States of America. Children exhibiting such prejudice as a result of prior home influence – UNESCO calls it outgrowth of the narrow family spirit – are to be dealt an abundant measure of counter propaganda at the earliest possible age. Booklet V, on page 9, advises the teacher that:

‘The kindergarten or infant school has a significant part to play in the child’s education. Not only can it correct many of the errors of home training, but it can also prepare the child for membership, at about the age of seven, in a group of his own age and habits – the first of many such social identifications that he must achieve on his way to membership in the world society.’”

The Robot Journalists and religious leaders of our time who ridicule the reality of a conspiracy theory are either ignorant or paid to suppress the truth.

John Dewey (1859-1952), who was trained in Russia, is called the “Father of the progressive education movement.” Dewey’s goal was to transform public schools into indoctrination centers to dumb down students, who could then be controlled by the elite. He promoted “Group think” and the socialist idea of the collective. The role of the individual mind and thinking outside of the box was to be destroyed.

Dewey promoted the group or the collective, rather than the teacher, as the main source of social control in the schools. Terms like “team building” and “consensus building” and control mechanisms like Total Quality Management (TMQ) are all designed to destroy out of the box thinking by elevating fitting into a team over actual accomplishment or achievement. Social engineering and fitting into the prescribed norm of the group or team becomes more important than real innovation and academic skills. All of this is high-level societal programming. It is evident in politics and in corporations and in the Church. For example the Seeker Friendly Church actually targets strong independent thinkers for destruction by demonizing them as ego-centric leaders. The Seeker Friendly model is based on the socialist collectivist thinking of Karl Marx and John Dewey and it is in stark contrast to the Biblical model where Moses, Abraham, Joshua, Caleb, the Apostle Paul, and Jesus Christ all exemplified strong leadership which went against the consensus or team. In fact, the “Group Think” and team thinking of the children of Israel caused God to curse them and they wandered for 40 years in the wilderness. Joshua and Caleb refuted the “group think” which through consensus developed the false idea that they could not take the Promised Land. Their consensus was an “evil report” and Joshua and Caleb, who today would have been accused of “ego-centric leadership”, criticized the group think and had a “good report.”

In 1954, a special Congressional Committee called the Reece Committee, whose research director was Norman Dowd, uncovered a plot to control the population through education and oligarchic collectivism beginning in 1933. According to Dodd, who referenced a book called The Turning of the Tides the goal was to install a centralized World Government.

The basis for modern education today is built on the “Pavlovian conditioned reflex theory” developed by Dr. B.F. Skinner, the Father of Behavioral Psychology. Dr. Skinner believed that the environment, through the technology of total social control could change people’s behavior and create Utopia on Earth. Skinner did not believe in freedom, which he thought was an illusion, and he developed what was called the “operant conditioning chamber” or Skinner Box and he even placed his young daughter to be raised in regular intervals inside this box.

The take away from all this is that you have been programmed through sophisticated social engineering to think inside of the box. The only way you can find freedom is learn how to think outside the box, for truth does not exist inside the box. The box is a virtual world and a matrix of artificially created man-made ideas that are designed to transform you from a man or woman into a compliant robot.

However there is one thing that “The Programmers” did not understand. In their lust to be gods, their pride deceived them into thinking they knew everything and the reality is that they don’t. They do not understand that their knowledge is finite and powerful firewalls have been created in their own consciousness that limit the degree of their power. In other words, they are on a leash.

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Secondly, every single person who seeks after the truth will discover that in the interior of their being exist apps just like the apps on your cell phone. However, the apps inside your mind and soul must be activated in order to work. There is only one way to activate these apps and that is to make a request to the “Creator of the Apps” to activate them. This requires acknowledgment of the Creator’s existence and your sincere desire to receive the activation. Once that is done the apps light up inside of you along with downloadable instructions about the precise way to access the truth. You must follow the instructions carefully. When you do this you will be set free by the Truth and your mind will be set free to think outside the box. Nothing can stop it. Happy flying!

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However there is one thing that “The Programmers” did not understand. In their lust to be gods, their pride deceived them into thinking they knew everything and the reality is that they don’t. They do not understand that their knowledge is finite and powerful firewalls have been created in their own consciousness that limit the degree of their power. In other words, they are on a leash.