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By Paul McGuire
June 3, 2013

We are deep into the night of the Orwellian age and have been for as long as I can remember. The reality of Big Brother implies the existence of highly advanced and scientific mind control technologies that only science fiction authors dared to dream of not that long ago. One of the results of modern mind control is the science of creating “Manchurian Candidates,” which most think is simply about brainwashing individuals in the world of politics and assassinations. But these same brainwashing techniques can be used to create a media personality, such as a conservative radio talk show host.

Many American conservatives today believe that it is the liberal media and the liberal media personalities who are “brainwashing” people. But the most effective Manchurian candidate media personality would be the one whom you would least suspect, which would mean a charismatic individual who is a champion of conservative ideology and traditional American values. That individual could pretend to be a moderate conservative or a more right wing conservative. The mission of these “Manchurian conservative” radio talk show hosts would be to become popular cultural leaders who steer their audiences in a strategic direction which may at first be invisible to the audience.

The reality is that there are Manchurian candidate media personalities from both the liberal and conservative sides of the fence. But I want to talk about the Manchurian conservative radio talk shows hosts because they are here among us and they are the least likely to be recognized.

CIA Director Allen Dulles instituted the MK-ULTRA program on April 13, 1953 in order to counter the brainwashing techniques of American prisoners being held by the North Koreans during the Korean War. The goal of the CIA was to use those same techniques on the enemy by creating our own “Manchurian Candidates.” What most people are unaware of is that the science of mind control has grown just as exponentially as biotechnology and computer technology since 1953. Remember those old black and white photos of giant super computers, the size of large refrigerators, filling up an entire floor? What used to take an entire floor of large computers to do, a modern laptop the size of a notebook can now do far faster.

Think of the science of brainwashing using the same template. Since 1953 the science and technology of brainwashing has progressed far beyond what the average person can conceive and uses technologies that they don’t even know exist. The result is that it is now possible to program individuals for all sorts of roles in media, culture, politics, science, religion, entertainment and religion. This would naturally include Manchurian conservative radio talk show hosts and media personalities who are likeable, charismatic, intelligent, and brainwashed. Psychologists have understood for years that intelligent people succumb to brainwashing just as easily as uneducated people.

So what is the purpose of these conservative Manchurian radio talk show hosts? The purpose is to influence, program and indoctrinate the masses either into a particular state of consciousness like passivity or the illusion that their collective efforts will make a difference, if they just try harder, and to create what is called a “controlled opposition,” which allows the elites to retain and expand their power by secretly controlling their opposition. There is an entire spectrum of agendas that a media personality can accomplish, most of them extremely subtle.

Let’s start with what would be the primary objective of a radio talk show host or media personality. The most effective means of indoctrination and brainwashing is that which controls the consciousness of the masses of people who are tuning in. The way the Big Brother media, a cult, ideological group, or foreign agents of influence can most effectively control people’s minds and thus their behavior is by controlling what they think about. By simply ignoring or not calling attention to certain topics on a long-term and consistent basis, you can create the idea in millions of people that these things are not important, not worthy of attention, insignificant, don’t really exist, or that they are part of some conspiracy theory that does not warrant the attention of any sane, intelligent and responsible individual.

Mind Control 101 starts with the basics, the understanding that adults are very vulnerable to peer pressure, just like a bunch of teenagers in high school. Due to his or her insecurities and the tremendous psychological need to be loved and respected by society or his peers, an average person will act, dress, think, talk and behave in such a way as to be accepted and not rejected. In the subconscious of most men and women there is a deep terror of rejection! This fear of rejection by the group is one of the most powerful psychological drivers for brainwashing. In addition, it is simple and effective and it works.

Here is how the science of mind control plays out on the terrain of human consciousness. Tragically, the American people by and large are deeply insecure and through their insecurity they can be manipulated. That is why the advertising and marketing industries produce various ads that are targeted towards “solving” this insecurity. If you buy such and such a product you will be respected, considered sexually attractive, get the guy or girl of your dreams, recover your youth, and solve whatever problem the advertisers tell you that you have. Massive amounts of money are spent on advertisements each day to motivate you to buy that car that will make you look important, because, after all, you don’t feel important. However, if you purchase this car, item of clothing, house, appliance, or technology like an iPhone you will be important, and therefore accepted.

It is also important for you to believe the right things and think the right things and say the right things to be accepted. Words, terms and expressions that have been strategically created to program human consciousness are injected via the media into the mass consciousness. The social engineers behind the curtain of this theatrical performance we call reality have created political correctness as a means of mind control, just like Big Brother did in George Orwell’s 1984. If you do not talk and think in a politically correct manner or if your beliefs deviate from the artificially manufactured norm, which means what “they” define as normal, you will suffer in various ways.

Watch how people rush to step in line like robots off the assembly line with no mind of their own! In other words, they do not control or own their own minds; somebody else does. Politically correct words and terms actually frame human consciousness. In fact, they are designed to program your mind and actually shut down your awareness of consciousness. It’s all about control! This is where the Manchurian conservative radio talk show host or media personality comes in. There is usually a minority of truly independent and free thinkers who arrive at their beliefs and control their own consciousness by coming to conclusions using logic, research, reading, thinking, perception, powers of observation, and spiritual disciplines such as prayer.

These independent thinkers do not have this fear of rejection and they don’t have to be accepted because they have chosen to develop an identity that transcends the matrix. The consequence of their choice to become independent thinkers is that their consciousness and intelligence rapidly expand. I am talking about true intelligence which demands the ability to think outside of the box and gain knowledge of history and a wide spectrum of fields and disciplines. I am not talking about the idiot who thinks because he or she has been awarded some kind of degree by the Wizard of Oz he is now a brilliant intellectual freethinker. This is not to disparage education and the need for higher education. But it is up to you to be perceptive enough to distinguish between what is truly higher education vs. higher brainwashing.

The Manchurian conservative radio talk host or media personality is an essential part of the socially engineered matrix. It is his role to determine what is worthy of talking about, thinking about, and believing. These people become the gatekeepers of human consciousness! The very act of continually never talking about important subjects on a consistent basis is an act of violence and abuse against the human soul. It is active participation in the rape of human consciousness. For all thinking men and women who have not been pulled into the sea of perpetual nothingness by the riptides of social engineering are attempting to understand life, which is sacred.

Many people have used every bit of courage and tenacity they have to attempt to seek the true meaning of life. But when they hear and watch the systematic denial of very important parts of reality by their “spiritual guides” they succumb to an intellectual and spiritual weakness and voluntarily shut down their own consciousness which is connected to the very soul the matrix says does not exist.

I am not suggesting for a moment that all conservative radio talk show hosts and media personalities are complicit in doing this. Nor am I implying that most of these people have gone through some kind of Orwellian conditioning program. But, tragically, there is a disturbingly high percentage of conservative media personalities who on one level could be perceived as intelligent or educated. They certainly pontificate as if they are, in a manner reminiscent of the Wizard of Oz, where Dorothy discovered there is just a little old man behind the illusion.

When you are talking about the true nature of reality, not the matrix, there are many, many extremely worthy topics of discussion that should analyzed or discussed, if the objective is truth. On a personal level, what I hear is the deafening roar of the monotone over the “conservative” airwaves. I don’t hear a hunger for truth by many of these media personalities. I hear them pretending to hunger for truth. Certainly truth is discussed, but partial truths are part of the fabric of the lie and partial truths serve to only falsely satiate those that starve for truth. I, like millions of others, watch discussions that deliberately stay within the sensory realm of black and white, when the real world is in living color.

When a guest or a caller attempts to bring in a necessary and legitimate topic of discussion they are psychologically attacked and it is implied that they are “out there” and not to be taken seriously and that their area of inquiry goes beyond what normal people think. That insinuation is either made overtly or within the subtext. Thus, you have an Orwellian control of reality, which is the denial of reality, which is the rejection and slaughter of truth.

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Again, that is an act of violence against the human soul. There is great collective guilt in America over the issue of slavery, and rightfully so. There should be guilt over the other things that we have collectively done as a society to harm all kinds of people. But there are many slaves on the plantation of conventional thinking and conformity today, which causes real suffering.

In light of that pervasive mental slavery, why are some, certainly not all, media personalities acting as slave masters to the human mind? Is it for the money? Is it for the power and the need to be accepted? Is it to keep their jobs? Or is it because they have been programmed on a subtle level and do not know it? The matrix attempts to shut down the consciousness of the truth, that a Supreme Being will hold us accountable.

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Many people have used every bit of courage and tenacity they have to attempt to seek the true meaning of life.