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By Paul McGuire
May 27, 2013

In one of the original Planet of the Apes films you can see the head of the Statue of Liberty sticking up out of the sand on the beach. The implication is that America and the world have been destroyed through some kind of terrible holocaust. There are powerful multi-dimensional forces moving through the American matrix which can only be perceived through enhanced sensory input, something like a bionic eye, or a future version of Google Glass. It has been said that ideas have consequences and it is true that a single idea is more powerful than any economy or military. Today America and the world are built upon the platform of ideas, philosophies, and belief systems. To the degree that those belief systems work Mankind can live in harmony and fulfill our destiny.

On Memorial Day we remember the men and women who died serving in the United States armed forces. Remembering the men and women who died serving our America does not mean that you have to fully embrace the reason for every conflict, but it does mean that you remember the men and women in our military who served in good faith!

I do not elevate Americanism or America above God or the Kingdom of God. However, to whatever imperfect degree, the American Dream has been a light to the nations. But we must admit that there has often been a great disparity between the reality of America and the American Dream. It is fairly obvious that many of the ideas that our society is operating under do not work, and the evidence is the social, culture, economic and human results of those ideas. How do we find new ideas and new answers to our problems?

The reality is that the answers we are seeking have been censored from us and kept under lock and key in the deep vaults of the multi-dimensional universe and inside of our DNA. The elites and the self-appointed gate-keepers of the human mind have completely shut down all perception-programming which allows us to understand the multi-dimensional nature of reality. In addition, they have hypnotized us, preventing us from seeing the Laws of the Universe or the Laws of God, which are in every man. The result is that like blind men, and despite our technology, we stumble around in the dark. The gate-keepers have a vested interest in not wanting the masses to know where these vaults are hidden in the fourth dimension, because that is where their power comes from. Again, it’s kind of like the Planet of the Apes movies where the protagonist is riding on the beach and sees the head of the Statue of Liberty. At that moment we realize that a lot of stuff has been hidden.

The gate-keepers have used social engineering, psychotropic drugs, and the media to program mass consciousness so that people will believe that things like religion, God, morality, sin, Satan, and Heaven are fairy tales and myths for the ignorant and uneducated. The strategy behind this mind control is to manipulate our fear of being perceived as ignorant and to use it as a mechanism to keep us from discovering the real nature of reality, beyond the matrix.

For example, what if all those stories and accounts of the Garden of Eden, God, Moses, the Red Sea splitting, Jesus Christ resurrecting from the dead, miracles, Heaven, Hell, and the prophecies of Revelation were not just symbols, myths and made up stories? What if at the very least they contained a cybernetic coded message about Mankind and your future?

Any intelligent person would have to admit that the amount of energy and organizational power that is being used in an attempt to demonize Christians, God and the Bible is over kill. I would suggest to you that the gate keepers have overplayed their hand in their attempt to demonize Christians and the Bible. Since they claim not to believe in God, what are they so frightened of? A bunch of people praying and going to church, or who want to get married and have families.

If there is no God and Christianity is a religion for the ignorant, than why the massive psy ops campaign against it? I mean, who is afraid of the Easter Bunny?

There is something far deeper going on here and it has to do with who controls planet Earth. In addition, as I mentioned earlier, the power of the gate keepers comes from their knowledge of the multi-dimensional universe, something they don’t want you to know about it. Although they indoctrinate you into believing that things like demons, angels, God and the Devil are mythologies, the elites at the very highest levels are in contact with beings from another dimension.

Just look at all the occult symbols they use. But they want the masses who are represented by bottom half of the symbol of the pyramid on the U.S. dollar to be locked into what could be called the programming of “scientific” materialism, even though it is not scientific at all. Look at the long term and strategic effort of using the culture, media, and society. Educational institutions, intellectuals, celebrities, politicians, government, and even some churches begin to undermine, demonize and target all things religious, Jewish, and specifically Christian. For crying out loud, if you are a Christian, salute the flag, or read the Bible in America, you are considered to be a dangerous extremist.

The Apostle Paul uses the term “the spirit of Antichrist.” He is not talking about the charismatic world leader in the Book of Revelation who is called the Antichrist. Paul is talking about demonic powers and beings that come from the fourth dimension and who hate God, Christians, and anything that has to do with God. Historically, when the “spirit of Antichrist” invades a nation it does so through consciousness and neurological programming. In Nazi Germany this came from the ideas of the German Schools of Higher Criticism; in Communist China it came from the Cultural Revolution; and in America it could come from MTV. The net result is all things that represent the Christian religion, such as morality, decency, virtue, family, marriage, and previously upheld traditions such as virginity are subject to extreme ridicule, mockery, laughter and jokes through the media and the culture.

Mockery and malicious humor are demon-brain interfaces which change neurological pathways and beliefs about the nature of reality, God and self. The Bible describes cultures which degrade to the level of “calling good evil and evil good.” What causes a culture or society to undergo such a radical transformation of consciousness that they now call good evil and evil good? The answer is multi-dimensional programming.

For example, the teaching from God’s law beginning in the Old Testament and continuing through into the new Testament that a man and a woman should be virgins until the time of marriage is held in such utter contempt by many in the culture and media that those who follow that teaching are basically considered psychologically unbalanced and potentially dangerous because they have repressed their normal sexual impulses. This was a theory developed by Sigmund Freud, who was sent to America as an agent for the Tavistock Institute, a British mind control think tank.

Supposedly, while pulling into the New York Harbor, looking at the Statue of Liberty, Sigmund Freud remarked to Carl Jung, “Don’t they know we are bringing them the plague?” Freud was fully aware that his Theory of Psychoanalysis was going to infect the consciousness of America with an ideological virus that would be used to destroy the American way of life. Think of the parallel between Freud making his remarks looking up the Statue of Liberty and the post-apocalyptic scene of the Statue of Liberty in the “Planet of the Apes.” Freud did not like the openness and freedom of America, and those who would be seduced by his theory of psychoanalysis would lose themselves in a maze of unhappiness, misery, destruction and despair, peddled as salvation by this cocaine addict who preyed sexually on his own family members.

Sigmund Freud’s Theory of Psychoanalysis directly attacked the teaching of the Pentateuch, which consists of the first five books of the Old Testament, known as the Law, or the Law of Moses. The Jews call the Law the Torah. The Law of God reveals to us that we are sinners, and Christianity is based on the message of Christ, which promises redemption from sin.

The Law of Moses states that a person is guilty when he or she violates the commandments of God. In a very real sense, Sigmund Freud was a false prophet who denied the central tenets of Judaism and Christianity, which both teach that Man is a fallen creature in need of redemption. Freud also denies the guilt of those who violate the laws of a Holy God and attempts to replace those laws with the counterfeit Gospel of Psychoanalysis.

Sigmund Freud said “I regard myself as one of the most dangerous enemies of religion.” Freud’s theory was an attempt to destroy the Law of Moses and the guilt of breaking that Law. Without the Law of God, society has no boundaries and no restraint against evil. Through social engineering we have replaced the laws of God with the “if it feels good do it” philosophy of secular humanism.

Once the Law of God is removed and people are convinced not to feel guilt if they break it they are free to explore their lusts and sinful desires. The laws of God and any feeling of guilt are replaced with a humanistic and occult religion which encourages men and women to explore and act out the dark sexual fantasies they have repressed.

But the Personal Living God of the Universe is far wiser than the trendy gurus who populate shows like Oprah Winfrey. These “enlightened guides” all say that Man is basically good. This is the opposite of what the Bible declares: “The heart of man is desperately wicked.” In other words, since Paradise, where the Fall of Man happened, the death force came into the inner nature of man and what we see all around us now is a kind of holographic projection of the Fall.

But here’s something to remember as you’re walking along that beach and you see that giant head of the Statue of Liberty which rocks your world with the realization that there is very powerful truth in the past that can set you free from the prisons of today.

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Just like there is a death force, there is a life force! The life force is the most powerful force in the universe; it has the power to raise the dead, heal people of incurable illnesses, end war, supply provisions, download wisdom from another dimension, and eventually transport you from this passing world into a world that can only be described as Paradise! It may appear that your inner consciousness is locked in a dark void, the cold dungeons of a prison planet. But this is a demonic illusion designed to blind you from seeing the truth.

Inside of you is a switch or a cosmic trigger some people call the cosmic trigger faith, but we are not talking about religion! You choose to pull the cosmic trigger and instantaneously the dungeon will disintegrate with a loud explosion and you will move from a dark world into a world of light more brilliant than the Sun. You will be walking in an awesome and translucent energy field that radiates like gold. The DNA code within you will have materialized a perfect body and then you will hear your name called like you have never heard if before, in a still small voice.

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Without the Law of God, society has no boundaries and no restraint against evil...