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By Paul McGuire
February 4, 2013

It is possible to understand what is going to happen in the future of America by remembering it. In order for that to happen you are going to have to get information from outside time and space, which means you are going to have to communicate with the eternal. Physicists now say that there is a fourth dimension of zero point energy waves and that this dimension is largely responsible for the three dimensions we live in. These physicists believe that you can access energy and information from the fourth dimension and learn how to create scalar weapons. Given the current situation of the world it is imperative to understand that it is possible within the sovereign boundaries of the Personal Living God of the Universe to transform both the present and the future from the fourth dimension.

This fourth dimension is often referred to as the spiritual world, invisible realm, or even parallel universe.

In order to survive what is coming on the Earth the human race must take a quantum leap into this dimension. In addition, mankind must understand quickly that this fourth dimension is not non-personal. It is ruled by a Supreme Being who is both personal and eternal. There are hundreds of millions of people on planet Earth who see themselves as powerless and helpless victims who can do nothing about the powerful forces affecting them, such as weather, earthquakes, etc.

Even in America, the prevailing consensus in mass consciousness is a learned helplessness. Nowhere is this more ironic than in what could be called the church of Jesus Christ. Jesus Christ told His followers over and over again that He had had given them authority over their circumstances and had even given them the keys of the kingdom. In addition, Christ taught them how to access the miraculous through supernatural power. This supernatural power is so powerful that it is referred to as the dynamis, or dynamite. Christ was teaching about an actual force that could transform physical reality. Tragically, most members of what is called the Christian Church in America refuse to acknowledge the existence of a force and the fact that Christ died so that they could use it.

The Prophet Isaiah referred to the glory of the Lord. Most people who read that do not understand that the word “glory” means massive energy, power, infiniteness, and love. They subconsciously define it as some kind of golden verse to adorn a Christmas card and that is not what it means!

“So shall they fear the name of the LORD from the west, and His glory from the rising of the Sun. When the enemy shall come in like a flood the Spirit of the LORD shall lift up a standard against him.” -Isaiah 59:19

Isaiah is speaking about those who fear God and what happens when the enemy comes and attempts to destroy them. Like a force coming from the fourth dimension, or time wave zero, this massive flow of energy comes in and raises itself up to supernaturally drive back the enemy. “Like a flood the Spirit of the Lord shall lift up a standard against him.”

Ironically, while the church rejects the supernatural power of Christ and the scientific basis for it, cutting edge physicists are discovering how to access supernatural forces in the fourth dimension.

Physicist Col. Thomas E. Bearden is one of the world’s leading researchers into the world of scalar energy. Scalar energy comes from the fourth dimension, seemingly from nothingness. Yet in this dimension energy, spirituality, and endless possibilities can be accessed. Bearden has continued on with the research of Nicola Tesla, who claimed that tappable unlimited electrical power was everywhere around us in this fourth dimension, which he called the “aether.”

Scalars pump negentropy, ever increasing order and information, into three dimensional existence from a fourth dimension. In his book Synergetics Buckminster Fuller called this cosmic energy Cosmic Zero. According to Fuller everything in the universe develops from cosmic zero or this fourth dimension, which contains endless possibilities and vast energies which can be accessed by artificially produced scalars that can produce energy, control human minds, heal people, and modify the weather.

Here we see a scientific basis for accessing the supernatural power of Jesus Christ. What does that mean in practical terms and how does it affect a world and an America in crisis? It means that people are facing a global crisis of unprecedented magnitude, but they are attempting to solve that crisis with 300 year old technology. By insisting on dealing with the problem with even 50 year old technology, you are guaranteeing your own extinction.

The reason so many people see themselves as powerless victims is because they are performing mental calculations in their minds in which they incorrectly imagine that they have little or no resources. There are a number of events converging on planet Earth. The first is the fulfillment of prophecy in our lifetime. But the purpose of “remembering the future” is not to create paralysis. Adam and Eve were rulers over Paradise until they listened to the Serpent. Jesus Christ broke the curse that they caused. The proof of who He was is revealed in the fact that He resurrected from the dead. He carefully trained His disciples for their ultimate purpose, which is to rule and reign with Him in eternity.

This rulership is based on love. It cannot be misconstrued as some kind of “Christian jihad,” or a “Clash of Fundamentalisms.” The rulership based on love begins now and it is not a militaristic rulership; it is a spiritual rulership. Physicists understand that order and creation can be transferred from a fourth dimension into our three dimensional world. Things are not what they appear to be. This present world can be changed through accessing the power and authority that Christ talked about.

There will be a fulfillment of prophecies, but until that comes to an end there is a duty and obligation for us to move order from the fourth dimension into the three dimensional world. The Lord’s Prayer in Matthew 6:9-10 is not some passive and impotent ritual, for it contains the code for moving power from the fourth dimension into our three dimensions. Jesus Christ said:

“In this manner, therefore, pray:

Our Father in heaven,
Hallowed be Your name.
Your kingdom come.
Your will be done
On Earth as it is in Heaven.”

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Jesus Christ is teaching us how to move the power and authority of the Kingdom from the fourth dimension into the Earth. Forget about what you have been taught through religious tradition. Look at these words for what they really are, for they contain the power to create and destroy entire planets and are intended to teach you how manage this enormous spiritual power.

That power is practical and understandable and can be used for specific purposes, and our primary goal therefore is to understand it and learn how to use it.

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Ironically, while the church rejects the supernatural power of Christ and the scientific basis for it, cutting edge physicists are discovering how to access supernatural forces in the fourth dimension.