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By Paul McGuire
December 24, 2012

As an author and speaker, it is stunning to me to watch some of the so-called big name Christian preachers or celebrities use well-known behavior patterns, which are well known inside of the neurological scientific community. To put it bluntly, they are “Manchurian Candidate preachers,” and they and their worshippers do not even know it! But the net effect is that you have the systematic dismantling of the Biblical church through scientific-occult forces.

The Satanic elite who are creating our new world order in the image of Lucifer are moving quickly to their destination point, that must end in mass human sacrifice in order to please their master Satan. Human and child sacrifice is a mandatory component of Satanic worship. This demonic kind of worship goes back to ancient Canaan and the pagan nations which surrounded the tribe of Israel. It can be found in the Druid monument of Stonehenge, the Egyptian pyramids, and the Mayan and Incan ruins. The mass slaughter of approximately eight million people by Hitler was not only about creating a genetically superior master race, but it was also about Satanic sacrifice.
The approximately 50 million abortions in the United States are not only about population reduction or the breeding of a master race, but also about Satanic ritual worship. The Communist Russian, Chinese and North Vietnamese revolutions killed, tortured and imprisoned over 175 million people. It is important to understand that the Communist revolutions were created by the Illuminati and the Communist Manifesto was a direct imitation of the Illuminati Manifesto. Stalin and Lenin both understood that the world’s power elite were controlled by the Illuminati. Karl Marx was a practicing member of a Satanic church. The carving on the Georgia Guide stones about reducing the human race from seven billion to 500 million as quickly as possible is more than population reduction; it is about Satanic sacrifice as the new world order is brought in.

When Benjamin Franklin helped found the United States, he was secretly a member of the Illuminati and would participate in the Satanic orgies and ceremonies in the underground caves of Europe as a member of the Hell Fire Club. Relatively recently the skeletal remains of human and animal bodies were found buried underneath his house. How they got there and why is a secret, which is buried with Benjamin Franklin.

The elites’ global pedophilia network in which little children are sexually abused and die has occult connections! In an age of the most highly scientific mind control ever known to mankind there are mass shootings. A disturbing number of these individuals were into Satan worship, but all this was covered up the media. There is open Illuminati symbolism in many rock, hip-hop and contemporary music videos and most teenagers understand what they mean. Illuminati symbolism is found on government buildings around the world like the Denver International Airport and in feature films, the Super Bowl and the Olympics in Great Britain. With each week, the Satanic symbolism is becoming bolder and bolder! Simultaneously, the signs of the times that Christ referred to as birth pains of a woman going into labor are growing in intensity. The human race is moving simultaneously into what Aleister Crowley referred to as the Age of Aeon, or the Age of Horus, which is the all-seeing eye above the pyramid on the back of the U.S. dollar. Occult teachers are telling us that we are entering a New Golden Age, the Age of Aquarius, the birth of the new world order, and that we are approaching the Mass Awakening or Mass Ascension.

But are we approaching the New Golden Age or the last days? Is this the new world order, or is it the Apostasy and Great Tribulation? One thing is for sure; there are usually two or more sides in every battle. Those who would call themselves Satanists recognize that they are in a battle. They understand that their god Lucifer is in a war with one third of the angels in a revolution against the Biblical God. They know they are revolutionaries! That is why the Illuminati use the term, “Order out of Chaos!” Chaos is part of revolution. That is why Marxist revolutionaries, who received their game plan from the Illuminati, use the word crisis or manufactured crisis. A manufactured crisis is built on chaos. That is why the two Columbia University professors, Cloward-Piven created an anarchistic strategy which would literally overwhelm all government and social systems. The results would be chaos, which would create a demand for a new order! This is the Illuminati strategy of using manufactured crisis.

This is why the disciples of this kind of radical socialism use the term, “Never let a good crisis go to waste!” This is why America, economically, socially, politically and militarily is the midst of an accelerated series of crises, such as the manufactured fiscal cliff and the ever increasing national debt. Ever- increasing national debt is the Cloward-Piven strategy of manufactured crisis. It is intentionally designed to break the system, so that a new one can be created! The goal has never been to fix the economic crisis! The goal is to accelerate the economic crisis, in order to bring in the New World Financial Order that is the game plan of the Satanic elite. A new world currency is to be adopted by 2018, with a new currency called the Phoenix. With this comes the predicted mark of the beast and the bio-chip implant. More than likely hundreds of millions of people have already received the mark of the beast through a vaccination, which injects a nano-chip technology that settles in the brain, probably behind the forehead, where it is predicted to be in Revelation 13.

Now remember the purpose of a mind war: “Mind War is the deliberate, aggressive, and convincing of all participants that in a war we will win that war.” There can be no effective opposing voices in the legal public square of debate or legal organization of a different plan for America when people believe that it is impossible to make positive and legal changes. An artificial consciousness has been created where people no longer believe change is possible. That would include those who are Christians and who do not understand that their so-called Biblical theology is result of scientific neurological programming. For example, as an internationally recognized author on prophecy, I constantly hear the mantra or programming, “If I pray for my nation or do something, won’t that interfere with Bible prophecy?” That is theological insanity which is not supported by Scripture, but it is repeatedly like a holy mantra or a hypnotic chant, which it is.

Jesus Christ very clearly said, “Occupy until I come!” Jesus Christ also said, “Be salt and light!” At every avenue Jesus Christ did not promote any notion of fatalism! That is found nowhere in the Bible, unless you misinterpret it! People always ask me, “If I pray or do something, won’t I interfere with Bible prophecy?” That kind of thinking comes right out of a primitive MK Ultra North Korean Prisoner of War Camp! It is precisely, what a human or spiritual enemy would want you to be believe!

But this Alice Wonderland “Monarch Programming” that comes right from the rabbit hole is absolutely false! It is impossible for any human being to pray or do something that will undo God’s will or prophetic program! Let us remember God is Sovereign! If your prayers or actions could even begin to undo God’s prophetic program He would simply over rule them. God is a Sovereign King!

So the problem here is not God at all! The problem here is that in the battlefield of the mind people are surrendering their minds to the control of Satanic programming and not God’s Word. You must understand as David did, along with many other Biblical and historical leaders, that you have been given the power to turn the tide of history. The entire army of Israel was intimidated by a Nephilim-giant called, Goliath. David, who understood the multi-dimensional nature of the battle, refused the so-called superior military armor of King Saul. He picked up his slingshot and a rock. But, David knew something about the nature of true power. David understood that his power did not come from superior military armor, troop numbers or other assets of traditional military theatre. David understood that he stood on a physical battlefield, in a multi-dimensional universe and the Personal Living God of the Universe was the true God, not Baal or Moloch.

David moved towards Goliath under the anointing of the Holy Spirit and proclaimed with authority, “How dare you defy the armies of the living God?” In a second, the giant Goliath fell to the ground with a rock in his forehead and the armies of the Philistines fled. This truth is repeated constantly in the Bible. The prophet Elijah confronted Jezebel and King Ahab over the prophets of Baal. Jezebel and Ahab ruled over a kingdom controlled by the pagan religions of the Phoenicians and Canaanites, who worshipped Baal. Remember this worship promoted child sacrifice to Baal, sexual orgies, and Satanic worship. In a contest between whose God was more powerful, Elijah the bold prophet of God, challenged the prophets of Baal. In the end he called down fire from heaven to consume the prophets of Baal.

Although I have written much on this subject I am not here to discuss the timing of what is called the Rapture. Obviously, we are called to, “Occupy until I come,” remembering the words of the philosopher Edmund Burke: “The only thing necessary for evil to triumph is for good men to do nothing.” There are many good men and women who are reading these words who know in their hearts that at this moment in history they have done nothing or very little. I do not have to remind you that what you are doing is wrong; you already know that, as you are experiencing the deep and agonizing groaning of your conscience as you read these words. I am not here to condemn you; I am here to offer you a pathway to the liberation of your soul, where you will find joy, peace and freedom. But the only way you will experience that is to make a choice now, to use the utmost wisdom and to engage in the spiritual battle you have been running from!

Let me close with these words: you have direct access to a power far greater than yourself to make changes that will protect millions and drive back the Luciferian forces of darkness. You can access that power anytime you choose, but you must actively choose to do so. That power is a divine power and it is accessed by faith. Jesus Christ called it the “kings of the kingdom.” If you trust in Christ, you have the keys of the kingdom and now you must use them wisely for your life depends on it and the lives of all those you love. First, you must understand that you are in a spiritual war with the Lucifer and his forces. But you have been given the power to overcome him.

In its simplest form, this is how you use that power. This is how you release its full energy. This is how you spiritually overcome and conquer! You pick a target or situation in your mind. Remember you are not fighting against people, but principalities and powers. You make sure that your heart is cleansed and pure even if it means asking God for forgiveness. Then you simply pick up and use the keys of the kingdom He has given you. You come before Him with childlike faith and you simply asking Him, with whatever measure of faith you have. That may be the faith of a mustard seed or the faith of a molecule. Then you ask God in the name of Jesus Christ what you want and what you are asking for. Your request does not have to be long. But I suggest that on a daily basis you keep asking until you see the results, even if it takes years!

You can and should increase your requests. You will discover that many of your requests will be answered quickly and some may take a lifetime. As a spiritual warrior you simply do not give up! You keep asking in faith until you are released from asking or it is done. But you never give up due to discouragement or unbelief.

Now what happens when you ask in prayer is not spiritual magic. This is not a ritual or a rabbit’s foot. Your asking comes in the context of your relationship with the Personal Living God of the Universe, not a religious practice! When you ask, making that cosmic connection, your are releasing an enormous amount of spiritual power that can change situations, stop things and release things. If you were to actually see the power of what you were releasing in terms of Quantum Physics it would be the release of energy that could exceed the energy released in nuclear blast releasing either positive or negative energy. This energy travels outside of space and time through what is called the invisible realm, spiritual world, or parallel universe. Its force is not constrained to space and time, because it moves faster than the speed of light in an eternal dimension. There is no limit to what it can do.

In addition, the release of this energy or force is not contingent upon how spiritual or holy you are. The release of this energy is purely based on faith which means unmerited favor. When you gain practice in releasing this energy which is simply a very high form of prayer, you develop the ability to become a true spiritual warrior. It is essential that you use this form of prayer along with wisdom, intelligence, and understanding; otherwise you are going to limit the effectiveness of the power you release.

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Again, you are operating with the keys of the kingdom. In practicing this form of prayer you are engaging in spiritual warfare with overwhelming force. You need to grasp the degree of power you are working with and how it will cause certain changes in your life.

You have now moved from being a well-intended person who wants to see good done, to a spiritual warrior who can release overwhelming force. But, I must warn you, this is not a game or a hobby; once you begin this you are held accountable for it. The only thing that will restrain its capacity to accomplish its goals is your own personal failure to not understand the full extent of the power you are dealing with. In the Book of Revelation, it talks about becoming priests and kings. The kingly authority you have been given is built upon your understanding that you are a priest first. Click here to visit home page.

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2013 is going to be the convergence of many events that have been more or less in a holding pattern. First of all, there exists a hidden and very powerful, Satanic elite that is largely controlling world events. This elite which goes all the way back to Nimrod and the Tower of Babel has changed names many times.