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By Paul McGuire
November 19, 2012

We are in the middle of the biggest social revolution and technological revolution since the dawn of man. What is the future of America and the world to hold? Are we headed Armageddon, global thermonuclear war and ecological disaster, or are we going to build Paradise on earth? Mankind is racing towards a destiny as yet unknown. However will it be peace and prosperity or global totalitarianism ruled by secret elite which are currently creating the global financial crisis, famines, revolutions and a series of what is termed, “manufactured crisis.” “Manufactured crisis,” is a term borrowed by radical socialists that was borrowed from the Illuminati operating strategy, “order out of chaos.”

What we see happening in America today and around the world, is the highly developed science of mind control. Although, the science of mind control has been around for over a century, it has been perfected by MK ULTRA; trauma based programming, the Tavistock Institute and major universities like the Stanford Research Institute. It has been highly successful in breaking down the family unit, destroying the belief in God, promoting sexual immorality, wiping out patriotism and instilling the belief of a post-Christian global order composed of fragmented individuals. For example, the entire counter culture revolution of the 1960’s was a mind control program designed to destroy capitalism, Judeo Christian culture, families and patriotism. When Aldous Huxley, author of “Brave New World” and “Heaven and Hell and the Doors of Perception,” first came to California, he planted the seeds of this coming counter culture revolution, while he lived on Lookout Mountain the Hollywood Hills in the 1930’s.

Huxley stated that a truly effective scientific dictatorship would be one where people loved their servitude, which is essentially what happened in America. Throughout the years many authors, musicians and thinkers lived on Lookout Mountain. The science fiction authors Robert Heinlein and L. Ron Hubbard. Timothy Leary the LSD prophet who I used to meet a gym down the road. Jim Morrison of the Doors, the Beach Boys, Crosby, Stills and Nash and Dr. John C. Lilly, the scientist who told us dolphins were intelligent and created the sensory deprivation tank.

Unlike the so-called prophets of doom, the mystical and scientific optimists believed we could create Utopia through higher consciousness. I wrote my first book up on Lookout Mountain and produced my first science fiction film there. It was only many years later, that I understood that the counter culture of sex, drugs and rock’ n’ roll that was imported from Britain through the Beatles, Rolling Stones, Led Zeppelin and others was a mass mind control experiment. These were not just rock musicians, their lyrics contained all kinds of mind control programming, that they were probably unaware of. They promoted heave drug use and free sex. All this combined cracked the Walt Disney, John Wayne, patriotic, Christian religion and patriotic consciousness that was the consensus of our nation.

I do not believe the future is fixed. It is true God does know the future. However, within certain parameters we are given the power of free will and choice. However, in the near future we will determine our collective destiny through hard work, creativity and our choices. I do not believe in the Eastern mystic idea promoted by Ken Kesey, who said, “go with the flow.” Going with the flow means chaos, poverty, destruction and Auswitch. Many people misinterpret the Book of Revelation as a message of fatalism. But, that conclusion can only be reached by being intellectually lazy. Adam and Eve were created to be the “rulers” of Planet Earth. When the New Heaven and New Earth arrive, mankind will become rulers again.

In addition to the science of mind control, scientists have developed the science of Transhumanism, where they are attempting to create supermen. Interspecies breeding between the DNA of man, animal and some believe Nephilim, is being used to create a post-human species. As these genetically altered men and women begin to advance in age, I suspect we are going to recognize these beings. What if you meet your neighbor and he is a Frankenstein-like monster. Clearly there will be laws passed that you must totally accept him as the new normal, in the name of tolerance.

However, as we enter this, “Brave New World,” we must always remember that this world, was created and designed by a scientific elite, for their benefit! Since the moral constraints of Judeo Christian belief have been torn out of society all, that is left is savage social-Darwinism, where he who has the money and might, determines the rules. This was the basis for all Hitler did, with his occult Third Reich. Hitler followed the philosophy of Nietzsche who taught the concept of the superman. This is what Hitler was trying to do with breeding a blonde haired and blue eyed master race. The so-called defectives were simply murdered in the concentration camps. This is what the Science of Eugenics was all about with the Rockefeller Society and Margaret Sanger, the founder of Planned Parenthood. But, make no mistake about it; our world is right in the middle of a “master race” revolution. The reason DNA is being collected and experiments in Transhumanism are being conducted all around the world, is to implement radical plans to reduce the population of Planet Earth.

The stated goal of the elite is to reduce the earth’s population from 7 billion to 500 million, as soon as possible. The scientific elite plan to accomplish this by vaccinations, vaccinations that sterilize, mass abortions, creating GMO food that will break down the immune system and shorten the life span of the average human being. In addition, wars where nuclear bombs are used, biological warfare which attacks genetically certain racial and ethnic groups and mass starvation.

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The idea of Hitler’s Master Race and Nietzsche’s superman never went away. These Frankenstein-like ideas are moving in full force, they are simply disguised as compassionate and caring programs. We now live in a world that is in many respects way beyond the science fiction novels of the 1950’s. It is only when you realize that you now live in a reality where science fiction is real, that you can affect positive change. But, you will never affect positive change when you are living in the mental paradigm of the 1950’s, 1960’s, 1970s and 1980’s. As obvious as that maybe to many of you, it has just begun to dawn on an entire political party and their candidates, “that we are not in Kansas anymore!” You are going to lose without a fight, if you insist on playing on the battlefield of the past.

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The stated goal of the elite is to reduce the earth’s population from 7 billion to 500 million, as soon as possible.