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By Paul McGuire
15, 2012

Something Wicked Comes This Way

Something Wicked Comes this Way was a novel written by Ray Bradbury in 1962. The story involves a traveling carnival led by a mysterious Mr. Dark, who promises to give people a life where they can live out their secret fantasies, if they promise to receive his tattoo and pledge to serve the carnival for the rest of their lives. In a similar manner, media in America and around the world offers a ticket to the globalists’ three ring circus of Orwellian sex, violence and propaganda. The price of admission is to simply to drink the green Kool-Aid and surrender your mind to presidential saints wearing rainbow halos, Marxist promises of Utopia and the end of America as we know it.

While meth, ecstasy and legal drugs flow through the streets of America like rivers of chocolate from Willy Wonka’s Chocolate Factory and pornographic music videos with S&M and occult-Illuminati themes fill our children’s minds, the masters on the top of the pyramid pictured on the back of the U.S. one dollar bill, build their New World Order minus billions of people through Malthusian genocide. But, just as the ancient Hebrew prophet Ezekiel predicted, a coming storm from the north in his day, an all out war is about to break out in the Middle East. In Ezekiel 38, we read how Russia and Iran lead a consortium of Middle Eastern nations to invade Israel in the last days, in what is called the War of Gog and Magog. Russia, which has the second most powerful military in the world with thousands of nuclear missiles, is being encircled by NATO, which is the defacto Revived Roman Empire spoken of by the prophet Daniel when he interpreted the dream of Nebuchadnezzar, the King of Babylon.

For us, the question is how do we awaken from our nightmare, which was once the American dream? We cannot go back in time to the days of Ronald Regan or the optimism of the 1950s. Like it or not, we are in the future and there is no going back. So in order to deal with the here and now, we need to wake up, both intellectually and spiritually. We need a Third Great Awakening to sweep our nation, not a counterfeit revival, but a move of God that recognizes that the apostasy that has begun. Modern Evangelical’s are always talking about a revival and a Great Awakening.

But, the reason their efforts have failed so far, is that they want to wake up spiritually, while their brains stay asleep. During the First Great Awakening, men like Jonathan Edwards and others were both intensely intellectual and intensely spiritual. The spiritual energies released upon the thirteen original colonies affected spiritual transformation and produced the social philosophies underpinning the Constitution and the Bill of Rights. The First Great Awakening produced a robust worldview which affected art, literature, philosophy, law, government, science and culture. I am not suggesting some kind of Christian Reconstructionism, but simply an aggressive thrust of evangelism in the last days.

The same spiritual energies that lit the fires of the First Great Awakening are available to us now and they have the power to transform a culture in a way that transcends politics. It has been said that “The artist is more powerful than the politician” and “ideas are more powerful than guns.” A lot of people are waiting on God to send a Third Great Awakening. But, God is waiting upon them to come into a divine and cosmic order, so that He can grant a great awakening. The personal living God of the universe chooses to operate within the context of His own divine law. When that law is violated, there are always consequences to varying degrees. Many people are upset about what is happening to our nation, but being upset will not change our nation, harnessing spiritual energies within the context of divine law, will.

People are angry over Newsweek’s cover of President Obama with a rainbow halo entitled, “The First Gay President,” and the issue of gay marriage. But before gay marriage came, divorce came first. The breaking of divine law produces consequences. If you are looking around you and you are upset by what you see, you have every reason to feel that way. There is only one way out of the problem. Just one way! First, you must recognize that we live in a universe that was created by a personal living God of the universe and that everything operates according to His divine law. Second, we must ask ourselves, what divine law was violated that got us into this horrible mess? That would take us back to the Garden of Eden where God’s word was violated by Adam and Eve, as they listened to seductive wiles and lies of the serpent. The serpent still speaks to mankind today; usually in the form of ideology or consensus.

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What is holding back the release of great spiritual energies and the outpouring of His Spirit which will release a Great Awakening? There can be no Great Awakening among the people of God, unless there is a Biblical worldview. If divine energy was poured out with great power it would simply be lost, because it could not be focused with laser-like precision to produce transformation. The fathers of the First Great Awakening understood this and that this why it changed history. The fathers of the First Great Awakening understood economics, classical literature, theology, science and the nature of government.

Chairman Mao said that, “power flows from the barrel of a gun.” Those are the thoughts of dictator, who rules by brute force. Ultimately, power flows from the throne room of God. Chairman Mao and all those who abused their power by slaughtering and torturing millions, will stand before the Great White Throne of Judgment. where they will come face to face with real power. At that time the King and Judge of the Universe will sentence them eternally into the Lake of Fire.

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What is holding back the release of great spiritual energies and the outpouring of His Spirit which will release a Great Awakening? There can be no Great Awakening among the people of God, unless there is a Biblical worldview.