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By Kelly McGinley
October 23, 2004

Recently I reviewed textbooks being considered for adoption by Alabama's textbook committee. I wanted to inform them how important their job was due to the anti American bias in most textbooks.

A product of public schools, I have been working toward personal remedial education, especially as it pertains to the history of America.

Not surprising is that most Americans need remedial education. This came to the light during the Korean War. American soldiers were badly prepared for defending America after they were captured by the Communists. Their captors found torture was not necessary to get information or to influence attitudes. Our young men could not even defend American values and culture. This information from North Korea brought about congressional hearings.

Based on the findings of the armed forces and the U.S. Senate, historian Russell Kirk, was alarmed that most Americans were badly prepared for their task of defending their own convictions, interests and institutions against the grim threat of our nation's enemies. Kirk stated, �And in our age, when all civilization is immediately menaced, good-natured ignorance is a luxury none of us can afford.� He wrote a primer called �The American Cause� which the armed forces distributed to our soldiers.

Historian David McCullough issued a warning during recent testimony before a Senate committee hearing. �We are raising a generation of people who are historically illiterate and ignorant of the basic philosophical foundations of our constitutional free society? ? McCullough lambasted the politically correct textbooks being used in elementary, middle and high schools to recast American history as multiculturalist dogma.

One American officer stated that this ignorance is the �Number one social disease of America. Its prevention and its treatment are essential to the continuing survival of our system.�

Is this apparent dumbing down an accident or a planned event?

I have been studying the Communist intellectual infiltration into this country. Thanks to Myron Fagan, a play writer in the 40�s & 50�s, 300 of the most ardent Communist movie stars were flushed out of Hollywood. Many were the most popular of that day. After 3 congressional hearings, congress created a list of 300 communist stars in Hollywood. Ten went to prison, thanks to Representative Parnell Thomas who was the head of the �Committee of Un-American Activities�. Because of America�s short memory these stars kept returning to America. Ronald Reagan was a part of the whole thing, even being subpoenaed to the hearings in congress. He yelled the loudest that there were no more Communists in Hollywood. This helped lull Americans back to sleep, as if Communist's ever give up. The effects of Hollywood on this country are evident, their motto being "freedom of speech".

What were they trying to do in Hollywood? Make movies applauding Communism at the same time destroying our American Heritage and Christian values and virtues. Movies like �Mission to Moscow� and �Song of Russia�.

If it wasn't accidental in Hollywood, there is a good chance it has not been accidental in the public schools.

The same plan from Hollywood was adopted by our public schools. In 1913 the NEA established the �Commission on the Reorganization of Secondary Education�. Bulletin 41 states: �It is not so important that the pupil know how the President is elected or that he shall understand the duties of the health officer in his community. The time formerly spent in the effort to understand the process of passing a law under the President�s veto is now to be more preferably used in the observation of vocational resources of the community. The committee recommends that social studies in the high school shall include community health, housing, homes, human rights versus property rights,?.the selfish conservatissm of traditions and public utilities.�

In 1929 John Dewey, known as the Father of Modern Education and an author of �The Humanist Manifesto�, wrote a glowing article about Russian schools having just returned from the Soviet Union. In Dec. 5, 1928, edition of �The New Republic� Dewey described statist schools in Russia as �the marvelous development of progressive educational ideas and practices under the fostering care of the Bolshevist government... the required collectivee and cooperative mentality. The great task of the school is to counteractt and transform those domestic and neighborhood tendencies----the influence of home and Church�

In 1958 President Dwight D. Eisenhower signed the first education agreement with the Soviet Union. Similar agreements have been signed by the Carnegie Corporation and Soviet Academy of Science and President Reagan and Gorbrachov in 1985 which still remain in effect.

The NEA Journal introduced �The New Social Studies� program in 1967. �Probably the most obvious change occurring in the social studies curriculum is breaking away from the traditional dominance of history, geography & civics. Material from the behavioral sciences, sociology, social psychology... are being ng incorporated into both elementary & secondary school programs.�

None of these new civic books explains the real reason people come to America. Also not addressed: why we fought the American Revolution, the miracle of the idea of �self government�, why they established this republican form of government. There is no mention that it was to protect our God given rights. Why is our country better than any other and founded on the highest principled men of goodwill? Men who had a biblical worldview, who feared God, understood the wickedness of governments. Instead students are taught to be ashamed of our country and our founding fathers.

Evolution is supposed to be taught as a theory. In Alabama there is a disclaimer on the front of all the science books. Today we need a disclaimer on all these textbooks because evolution has been incorporated into every word.

Without any facts to back up this philosophy, evolution has been injected in these books as absolute truth while morality, character, values and ethics are not absolute and can vary. Respect of perversion and behaviors that are still against the law in Alabama abound in all the sociology books.

The psychology books define homophobes as the problem and homosexuality as normal. Sex is taught to children without truth. The pandemic of STD's is kept quiet. The short life span (46 years) of an active homosexual male is not even mentioned.

Alfred Kinsey, a pedophile, is quoted as an expert on sex even though his research is fraudulent and sexually abused babies as young as 5 months old. Family and marriage have been redefined in all the books.

�Sociology� by Holt has a whole subchapter on hate crimes pointing out that white Christians are the main culprits. They even have a map of the U.S. with dots showing places where hate groups are located. It shows many right here in Alabama.

In reviewing these textbooks, I was not surprised to see anti-American, anti-Christian, anti-white man philosophies, while at the same time promoting socialism and Communism.

There is no such thing as a �value free� education. These textbooks shape values and attitudes away from the biblical values. Character, values and ethics are gathered by group consensus instead of presented as absolute, enduring principles from the Creator of the Universe.

In the textbook titled �Sociology & You�, publisher Glenco, page 316, they compared our historical patriarchal society to Afghanistan, China and Iraq.

In �Civics� by Davis Fernlund, the white man is a greedy, racist bigot. He instructs, �Freedom is the ability to make choices�, that our republic is a democracy and that the duty of citizens is to �attend school�. This textbook pits the rich against the poor, black against the white and women against men.

These textbooks are an affront to all the true founding principles of our country. An affront to all the truths we hold dear. That we were created, that we have rights and responsibilities given by our Creator. That there is right and wrong and absolute truth. That Christianity is better than Islam. That self government is better than communism. That no one has the right to do wrong and white man is not more evil than everyone else.

If Representative Parnell Thomas and his committee on un American activities were around today, I believe these textbooks, the authors and publishers would be arrested for treasonous activities.

I encouraged this textbook committee to reject all these books and revisit our textbooks from a generation ago.

Our freedom is not being destroyed by terrorists, but by ignorance, apathy and complacency. Our government schools are to blame because of textbooks like these. Our dumbing down is not accidental but a very well organized plan.

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Not surprising is that most Americans need remedial education. This came to the light during the Korean War. American soldiers were badly prepared for defending America after they were captured by the Communists.