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By Kelly McGinley
July 29, 2004

Imagine President Bush as he meets with the Log Cabin Republicans, Vice-President Dick Cheney�s daughter and Marc Racicot, campaign chair for his re-election campaign, saying, �Alright folks, we need a strategy to win in November. John Kerry and I are so much alike, we need something that will make me look like a conservative.� I can visualize Log Cabin Republicans and Mary Cheney coming up with a plan to create an immediate crisis on marriage. �We�ll email all the homosexual groups in America and ask them to start marrying. We need sympathetic mayors and probate judges. With Mary�s influence in the homosexual community, this could work.� Knowing Bush, he loved the idea. He probably said something like, �I�ll go on national TV to tell the world I am for civil unions, but marriage is between a man and a woman.� The crisis is created. Christians in a panic. A push to save marriage, or the White House?

A fool proof plan unless one looks at Bush�s history and realizes his walk does not match his talk. At least he is honest in the fact that he does support civil unions.

Bush tricked people into believing he is for real marriage while hiring more homosexuals than Clinton and has allowed Gay Pride celebrations in his administration. His Ambassador to Romania is homosexual. And for the first time in the history of our country, Colin Powell introduced to the world an ambassador�s �significant other�. Bush has signed legislation to allow marriage benefits of $250,000 to homosexual partners of fire fighters who died in 9-11. He chose Mary Cheney, a lesbian, to be a big part his re-election campaign. He hired Marc Racicot, once head of National Republican Party, to chair his election campaign. Racicot calls people like me homophobes. Bush appointed four openly gay-rights advocates to his first campaign team.

Under Bush�s watch federally funded universities moved rapidly to give marriage benefits to sodomites. Public schools teachers are forced to teach about �different types of families� as young as K-4. Bush appointed Governor Paul Cellucci, liberal from Massachusetts, as Ambassador to Canada. Cellucci allowed GLSEN to come into the public school system to promote sodomy. GLSEN also taught the students how to do things I myself had never heard of in my 44 years.

In 2003, Bush gave a tribute to a sodomite congregation, Metropolitan Community Church in Los Angeles, for their �years of service�. In other words, years of marrying homosexuals. Metropolitan Community Churches are known for the types of sexual experimentation classes they teach in the name of the Lord.

During Bush�s presidency his wife, Laura, went on a speaking tour with Barnes & Noble called Close the Book on Hate. �Close the Book on Hate� books were handed out to public school kids here in Mobile, Alabama, promoting sodomy and condemning those who objected.

Bush should have enforced the DOMA (Defense of Marriage Act) signed into law by Clinton in 1996 instead of giving homosexuals more benefits. Today all homosexual federal employees receive marriage benefits. The Log Cabin Republicans are cheering Bush for his choice of speakers for the National Convention. Last election he received 20% of the homosexual vote and is working to get more this go around.

How much more proof do the Southern Baptists need to convince them that Bush does not support traditional marriage as God intended nor is he pro life? Good grief. He has attended a pro-homosexual, pro-abortion church all his adult life.

Consider these facts. The marriage amendment is a Trojan horse. It will help complete the destruction of marriage, not save it. Through our ignorance or wishful thinking we aid the enemy. Bush has also increased the funding to Planned Parenthood. His administration has not saved one baby�s life. While governor he named a highway after a baby killer who killed women in the process. The abortionist�s father was a Texas Democrat. This baby killer is on a list of the country�s most notorious doctors. Christians need to wake up and deal with the truth. They have been bushwhacked.

You want to save marriage? Follow the Constitution, Article III section 2, and elect representatives who will impeach unconstitutional judges and reign in their jurisdiction. Former Chief Justice Roy Moore�s Constitutional Restoration Act is a step in the right direction.

Let�s not forget Bush campaigned for active pro-sodomite Arlen Specter against a true Christian conservative for real marriage, Pat Toomey. Throughout Bush�s political life he has hired, appointed and supported such liberals.

Marriage and our country are being destroyed by our ignorance not by the 1% homosexual activists. President Bush is using this created crisis for re-election. The marriage amendment is worthless as is the partial birth abortion ban, except as propaganda for re-election campaigns of neo-cons and as a great fund raising tool for the pro-family groups.

The blindness of Christians is remarkable. I pray for Americans to have eyes to see, ears to hear and the boldness to do what is right. Worship God with your vote. Do not throw it away. Vote for a man who can get us back on the right path. The Constitution Party�s Michael Peroutka for President.

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Marriage and our country are being destroyed by our ignorance not by the 1% homosexual activists.