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By Kelly McGinley
June 5, 2004

Why is no one dealing with the real reason sodomite marriages are becoming a reality? Of course we should be trying to reign in or impeach judges who do not go by centuries of case law or the Constitution. Spineless legislatures will not balance out power given to them by the Constitution. This is a major problem and it affects more than just sodomite marriages. But, this is minor in comparison to the real culprit in the destruction of marriage.

Where is this push to accept sodomites into our society as normal healthy law abiding citizens coming from? Does anyone believe that this could be coming from a well organized 5% of the population? Of course not. There must be a bigger paradigm shift going on somewhere that has empowered sodomites to think this country is ready for such dramatic change. It could be that many are tolerating Hollywood making sodomy pervasive in our entertainment. What about parents who allow the public school systems to teach sodomy to children as a normal �lifestyle�? The federal government for years has allowed �Gay Pride Celebrations� during working hours on government property. Years ago congress signed into law �civil union� benefits for homosexual partners of federal government employees.

Even President Bush signed a bill after 9-11 for the homosexual partners of firemen or "safety officers" who died in the twin towers to receive $250,000 in death benefits. Even they are not to blame. What about the big corporations requiring mandatory diversity training courses and giving benefits to sodomites? Look at the universities. Here in Alabama where sodomy is still against the law, the University of Alabama allows sodomite clubs, women's studies and benefits for homosexual employees� partners. GLSEN is allowed to come into the schools and promote the �National Gay Day of Silence.� All this without outrage from the people. Why not?

There is a place where we can direct 100% of the blame. We do not have to scratch our heads and wonder what happened.

Mainline denominations must accept full responsibility for this intrusion. You remember the old saying �I was country before country was cool.� The churches were soft on sodomy long before the closet door opened and other institutions accepted this behavior or the government started promoting it. They are responsible for the paradigm shift that brings us to the destruction of marriage today. It has been incremental. Those in the pews would have revolted 50 years ago if their church accepted openly sodomites into the church. The adage �What we now tolerate, we will soon embrace�, is proven among these mainline denominations.

It all started with denying God�s Word. Many deny the virgin birth and the resurrection. A lot believe that all ways lead to heaven just as President Bush believes Allah is the God of the Bible. Then sin became okay. After all, we can be saved in our sins. Little by little the Word of God has been dumbed down in the new versions. No matter who you are we have a version that fits your needs. Christians have been dumbed down so much till these denominations accepted sodomy as a �gift from God� instead of sin.

These churches have for many years allowed sodomites who openly flaunt their lifestyle, or I mean sin, to become members of their church. They soon started performing civil unions plus gay celebrations in these churches. Many were marrying them before it was legal. One great example is Foundry United Methodist Church in Washington D.C., where many of our public officials attend. Folks like Bob Dole and the Clintons. For many years this church had Gay Pride celebrations, with guest speakers who claim that the Lord Jesus Christ was a �drag queen� and Paul was a sodomite.

All of this was happening in the churches long before the rest of society would allow it. This lifestyle is accepted in the mainline denominations and now male and female sodomites are selected to be leaders, pastors, priests and even bishops. Had the churches been doing their jobs, homosexuals would still be in the closet, afraid to let the light of truth shine on their sin. They might even deal with their sin and live a healthy life.

I personally blame the people sitting in the pews of these mainline churches for allowing the sodomites to take over this country. What deviant behavior will the churches accept next, pedophilia? Let�s not forget these same churches also have been the culprit for the 46 million children slaughtered in this country.

The Word of God tells us that there will come a time when the pew dwellers will not endure sound doctrine. They will heap to themselves teachers who tell them what they want to hear. The pastors will promote lies and the people will love to have it so. This is the real cause of sodomite marriage in this country and the only cure is for God�s people to come back to His Word.

"Whoso despises the Word shall be destroyed: but he that feareth the commandment shall be rewarded." - Proverbs 13:13

� 2004 Kelly McGinley - All Rights Reserved

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"The churches were soft on sodomy long before the closet door opened and other institutions accepted this behavior or the government started promoting it. They are responsible for the paradigm shift that brings us to the destruction of marriage today. It has been incremental."