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By Kelly McGinley
May 14, 2004

Hard to believe one could be kicked out of the Republican Party for being too committed to the party platform, but it has happened. Yes, it has happened right here in the Bible Belt. I qualified to run on the Republican ticket for the state school board against a liberal politician who supported a 1.2 billion dollar tax hike. They gave no excuse when they faxed me my Dear John letter.

I am a life long Republican who has given many hours volunteering in the party. I was County Chairman for the Governor�s race and for Chief Justice Roy Moore�s race. I have been on the Executive Committee for 4 years and one year on the steering committee. I ran for the State Committee, but the liberals ran a politician against me to keep me off. I am a Republican Assembly member and treasurer of the Mobile Chapter plus a member of the state Assembly. I have worked tirelessly to get good Christians in office.

Getting kicked off the Republican ticket for being too �Christian� wouldn�t be so bad except they allow liberals and sodomites into the big tent all the time.

What is their gripe with me? Well, I have several theories. One, they do not like that I expose RINO�S, �Republican In Name Only� often on my show. I am one of those funny Republicans. I like my public servants to obey the Constitution and the Republican platform. Two, I am a big supporter of former Chief Justice Roy Moore and most Republican office holders turned against him. Not that they ever really liked him, except to ride his coattail to victory. Thirdly, through the �League of Christian Voters�, we are trying to get out of office any who did not support Moore. We in the Republican Assembly endorse only true conservatives in the primary.

The Republican Party needs to remember that it started as a third party. If the Republican Party continues to spit on Christians and cater to the sodomites and baby killers, it might help birth a third party. The 3rd largest party is the Constitution Party and they mention the Lord Jesus Christ in their platform!

I filed a lawsuit against the Republican Party for illegally kicking me off the ballot. The judge ordered an emergency hearing. In the hearing even the Republican Assistant Attorney General was trying to help the Republican Attorney in this travesty. After two hearings and eight days of deliberation, the Judge ruled to restore me to the ballot. Coming from a Republican at that! The Republican Party was found guilty of illegally removing me from the ballot and denying my constitutional right of �due process�. As the Republican Party uses taxpayer�s funds to hold its primaries, it becomes an agent of the state and must behave constitutionally. Of course, the media will not print that bit of information. Judge Shashy ruled to restore me to the ballot. The Republicans then asked the Supreme Court of Alabama to stay Judge Shashy�s ruling. Breaking protocol, the Supreme Court of Alabama issued a stay on Shashy�s ruling. This ruling stopped the printing and distribution of the absentee ballots, delaying their circulation by a week.

The Supreme Court of Alabama has prejudice against me since I have sued them for removing the 10 Commandments and for my support for Former Chief Justice Roy Moore. Because of this prejudice, I filed in the federal courts to have my rights protected from the Republican Party and the Alabama Supreme Court. As this goes to print, I have filed a complaint to have the Supreme Court recuse themselves from my hearing next week. The federal judge is watching to make sure justice is served.

As it looks, I am on the ballots, but we will have a hearing with the Alabama Supreme Court which will decide if my ballots will be counted.

The liberals have hijacked the Republican Party and have systematically targeted conservative Christians in the party to eliminate them from the ballot and out of the democratic process. This is not just an Alabama problem. Persecution of conservatives is happening all over the country. The established elite choose who goes on the ballot. Those who do not get their permission are blacked balled. A great example is what happened in the race in Pennsylvania with Pat Toomey, a Christian conservative, running against Senator Arlen Specter. Specter is a liberal pro-abortion and pro-homosexual Republican. The Party actively campaigned against Toomey plus brought in President George Bush to help Specter�s failing campaign.

Not only are they going to extremes to have me kicked off the ballot, they are doing a darn good job keeping Roy Moore off the ballot. Kicking me off was a message to Moore from the Republicans. �We don�t want you either.� Snubbing their noses to constitutionally minded Christians will be the final proverbial straw that breaks this elephant�s back. They have defied the armies of God and are now taunting us. It is time for this Goliath to be humbled.

This country needs true Republicans to stick to the platform and obey the US Constitution in order to restore this Republic back to what our Founding Fathers intended.

� 2004 Kelly McGinley - All Rights Reserved

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Kelly McGinley is a Christian radio talk show host. Her show is called Re-Taking America heard in Alabama and Florida and can also be heard 24/7 on the Internet at Her show is about cultural, political and world events through a biblical world view. Kelly can be contacted at








"Getting kicked off the Republican ticket for being too �Christian� wouldn�t be so bad except they allow liberals and sodomites into the big tent all the time."