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By Kelly McGinley
June 29, 2005

Recently my local paper began to run the pictures of convicted pedophiles living in my hometown. Reports of the number from the national register are astounding. Stories from all across America of convicted pedophiles killing children are exposing the fact that government is protecting pedophiles, not children.

Recently I interviewed Senator John DeCamp about his book �The Franklin Cover-Up Child Abuse, Satanism, and Murder in Nebraska�. I am shocked at how our government covers up and protects child sex rings operating right here in America. Even after 80 children came forward with allegations, the child ring in Nebraska was never investigated. This pattern is not new. In the 1950�s our federal government funded a pervert, Dr. Alfred Kinsey, to research sexual effects on children as young as 6 months. Dr. Kinsey and friends should have been imprisoned and given the death penalty, not millions of taxpayers' dollars.

Sex slavery has boomed to involve over 800,000 women and children because of the policies of this government. Some estimate that 20,000 to 50,000 of them are Americans. Our border policies protect the drug and human traffickers. The policies of sexualizing our children in public schools and the support and promotion of pornography have fueled this industry. Our country has finally addressed this problem by creating a report and giving 96 million dollars to other countries. Why are there not more arrests of those who deal in human trafficking? Matter of fact I am not aware of any arrests or prosecutions in my lifetime.

Our government continues its protection of child molesters by funding Planned Parenthood and not regulating the abortion industry. Planned Parenthood performs abortions on young girls without contacting proper authorities or their parents. It is a great cover for dirty old men. Mark Crutcher with Life Dynamics has uncovered the abuse of young girls and women in the abortion clinics and the federal government still sends Planned Parenthood about $300 million a year. Almost doubled since the Clinton administration.

Government continues its protections by having lax laws that make it easier for child predators to continue their evil deeds throughout their life time. They even give them Viagra. A prolific pedophile who claims to have abused children 36,000 times, was recently arrested. He has been allowed to run free to attack again and again because of our ineffective laws. Not all sexual predators have to register in my state due to a hole in the law. In most cases animal abusers get more jail time than child abusers. Even the American Psychological Association and the American Pediatric Association are joining the ban wagon by normalizing "intergenerational sex".

Florida lawmakers are now trying to convince you that they have really gotten tough on pedophiles perverts with their new laws. Incredibly they only increased the jail time for abusers of 11 year olds and younger. Why not 16 and under? Florida parents had better rent a body guard for their 12 year olds. Why do repeat offender laws not apply to pedophiles? Knowing that most pedophiles are repeat offenders, why are they ever let out of jail? Especially since a new report exposes the law enforcement agencies inability to track sexual predators. In Alabama our laws protect pedophile priests by allowing knowledge of abuse to remain secret. Vatican laws have precedence over Alabama laws in the case of child abuse.

Why is our 1st amendment being used to protect porn? Child porn is protected by our government if the photographer puts a nice cover on it and calls it �art�. Barnes and Nobles sells child pornography and I could not get one politician to stop it. We know now that the porn industry pays our politicians handsomely. How come our government does not close down NAMBLA? Especially after their threat to come after our sons. Why is our government punishing the boy scouts and spending so much money teaching diversity and tolerance? Why is the Pentagon doing business with DynCorp knowing its involvement in child porn and possible human trafficking? Why did the U.S. Supreme court rule last year that animated child pornography is legal? Americans should be demanding answers for these questions.

In America, our inalienable rights come from our Creator Jesus Christ. With those rights, He does not give anyone the right to do wrong. Nor for our judges and government officials to hijack our 1st amendment right to acknowledge God and use it to outlaw God. They then turn around and use it to allow pornography which then fuels the abuse of women and children.

There are many reasons this government needs to be reformed from stem to stern. The lack of justice and promoting the general welfare of pedophiles and perverts is my number one reason.

� 2005 Kelly McGinley - All Rights Reserved

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Kelly McGinley is a Christian radio talk show host. Her show is called Re-Taking America heard in Alabama and Florida and can also be heard 24/7 on the Internet at Her show is about cultural, political and world events through a biblical world view.












Sex slavery has boomed to involve over 800,000 women and children because of the policies of this government. Some estimate that 20,000 to 50,000 of them are Americans. Our border policies protect the drug and human traffickers.