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By Kelly McGinley
March 26, 2005

Republicans are trying to gain political pro-life mileage from the Terri Schiavo circus, when in fact they are the true culprits behind her starvation and dehydration. A now famous memo reportedly out of Rick Santorum�s office exposes their plan. The memo is said to be a Democratic dirty trick but judging the actions of high ranking Republicans, it may be true.

Florida circuit court Judge Greer, who presided over the Schiavo case, is a Republican and just resigned from his church. If I were the pastor, I would excommunicate him. When the Florida legislature voted to save Terri, nine senate Republicans voted NO. Jeb Bush could sign an executive order disallowing court ordered euthanasia. Governors all over America order stays for murderers. Why can�t he order a stay for Terri?

President George W. Bush and Republican congressmen scurried back to Washington to save Terri last week and did nothing but put her fate into the hands of some of the same Republicans who voted to remove Alabama's 10 Commandments. Republicans control the 11th Circuit court, with GOP Presidents appointing 7 of the 12 judges. Six of those Republican appointees voted to kill Terri Schiavo. One of those six was a Reagan appointee and five were appointed by Bush or his father. As hard as it is to believe, Clinton's appointees voted to save Terri's life.

One of President Bush's appointees is none other than the Judas Iscariot, Bill Pryor, who voted with the other Republicans to kill Terri. No surprise there. Remember Pryor was the Attorney General who agreed to remove our 10 Commandments and prosecuted Chief Justice Roy Moore.

The worst hypocrite of this whole circus is President Bush who pretends to be pro-life and savior of Terri yet, while governor of Texas, he enacted the first government forced euthanasia act in the history of America. It would be better for her if she had been declared an "enemy combatant" under the authority of the Patriot Act. She would never have seen a court or a judge.

Not only did Republicans set a legal precedent to kill off Americans, they created this fake crisis in order to continue to erode our Constitutional Republic. This is a state's rights issue and involvement of the federal government sets up a very dangerous slippery slope that would make Hitler proud.

This case is simple and, had the law been enforced, Michael Schiavo would not have had a leg to stand on. According to Florida law if a man is living in open adultery, he is committing a crime and should be arrested. Jail time for this offense is 60 days and grounds to grant Terri a divorce. The living will law in Florida requires two witnesses that are not family members plus her notarized signature. If no living will exists then the next of kin makes end of life decisions. Next of kin should not be a husband living in adultery. There ought to be a better line in the sand when your next of kin can knock you off and it should not be by withholding food and water. Florida's Legislature could make that clear if they wanted to.

The question is asked many times ,�Why won�t Michael just divorce Terri and get on with his life�. Does half of his estate and alimony ring any bells? It is just too expensive for him to divorce her. Yet the family social services in Florida should have already given Michael his papers.

This fake crisis will also cause an uproar for Bush�s judicial nominees. As if there is a difference between a Democrat or a Republican in a black robe. The Republicans will continue to let you think that nothing can be done to stop these �grim reapers in black robes�. They have abdicated their job of impeaching and reigning in judges who disregard the Constitution.

Republican judges have had a significant part in outlawing God, killing the unborn, removing the 10 Commandments, and now government forced euthanasia. If Christians continue to believe that Republicans will save the day they are living in lala land. Here in Alabama it was 7 Republicans that voted to remove the 10 Commandments and Judge Roy Moore. It was 2 Republican judges and one Democrat on the 11th circuit court who ruled to remove our 10 Commandments. It was a Republican governor and Attorney General who conspired with the 7 Republicans on the Alabama Supreme court to get rid of our 10 Commandments and Judge Roy Moore. And a Republican President that would not say a word. Our two Republican senators were also mute. In Florida the Republicans are continuing this same maneuver.

The Right to Life is the first inalienable right and should not depend on the whims of an adulterous husband or the Republicans.

As Patrick Henry stated in his famous "Give me Liberty or give me Death" speech:

"It is very natural for men to engage in fond illusions of hope. We are apt to shut our eyes against a painful truth and listen to that song of siren as she lulls us into sleep and transforms us into beasts. Are these the acts of wise men engaged in a great arduous struggle for liberty and freedom? Are we to be counted among those who having eyes see not, having ears hear not, those things most concerning their temporal salvation? Well for my part, regardless of the anguish of spirit it may cause, I wish to know the worst, the truth so that I may prepare for it."

As Dan Charles, National Chairman of the America First Party, stated "The good people of this nation who care about life need to understand the half-hearted pro-life gestures by the GOP for what they are: snow jobs to keep the pro-life constituency in line. When it comes to stopping the killing, the GOP can't get the real job done because the GOP is not pro-life".

During this created crisis do not forget about the 25,000 babies that have been disemboweled since they pulled Terri's feeding tube.

A country cannot exists for very long when its own government supports, encourages and orders its citizens to die.

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If Christians continue to believe that Republicans will save the day they are living in lala land. Here in Alabama it was 7 Republicans that voted to remove the 10 Commandments and Judge Roy Moore.