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By Kelly McGinley
December 10, 2004

For the third consecutive year Planned Parenthood, our nations No. 1 abortion provider, is selling their Christmas greeting cards. Their message, �Choice on Earth�. There are some on earth who do not have a choice.

If you were a baby about to be killed, and you had the �right to choose� which technique would be used in your demise? Which method would you choose? I for one would choose what is commonly known as the �partial birth abortion�. From my research this method would be the quickest and least painful method to die for a baby.

I have been very confused as to why the �pro-life� groups were pushing to ban the most humane procedure to end the life of a young human. Not that killing any innocent baby is humane. That is the only word I can find to describe the difference between how we kill babies in this so called Christian country.

Which type of killing method would you choose? Here are your choices:

1. Dismemberment and Evacuation
2. Induction
3. RU-4-86
4. Dilation & Extraction
5. New method created from the fraudulent Ban of the Partial Birth Abortion

If you were to choose the first one on the list, Dismemberment and Evacuation, you may want to ask for pain management since it will be very painful and a very long drawn out death. This method is outlawed on animals. The name pretty much describes what happens. The so called doctor will bring in a very sharp tool into your world and start by cutting off your arms and legs before he gets to your trunk. He then extracts the pieces and puts them back together in order to make sure he removed them all.

If that does not appeal to you then maybe the Induction method will. This one is even more painful and takes even longer. You may need to beg for pain medicine because you will need it. It all starts when the practitioner brings a syringe full of very salty water into your world. I like swimming in the ocean so I might choose this method, especially if I didn�t read the fine print. The fine print exposes that this salt water is so concentrated that it will burn your whole body on the outside, then you breathe it in and it burns your lungs and stomach. Agony lasts 6-8 hours and you could be born alive after going down the birth canal scraping your burns. One girl, Gianna Jessen, survived this death sentence. She is now about 25 years old. Luckily she had a novice nurse who didn�t know she was supposed to finish Gianna off. She called 911 instead.

Your next is the RU-486, which stands for, �Are you for deletion?� This could be the one you may choose if you want to really drag it out in hopes of intervention. You will be slowly poisoned to death so expect nausea, vomiting and severe abdominal pain. This will continue for about a week.

Until recently you could have picked the Dilation and Extraction. More commonly called the �Partial Birth Abortion.� This one is very quick and the least painful although you will almost be born. You will feel a little pinch from the forceps grabbing your legs to pull you out. You will then feel the hands of the �nice� doctor catch you. He will try to keep your mouth and nose from coming out so no one hears you cry. Some women say they heard their baby cry. Then the nice doc plunges forceps into your brain and sucks it out. See, quick and painless.

This last method is a new one developed by congress when it outlawed the �partial birth abortion.� I do not believe they have given it a name yet. If you read the new law, it gives new directions on how to kill the baby before it is �partially� born. This is not a ban of an abortion, just directions on how to kill the baby before he/she is more that half way out. Due to the new law the nice doctors are now required to come up with a way to kill the baby at the naval. I am not sure of the method. It could be a shot of poison in the naval. I hope it is a shot to put you sleep. Although they will probably sell your parts, maybe the courts will make them keep you from hurting. If you choose this method I can assume you will feel more pain and death will take longer than with the Partial Birth Abortion.

As a baby, none of these methods sound desirable. Animals and murders on death row are treated better then you are. But do know in the end justice will prevail. Your blood will be avenged.


The deception behind the �Partial Birth Abortion Ban Act� is astounding. We were misled by the media, congress, President Bush and �pro-life� groups. That bill Congress voted on and Bush signed into law did not ban an abortion. It just gave directions on killing a baby a few inches earlier, at the naval so as not to be partially born. The Partial Birth Abortion Ban Act was nothing more that propaganda for the reelection of neo-cons and a great fund raising tool for neo pro-life groups.

Bush has funded more abortions with your tax dollars than any previous president.

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As a baby, none of these methods sound desirable. Animals and murders on death row are treated better then you are. But do know in the end justice will prevail. Your blood will be avenged.