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By Roy Masters
January 31, 2012

[NOTE: At the end of this article, see antidote to the sort of pressured learning discussed here.]

Murder by knowledge, that is to say, brainwashing that forces conformity to any political or religious ideology, can be applied two different ways. The first is the application of incessant pressure to memorize everything to the exclusion of everything else and make those who do not conform disappear and the like. The second form of murder by knowledge is much more sophisticated and used in China to the end that they produce excellent engineers and scientists minus their common sense. Students are given a chance for a splendid education, but in order to graduate they are put through several months of grueling, exhausting, debilitating pressures and forced to memorize every useful or useless educational morsel put before them. Only those who pass muster will get a degree. The result works well for the system. Winners lose their intuition and cannot bring forth anything new and losers lose all hope. Perhaps you remember how stupid you felt when you could not make the grade because of such pressures. This is how and why China produces intelligent dehumanized machines so as to steal and reproduce the intellectual rights of the world, but never originates anything new. The political value lies in an elite system of scientists, engineers and dropouts who can never summon the intuitive will to rebel against their shadow tyranny.

The lives of students everywhere are imperiled by the kind of pressured growing and learning aimed at creating a feudal system of zombies who are forbidden to see for themselves and who must look to Big Brother for everything. “Good students,” the kind that readily submit to indoctrination, are often potential traitors to humanity. As temporary or permanent enemies of understanding, they are destined to become the next generation of hierarchical, ecclesiastical, letter-of-the-law parents and teachers without any patience for those seeking to understand.

When I was a child, I was slow to grasp. Because my understanding forbade me to learn in the way of the world, I can still understand life today. Because I wanted to get to the bottom of what was taught me, I was very slow to learn; but I got through and I am speaking to you now from the other side, and the other side is testifying to where I am coming from.

Super-ambitious people are blind, unprincipled, beastly, mercilessly cruel achievers. If they are not our social keepers and bureaucratic puppets, they are psychopathic or psychotic killers, taking pride in tearing down what made them (or destroyed them). Any kind of learning without the benefit of understanding builds pride. The evil pride-thing operating through knowledge hardens the heart; it dehumanizes as it teaches. (Even street knowledge makes the rebel proud.)

Sensitive dropouts (by and large more intelligent than the cop-outs) often become anti-social. Some cannot learn because of a total rebellion against the rape of pressure-teaching. Their minds erect emotional barriers to protect against being made over in the image of the mad spirit of education. Alas, they have the mad spirit nevertheless. To respond, even in rebellion, is to obey—we become what we hate or love (cling to).

Although knowledge does seem to be the enemy, the real enemy is always the pressure-spirit behind knowledge; our weakness—the struggle for it or the struggle against it—lets it in.

The system that projects its vileness into a child in the first place, looks at him as though he were the problem in the second place. The pathetic plight of every victim challenges and justifies the system to give more foul, soul-killing “help.” Therefore, the vile spirit of the rote-learning system hardens the soul in its revolt against being “helped” by the parent/teacher/minister, but rebellion only gives power to false authorities, making it seem as if they have the right to shove religion, educational brainwashing and criminal reform down the victims’ throats. Conversely, rebels who have become decadent and vile through their rebellion, enjoy their contempt for hypocrisy in order to maintain their “integrity” and their right to destroy through rebellion. The more the wicked system tries to help, the bigger the sickness it creates, which then seems to need its help—you know, “after all, the kids can’t read” type of thing. The cure is the sickness. The “help” of the world is a hindrance to meaningful change, and the victims of such assistance generally go mad either trying to make it or rebelling. Through taxes, research and special programs, we are being made to finance our own destruction.

Even though right things are sometimes taught (the right numbers, verses and chapters reeled off and behavior patterns drilled in) the spirit of the system projects its own secret vileness at the very moment it pretends to reform. Hell’s projection through the neurotic application of knowledge is ignorance, crime, revolution, disease, famine, war, and all manner of tragedy.

The trademark of evil is pressure. It violates and creates the need for more of the same. Pressure is calculated to drive out understanding and make one dependent on it as the ground of one’s knowing and being.

Decisions made under emotional duress and pressure, whether in rebellion or conformity to it, always favor the pressure sources. Having fallen prey to the excitement of temptation, we find ourselves subject to the excitement of pressure. We come to need pressure to function, to make decisions, to learn, to escape and to maintain rebellion.

Just as conformity to the system mysteriously destroys the soul, even so does rebellion. As victims, we do not realize that while knowledge may be blocked through resentment-based rebellion, the identity behind the pressure gets inside us nevertheless. The struggle for or the struggle against amounts to the pathos of your ego willing and trying, concentrating, fixated in such a way that you are drawn deeper into the hypnosis of your sin.

Criminals become on the outside what hypocrites are like on the inside. And now, between the two extremes giving power to one another, they evolve hell’s miserable world into existence, blocking out the plan of heaven on earth which could come through the space of patient understanding.

The hell you see around you evolved through hypocrisy, through the misuses of law, religion and science. And it is your willful struggling to save yourself egotistically that compels you to work against your own best interest.

Even though you personally might desire a life of understanding, those who are threatened by it can block you from the light if you resent them, trapping you to trust and rely on them through that resentment. The inferiority that attends the emotion of resentment (because of having become upset and judgmental) can unconsciously drive you to compensate by living up to what they want for you, or to best them with some kind of achievement requiring evolution and knowledge. Since any compensation always causes more guilt than it cures, you can even come to fear being better. So it comes to pass that knowledge can cause ignorance.

Resentment toward your mother can set you up to want what she wants for you, to please her and placate her pressure. And later, the pain of achievement can cause you to fear what it does to you and thus to reject that achievement and become a failure in order to “get even” with mother; but that itself is another form of trying, dreaming and achieving, even if what you become is an alcoholic (or worse).

The spirit of reform is the selfsame spirit that has created most insanity and criminality. Such a system does not ever intend to reform or cure anyone. Through its serpent-like hypocrisy and artificial, contrived rules, regulations and answers, it slyly hardens, cripples and finally kills you. The answer is simple—just observe, watch, trust what you realize about others and yourself. Don’t rebel or conform. No need to do anything—wait.

Social psychopaths rising as reformers and teachers are ever seeking more and more power to strangle the life, selfhood and freedom of the masses. The power-hungry elite are determined to make mankind dependent upon them for answers. Our growing needs cry out for them to dig down into their dark, bottomless intellects to the hell which lives in them and on our dying to them.

Is it so hard to believe that there exists a class of beings to whom, in our sin, we are delivered to suffer unto death or to awakening?

It has been said that the devil is an ape, and that he is also a gentleman. Social psychopaths can rise to power quickly because their unprincipled natures allow them to rapidly memorize and mimic. Such smiling Hitlers are threatened by the brightness of an understanding child. They all know that their time is short, for enlightenment is coming to this dark world. And when it does, understanding will overcome the tin gods of knowledge-power who live off our dying to them for answers.

No need to try, no need to struggle. Just watch everyone challenging, teasing and tempting you; put a distance between you and them. Look—don’t learn. Just scan, appreciate, watch. You will come to realize what you need to know—that’s all. Wait until that realizing works its way through you EFFORTLESSLY.

Do you see why the rapist-forces can impatiently “teach” one kind while destroying another? Those who are destroyed are often the most suited to project on earth a peaceful, heavenly kingdom. The vile system is never threatened by all us confused, confounded victims; it is flattered by the conformist and strengthened by the rebel—that is, ‘til comes the day of the rebel, the time when the hell created by the matrix of hypocrisy breaks loose, as it surely will. For the seeds of destruction are within every prideful being.

I cannot bring my message to the rulers of the world. I cannot go to the behavioral scientists and say, “Look what you are doing to all the little children with your meaningless, boring teaching methods and pressures.” They will not and cannot see what they are doing wrong. (But our end is just, for we elect the kind of leaders we deserve.)

Psychopaths exist to trap, confuse, confound, dehumanize and destroy mankind by hook or by crook. That is what they are created to do. Remember, all solutions without understanding bring never-ending challenges that, in turn, cause hell, with all its knowledge, to come to the rescue. But knowledge cannot save, because it is a bog and not clear water. And the life of the troll in the bog depends upon your budding ego falling into the knowledge swamp.

Building our ego with knowledge causes problems, problems cause challenges, and challenges evolve into a downward evolution of animal ego-selfhood.


The social bureaucracy and the Mafia are both examples of successful, self-perpetuating systems of psychopaths and psychotics working together as a team. All such organizations are hell-based, even though some of them may wear the respectable cloak of legality. Education, for example, has evolved to where it can be seen as the absurd, heartless thing it was all along, requiring us to learn the useless, or the useful made useless and boring.

Not only do wicked authorities feel justified in impatiently pushing knowledge down “lazy” students’ throats, forcing them to learn garbage that cannot possibly be of any practical value in life, but when students try to grasp what is understandable, the teacher is also impatient. Such a teacher has the terrible power to make a sincere desire to understand seem all wrong. That attitude can upset a student, making him doubt his own sanity and become afraid of inquiry. Without an alternative to learning in the teacher’s way, he cannot learn at all.

This is the age of the psychopaths. They have evolved the authority to change your children into rebels, murderers, thieves and dope addicts or social climbers—self-righteous, characterless zombies and weaklings whose lives revolve around the lie of knowledge. The most intelligent children, those most fitted to rule and guide, those who might one day govern and teach intelligently, are being systematically destroyed through pressure. A death-centered, upside-down system is evolving where the slimy thing in the bottomless pit is emerging on top as a god, with terrible power through knowledge.

The scum of the earth rule and control, and their greatest enemy is the enlightenment and perception of understanding souls. We are made out to be mad. We are treated for the “sickness” of sanity. We are different. In America, thousands of children are slaughtered every year by impatient parents.

Laid bare before your eyes are two diametrically opposed systems which are, to all intents and purposes, apparently alike in their knowledge of science, religion, politics, human rights and law, except that one of them is diabolically evil. The evil psychopath often hides behind knowledge and respectability, and wherever he can, he will subtly betray, destroy, confound and mock those with understanding. The devil is who you elect and love, for he is the model of everything. Its identity reinforces itself through all your relationships and attractions. You look for love in all the wrong places. You always think your thoughts are your own. You believe your wants and desires are your very own—but they are not.

From early childhood you have been resentfully overreacting. This is what caused the cruel spirit inside others to get inside you. Little did you know that the spirit coming through the generations was replicating another clone, but neither you nor your parents knew it, and even if they did they could do nothing about it but struggle with it in the usual resentful, totally ineffective way. Through your unforgiveness you have been becoming like what you hated. If you didn’t give into it and become one of them, you struggled with it and it got inside, and that only made matters much worse.

Struggle no more: be still and know that God has sent his only begotten son with a message of forgiveness knowing that it was never you that did all those things but sin that made a home in you. The worst thing you’ve ever done is make an excuse for the enemy inside, but even that was given to you and kept you as an animal in conflict with your humanity. This is the affliction of the entire human race and why our yearning for completion is outwardly imperfect. Through all loving and being loved we are protecting our imperfections. This damnable trick is fully understood and exploited by sociopaths and psychopaths, and further perpetuated by infected people who do not know they are change agents. Therefore, if you no longer hold anything against anyone, beginning with your parents, then (faith in) the truth of Christ’s message of forgiveness has set you free. Reading this is not simply a study of words; it is a message to your soul, something for you to believe with joy.

Academe is the mortal enemy of individual, independent, intuitive learning through discovery. So much so that when two different scientists possessing the same knowledge and training oppose one another on vital issues, the psychopath will always maintain that what is dangerous is safe, and what is safe is dangerous.

The social psychopath is a subtle killer, one way or another. If he succeeds in becoming a justice of the Supreme Court, he will give clemency to the undeserving and be merciless to those who he perceives are innocent. He commits injustice with justice, protected behind the book he goes by.

And so, while knowledge could be presented in the simplest way, it is purposely complicated so that the mind cannot grasp the reality behind it. The rote system gives no choice. It forces you to learn and accept the spirit of learning or reject knowledge altogether. Continued pressure keeps you from understanding how to cope.

See then the two ways, and see one in the light of the other. Behold the counterfeit, which presents truth and justice in such a way that the mind becomes blocked to realizing and acting from its own best interest. Whether you react with conformity or rebellion, a prideful nature comes into existence—a slave revolving, evolving and devolving around the hell which tempted it into creation.

The hell-system applies steady pressure from the day of your birth to your death to keep you in a psychotic sleep, to know only what it teaches you. You may resist its suggestions, but never its spirit. Rebellion, you see, is merely the other way to conform, wherein you become suggestible to the criminal psychopath who comforts you like family in your contrary lifestyle.

Without understanding to modify what we hear, we are all suggestible as hell.

As a seeker, you are in conflict because, although you may hear the truthful facts, you sense danger. You see that knowledge is dry and dead, and that rote learning takes something away; but your resentment, blocking enlightenment and knowledge, makes you feel inferior for not being like others. All around, people are gobbling it all up, getting ahead and apparently prospering. Your sensibility is assaulted and overwhelmed; you become confused and confounded, doubting your own ability and sanity.

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The serpent spirit of culture is responsible for millions of dropouts and misfits who have tried to reject the pressure-system of learning and religion as a way of preserving their selfhood. How were they to know that rebellion is another trap, taking you out of the frying pan into the fire? How were they to know that you can’t escape through rebellion? Whether you like the system or hate it, you evolve through it to serve the hell of it, taking pride in all sorts of “good knowledge,” and also excusing yourself with the bad knowledge gained from more honestly wicked company.

The warning of the prophet comes echoing down to us through the corridors of time—“The letter killeth, but the Spirit giveth life.”

For God’s sake, parents, don’t let your children fall into the vile hands of the letter-people:

the letter-of-the-law judges and lawyers,
letter-of-the-law preachers,
letter-of-the-law doctors,
letter-of-the-law educators.

For all these heartless, psychopathic, go-by-the-book people are jailers in a psychotic halfway house on the way to hell.

Beware of the scribes and Pharisees of modern times:

their cure is a sickness,
their law makes lawlessness
and their education drives out reason and common sense.

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[NOTE: The antidote to becoming or remaining entangled with unhealthy knowledge is learning to deal properly, i.e., without resentment, to pressure of any kind. My Be Still and Know audio exercise shows you how to do this and helps you practice remaining in the proper state. You can listen to it free and, if you like it, purchase your own copy, at or by calling 800-877-3227.]

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Puzzled by the hypnotist’s mysterious power, Roy distinctly remembers pondering the question: “Why can’t hypnotism be used to make people act sensibly, rather than foolishly?” Inspired by the idea of harnessing this baffling force for good, he later pursued the art of hypnotism and established a successful hypnotherapy practice.

After several years of practice, Masters made his central and pivotal discovery about the root of people’s emotional problems, addictions and complexes. He realized that people did not need hypnosis, because their core problem was that they are already hypnotized—not by a clever stage performer, but by the stresses, pressures and seductions of daily life.

He used his knowledge to discover a way to help us become de-hypnotized, and discovered that the root of the power of negative suggestion lay in our wrong emotional response, that of resentment. Masters’ remarkably effective exercise, a simple observation technique called Be Still and Know—is at the core of his unmatched track record in helping people overcome even the most serious mental-emotional problems, and is the centerpiece of a successful program within the U.S. military community (“Patriot Outreach”) that is helping thousands of military personnel and their families cope with post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD).

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Not only do wicked authorities feel justified in impatiently pushing knowledge down “lazy” students’ throats, forcing them to learn garbage that cannot possibly be of any practical value in life, but when students try to grasp what is understandable, the teacher is also impatient.