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By Roy Masters
January 3, 2012

[Note: The first paragraph of the following article contains several elements of mind control. Find them and save your family and your country. Psychological warfare against Americans is more powerful than all your weapons. You need counter psychological warfare as well as weapons if you're going to survive. This author reiterates: psychological warfare for the minds and hearts of the population can paralyze the population into pre-subservience. What you need is counter psychological warfare that will be discussed in another article by this author. First, we discuss the fundamentals of what we are dealing with. Incidentally, the name of counter-psychological warfare is virtue.]

Five children were shot dead playing in a California schoolyard. Many others are wounded. The camera zooms in on the bloody scene, conveying dead bodies and panic driven survivors. Immediately, the camera pans to a close-up of a rifle. The reporter comments forebodingly, "The murder weapon used by the assassin was a deadly military assault rifle, a Chinese AK-47." In the background are heard wails of grief and mourning.

Exactly what happens inside your mind when you see and hear this scene on your television? Let's take a closer look. Think of this article as a mystery story. You will recognize various clues along the way. By the time you reach the end, you will realize the answer to the questions posed above. You will also understand many secrets of the news media, mass marketing and mind control – secrets which people in high places would rather you didn't know.

Clue Number One:

Perhaps you have heard about Ivan Pavlov’s famous scientific experiments with dogs. Pavlov fed a hungry dog, while at the same time he rang a bell. He did this repeatedly. Later, Pavlov discovered that just ringing the bell caused the dog to salivate. Think of it; no food just the tinkering of a bell and the dog’s hunger was awakened unnaturally. It salivated, that is, it reacted to the bell just as though food were really present.

What does this have to do with the recent unprecedented hysteria to ban so-called "assault weapons," you might ask. Simply this: the Pavlovian technique that has evolved into what we call social engineering works even better on humans. The reason is the denial factor— the fact that once programmed and corrupted by anything or anyone, the human personality will hold fast to programmed behaviors as if they were their own thoughts and beliefs and defend them to their death and even to the downfall of their own countrymen. In other words you can grow up as a communist and think you're an American and vote in a communist, wherein the danger of losing your country lies.

Let's come back to the dog. In order to condition an animal to react to the bell as if it were food, it must first react to the food naturally. In other words, the dog reacts because it is hungry. After that, the ringing bell is associated with the food – repeatedly – and thereby captures the food’s power to stimulate the response from the dog. It's called transference. So how does that happen with people? You simply talk to a person as if they were a dog, and so when they react repeatedly they will begin submitting to the demeaning source as if they were a dog, and unconsciously transfer their loyalty to the manipulator as though it were love and loyalty while denying the reality of their abject slavery.

Your fault lies in your resentful reaction that opens the door to every sort of behavior or ideology. Sadly, you will be loath to be aware that your thoughts and your loyalties are not your own. This sort of conditioning began in your early childhood with impatient and demeaning parents and was perpetuated by school colleges and a corrupt media. Any individual or groups that can intimidate you and open the door to your mind can own you individually or collectively as a nation. Consequently, many will fight against their own country thinking that they are Americans when they are really communists. Of course, you could become an angry overreacting rebel, but then you would look as though you were crazy and so be no threat to the system.


Clue Number Two:

Let us say that a girl was raped when she was young in a red, 1940 Chevy by a bearded, blue-eyed man on a rainy night. As a child she does her best to deal with the memory of the experience but cannot, so she buries it without realizing how it will unconsciously affect her future loyalties. The color red, beards, blue eyes and rain will have a lasting affect on her. She will be oblivious to why she's fascinated or repulsed by the color red, Chevys, rain or anyone of those objects that were present in the trauma scene – all or anyone of these will trigger a repulsive or attractive response – usually an attractive one. One day a person fitting this description will step out of a red Chevy. Immediately, she will think that she has fallen in love with this stranger. This in turn will compel her to transfer her loyalty to a stranger, destined to become a relationship of tyranny. How many of you have looked for love in all the wrong places and never seem to get it right? The election of lovers is identical to electing politicians destined to betray you, so that's how you will lose your country.

A skilled operative can exploit this weakness to his or her advantage and manipulate anyone according to his or her will. A bearded man could claim her loyalty and also could rain in the form of simply becoming depressed and hopeless on rainy days, for which there is no treatment except that which will make it worse. In this case, pharmaceutical organizations become parents to the sick and mentally ill because they do not know how, nor will they want to treat the real cause of a myriad of problems. Assuming that they have good intentions they still cannot help but be programmed by the patient to enslave them to the system. Do you see how the victim looks for reassurance for what went wrong with them in their formative years no matter what form, which takes the form of the system we have? Victims unconsciously seek out the reassurance of tyrants for the reassurance and the reinforcement of their programmed identity. Your identity of course is other than what God gave you when you were born.

Confront any person with their weakness, and if they're not ready to face themselves, they will defend not only the weakness but also, the mystical legacy of their corrupters. In other words they will defend those that have ruined their lives without ever realizing it. Furthermore they will be offended by your well-meaning assistance and common sense attempt to help them and make them see reason; reason being the enemy of their altered state of mind and heart.

And any attempt to awaken such an individual will only make them more defensive and more vindictive towards well-meaning people. Any sort of truth is the enemy. Indeed, given the "right conditioning," most people can be brainwashed to believe just about anything. Pick a peculiar insanity; apply the appropriate procedure – and bingo! A convert! And what a convert he or she will be, defending their newfound "faith" even to their death. In fact, any attempt to reconvert them to their natural life, the one they were born with, will only reinforce their implanted behavior, and if you're not careful they will drive you mad, or into a nervous breakdown.

People with such baggage are compelled to do unto you what was done to them in childhood, and if you are not careful with your overreactions such as resentment towards them, they will break you mentally, emotionally and physically. In other words, citizens are unconsciously being made to program citizens – Americans are unconsciously destroying Americans.

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What I'm saying here is that the programmers behind the scenes are making us do to others what their kind have done to us when we were young, from the various institutions beginning with parents inheriting misery all the way back through the generations. Consequently, I repeat, realize it or not almost every American is under compulsion to demoralize other Americans to do the will of the Wizard of Oz behind the scenes. In this case it is communism. In other countries it would be fascism or radical Islam. In the aforementioned countries waking up would be a death sentence. Here in America it is becoming that way. Wake up before it's too late.

PS: Let me show you how. That will be the subject of my next article.

Roy's new book "Hypnotic States of Americans" explains in great detail how mind control works on the population. To order the book click on the link or call 800-877-3227.

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Roy Masters—who in his 80s continues to broadcast the longest-running counseling show in talk radio history, his internationally syndicated daily radio program Advice Line, grew up in pre-WWII England. He started his journey toward understanding human nature when as a teen he saw a stage hypnotist at a vaudeville show in Brighton. The hypnotist easily put volunteer subjects in a spell and made them do outlandish things, like dancing with a broom and forgetting their own names.

Puzzled by the hypnotist’s mysterious power, Roy distinctly remembers pondering the question: “Why can’t hypnotism be used to make people act sensibly, rather than foolishly?” Inspired by the idea of harnessing this baffling force for good, he later pursued the art of hypnotism and established a successful hypnotherapy practice.

After several years of practice, Masters made his central and pivotal discovery about the root of people’s emotional problems, addictions and complexes. He realized that people did not need hypnosis, because their core problem was that they are already hypnotized—not by a clever stage performer, but by the stresses, pressures and seductions of daily life.

He used his knowledge to discover a way to help us become de-hypnotized, and discovered that the root of the power of negative suggestion lay in our wrong emotional response, that of resentment. Masters’ remarkably effective exercise, a simple observation technique called Be Still and Know—is at the core of his unmatched track record in helping people overcome even the most serious mental-emotional problems, and is the centerpiece of a successful program within the U.S. military community (“Patriot Outreach”) that is helping thousands of military personnel and their families cope with post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD).

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People with such baggage are compelled to do unto you what was done to them in childhood, and if you are not careful with your overreactions such as resentment towards them, they will break you mentally, emotionally and physically.