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By Mary Starrett
22, 2009

Police Told Which Political Beliefs to Consider “Dangerous”

A secret police report targets millions of Americans as potential “domestic terrorists” if they support the Constitution, oppose unlawful taxation, supported 2008 presidential candidates Republican Ron Paul, Libertarian Bob Barr or Constitution Party candidate Chuck Baldwin, if they are opposed to abortion, are against unconstitutional gun control, if they display pro- Constitution bumper stickers or own copies of certain books and documentaries.

The report is part of an ongoing attempt by a number of organizations and movements to characterize law-abiding citizens as “white supremacists,” members of “hate groups” or, more recently as “terrorists.” The report was generated by the Missouri Information Analysis Center.

The Center is described as “the mechanism to collect incident reports of suspicious activities to be evaluated and analyzed in an effort to identify potential trends or patterns of terrorist or criminal operations within the state of Missouri. MIAC will also function as a vehicle for two-way communication between federal, state and local law enforcement community within our region.”

The secret report, distributed to Missouri law enforcement and given to radio talk show host Alex Jones ( lists as “dangerous” legitimate organizations including those who follow a Constitutionally- based ideology in regard to states’ rights, firearm ownership, free speech and sanctity of life.

I made numerous calls to MIAC and was told an “officer” would respond to questions regarding this report. No one at MIAC returned my calls.


The MIAC report states “rightwing” militia movements “continuously exploit world events in order to increase participation in their movements. Due to the current economical and political situation, a lush environment for militia activity has been created.”

The terms “constitutionalist” and “white supremacist” are often used interchangeably.

Page 7 of the report warns law enforcement that “militia members most commonly associate with 3rd party political groups. It is not uncommon for militia members to display Constitutional (sic) Party, Campaign for Liberty or Libertarian material. These members are usually supporters of former presidential candidate(s) Ron Paul Chuck Baldwin and Bob Barr.”

Issues of concern to those listed by MIAC as reason for law enforcement to label them “terrorists” include:

Opposition to illegal immigration, implementation of RFID (radio frequency identification) and the planned merger of the US, Canada and Mexico (North American Union).The so-called “militia movement” contains people who own copies of the late Aaron Russo’s anti-tax documentary America: Freedom to Fascism. Members of a so-called “patriot movement” are described as being “dangerous” to police in a section of the report titled “You Are the Enemy” which states:

“The militia subscribes to an anti-government and NWO mindset, which creates a threat to law enforcement officers. They view the military, National Guard, and law enforcement as a force that will confiscate their firearms and place them in FEMA concentration camps.”

The MIAC report distributed to Missouri law enforcement is a more virulent version of a similar report compiled by the FBI in Phoenix, AZ during the Clinton administration (see page one and page two of the document). The Phoenix FBI document calls “defenders” of the Constitution “right-wing extremists.”

Inquiries regarding this secret report may be made to: MIAC at 866-362-6422.

To see where citizens are encouraged to submit a report on someone who could be a “terrorist” based on their beliefs or the bumper stickers on their cars click here.

What would happen if law-abiding citizens across the country submitted thousands of reports turning themselves in for being “Constitutionalists” or for having voted for Ron Paul, Bob Barr or Chuck Baldwin? What if we all sent the MIAC our own names and addresses and admitted we were against the North American Union or that we opposed President Obama’s policies?

The attack on right-thinking Americans comes from the mainstream media as well. Recently, MSNBC host Chris Matthews called pro-life groups and individuals “terrorists” because they oppose the Obama administration’s nomination of Kansas governor Kathleen Sebelius for Secretary of Health and Human Services. Sebelius has been called “the pro-choice poster girl” by columnist Robert Novak. Sebelius, while a state representative, fought against parental notification laws and was involved with the political action committee of late term abortionist George Tiller. (Tiller, aka “Tiller the killer,” whose abortuary contained an incineration oven is currently on trial for performing scores of illegal abortions.) His political ally in the fight against the unborn, Kathleen Sebelius vetoed abortion facility regulation legislation, and a bill requiring bona fide medical reasons for any late-term abortion.

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Yet those who fly the flag, question the authority of the IRS, stand up for the 2nd amendment and rail against being “chipped” and tracked by the government are now de facto “terrorists.”

It’s time for all good “terrorists” to come to the aid of their country, stand firm against characterizations like those in the MIAC report and refuse to allow their lawful and deeply held beliefs to be used to silence them.

� 2009 Mary Starrett - All Rights Reserved

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Mary Starrett was the Constitution Party candidate for Oregon governor in November, 2006, a TV news anchor and talk show host for 25 years and a radio talk show host for 5 years.

Executive Director, Oregonians for Life, Board of Directors, Christian Family Adoptions.

She is currently the Communications Director for the Constitution Party. The Constitution Party is the fastest-growing minor political party ( and is made up of Americans who believe a return to constitutional government is imperative.











I made numerous calls to MIAC and was told an “officer” would respond to questions regarding this report. No one at MIAC returned my calls.