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By Doc Marquis
April 3, 2015

Almost two-thousand years ago, because of HIS love for you and me, Jesus Christ willingly went to the cross and died the most agonizing death possible. HIS love for us would not be restrained. HE wanted to be the ultimate sacrifice so all our sins would be paid. Three days later HE triumphantly resurrected from the grave, after defeating death and Satan. Now that the doors of heaven had been opened, all who would take the free, and eternal gift of salvation would one day enter therein.

Within the Christian community, the day of our LORD’S resurrection is referred to as “Resurrection Sunday”. Most people will also refer to this day as “Easter”, however, what most people do not realize is that “Easter” has nothing to do with “Resurrection Sunday”. When we think about it, what do Easter bunnies, Easter eggs, and other such things have to do with our LORD’S resurrection? In order to understand the true, occult nature of Easter, we will have to, vicariously, go back in time more than five-thousand year ago to where the first, walled cities were built. If you wish, please turn into your Bibles to Genesis, chapter ten where we shall begin our journey.

Because man’s nature had become so wicked and perverse, GOD destroyed mankind through “The Great Flood”. However, HE did leave a remnant of men alive to repopulate the earth, and to have a brand new start. It was Noah, Shem, Ham, Japheth, their wives, and thousands of animals which left the ark as it settled upon the mountains of Ararat.

In Genesis ten, verse six, we find that Ham had a son named Cush, and in verse eight, Cush had a son named Nimrod. Ham would be Nimrod’s grandfather, while Shem and Japheth would be he his uncles.

In verse nine, we find that Nimrod had become known as a mighty hunter, and this pleased just about everyone, because those animals, which had left the ark, were no longer docile, or gentle creatures; many had turned into man eating beasts. Nimrod may have been popular with the people, but he was not popular with GOD. Referring, once again, to verse nine, in Genesis chapter ten, we find that Nimrod “was a might hunter before the LORD”. The word “before” is an Old English word which means “against”. So Nimrod was a “mighty hunter” who was “against” GOD. And you’ll soon understand why.

Even though Nimrod was a great hunter, he could not protect everyone from those flesh-eating animals, but a solution to the problem was in the making. In Genesis ten, verses ten through twelve, we find that walled-in cities were built to protect those who lived inside them, from the animals who were on the outside. Those cities were: Babylon, Erech, Accad, and Calneh in the land of Shinar. And, in the land of Asshur, which is known as Assyria, Nimrod had the cities of Ninevah, Rehoboth, Calah, and Resen built. These eight cities all became part of Nimrod’s kingdom, according to Genesis chapter ten, verse ten. Now, if those eight cities were the beginning of his kingdom, obviously Nimrod was the king.

From Babylon, which was the capitol of his kingdom, Nimrod had ruled as a king. So, who was his queen? According to ancient stories, many of which are taught in the Illuminati, Semiramis, who was Nimrod’s mother, had become the queen. Both Nimrod and Semiramis would soon begin the first religion on the face of the earth known as witchcraft. Now before we continue on, a very important question must be answered: “Where was Cush, the father of Nimrod, when all these events were happening?” Surely, Cush would never allow his wife, Semiramis, to marry their son Nimrod, let alone start an occult religion. So where was he? I sincerely believe that, at the time, he was dead. When we take a look at verse twenty-one, in Genesis chapter ten, we find that Shem is alive, and is referred as Japheth’s younger brother, who, also, was still alive. But Cush is not mentioned at all. I believe, at this point in time, Cush had passed away, and it would make perfect sense considering what Semiramis, and Nimrod were doing.

Eventually, Nimrod’s Uncle Shem found out what he was doing, and, according to the ancient stories, Shem had taken his nephew, Nimrod, outside of the city walls of Babylon, and slew him. Shem then sent pieces of Nimrod’s body to all the other cities as a warning to anyone else who would dare to mock GOD by becoming a member of witchcraft.

After this event, the people had finished building the infamous “Tower of Babylon”, but would soon be scattered throughout the world because GOD confused their one language.

Right after the death of Nimrod, but, before GOD had confused the one language, Semiramis had moved her occult religion underground; she knew her brother-in-law, Shem, would slay her if she still openly practiced witchcraft.

While continuing to spread her underground religion, Semiramis had her son, Nimrod, declared to be a god. He would become known as the “sun god,” and, also known as the “stag-god,” “the horned-god,” or “god of the hunt” because he was a great hunter. Now, since her son was proclaimed, and recognized as a god, logically, she must be a goddess, after all, she was Nimrod’s mother. So, Semiramis became known as the “moon goddess”, and was also referred to as the “Earth Mother”. And, she made sure her position would be secured through a vile act she had been doing.

Before he was slain, Nimrod had been sharing the same bedroom with his mother, Semiramis, and she became pregnant, though, no one knew about it at the time. While underground, Semiramis had told her followers that she had an “immaculate conception”; that is to say, she became pregnant without having sex. According to what she told her occult followers, this baby was going to be their slain god, Nimrod, come back from the dead who, would come back in another body. This is how the occult belief in reincarnation became started, and all those followers fell for that lie.

Eventually, Semiramis had the child, a baby boy, and named him Tammuz, who, was supposed to have been Nimrod. Now those occult practitioners would have their reincarnated, occult god walk among them, but, not for long. When he was forty years old, Tammuz was killed by a wild boar, while out on a hunt. So, the so-called, reincarnated god of those occultists was once again dead.

After the people’s language had been confused, they spread across the entire earth, but they did not forget their occult religion; they took it with them. It was because of this one event that the occult religion, along with the myth of Easter, had spread throughout the world.

1) In Babylon, Semiramis became known as Istar, the “moon goddess”, which is pronounced the exact, same way in English as Easter.
2) In Asia, she became known as Cybele
3) In Catholicism, she was equated with the, Virgin Mary, but the scriptures clearly point out that Mary still had at least four more sons and two daughters after she had Jesus. So, she wasn’t an everlasting virgin.
4) In China, Easter became known as Shingmoo.
5) To the Druid priests of the Celtic tribes, whom the Illuminati and other witches claim to be their direct descendants, Easter was known as Virgo Paritura.
6) In Egypt, she was called Isis.
7) To the Ephesians, she was known as Diana.
8) To the Etruscans, she Nutria.
9) In ancient Germany, she was called Hertha.
10) To the Greeks, Easter was referred to as Aphrodite, Ceres, and Astarte.
11) In India, she was called Indram.
12) To the ancient Israelites, she was called Ashtaroth, Queen of Heaven.
13) To the Krishna, she was called Devaki.
14) In Rome, she was called Venus, or Fortuna.
15) To the Scandinavians, she was called Disa.
16) In Sumeria, she was known as Nana.

And the list goes on and on. But none of this would have happened had the people repented of their occult ways when GOD punished them by confusing their language. Instead, we have occult religions, and their practices, choking the life out of the souls of man, to this very day.

Now let’s take a close look at the ancient, occult practice of Easter, and see how it compares with today’s version.

According to custom, Easter is celebrated during the months of March/April, which is in the middle of the Spring season, and it had to be so, because of important, occult beliefs. Semiramis, who was known as Easter, was also known as the “Spring goddess;” the goddess of nature. It’s at this time of the year that all the plants, flowers, trees, and even some animals, are reawakening once again. This “reawakening” fits in with the belief of reincarnation.

From May 1st to the end of October, the “Spring goddess,” or Easter, is in command, and from November 1st through April 30th, she is supposed to be sleeping in the earth, while her husband, the “horned-god,” is in charge. Since Easter, the “Spring goddess,” is supposed to “reawaken” all of nature when she wakes up, March through April was the perfect time to have the occult holiday, which is known as Easter.

Since the goddess, “Easter”, is supposed to be reincarnated, or, “reawakened” every year, how does she appear? According to Babylonian legend, after Semiramis had died, the next year a huge, multi-colored egg had fallen out of heaven and landed in the Euphrates River. After, the egg had washed ashore, “Easter”, known as “Semiramis,” had broken out of the egg and was fulfilling her role as the “Spring goddess;” she, supposedly, had been reincarnated. This is why eggs are part of the Easter celebrations. Many people believed that the Easter egg would be seen lying in a gigantic nest, or onto a pile of wicker reeds. This is how the “Easter basket” came into the picture.

Then there is the practice of what has become known as the “Easter Egg Hunt”. I’m sure many of you have seen on television the traditional “Easter Egg Hunt”, on the front lawn of the White House. Many of our nation’s Presidents were seen looking on as children would scatter throughout the White House lawn, looking for eggs which, previously, had been hidden. So where did this part of the occult holiday come from? During the first hour of Easter, after the sun had risen, the temple priests, along with all the occult followers, would meet in their temples and hold a huge celebration. Once the celebrations were over, people would immediately leave the temples and wander throughout the countryside. Since the Spring goddess, Easter, was once again going to be reincarnated in another giant egg, it was believed that whoever found her, while she was emerging from her egg, the first person who was there, would receive a special blessing from her.

The Easter Egg Hunt, which symbolizes the Spring goddess being looked for during the first hour after sunrise, has nothing in common with the resurrection of Christ. According to John, chapter twenty, verse one, when Mary Magdalene had come to the tomb of Jesus Christ, not only had HE already resurrected, it was also dark outside. Now according to the other three books of the Gospel, Matthew, Mark, and Luke, they tell us that Mary Magdalene was at the tomb very early in the morning. Early in the morning is still before sunrise, and, it is still dark outside. In John 20:1 it clearly points out that when Mary went to the tomb, it was “dark outside”. I believe that God who called everything into existence, knows the difference between light, dark, sunrise, sunset. Therefore, “sunrise services” may be okay for practicing occultists, but not for Christians, especially since the scripture tell us it was “dark outside” during the resurrection of Christ. The only people who practiced sunrise services were the occultists, and they worshipped a false goddess known as Easter. As you can tell by now, there is a big difference.

Returning once again to the occult myth of Easter, according to the legends, many had stated that the egg, which Easter would emerged from, was a multi-colored egg; some said that the egg would have a single, metallic color to it. Naturally, when the people were scattered throughout the entire earth, this part of the Easter myth went along and infected many different cultures:

1) In ancient Babylon, an egg would be consecrated to the memory of Easter during the occult ritual known as the “Mysteries of Bacchus”.
2) In ancient Rome, there would be a huge procession which was called the “Procession of Ceres”. This entire parade would be led by a sacred egg at the very front.
3) In China, to this very day, a bronze egg will be used during their sacred festival.
4) The forefathers of the Illuminati, who were known as the Druids of the Celtic tribes, had as one of their most sacred symbols, the egg of Easter.
5) In Northern Europe, during their early days, the ancient, common people would color their eggs to be used for their occult ceremony.
6) And, today, in America, everyone will go to the supermarket, buy their white eggs and various dyes, bring them home, and color them. After which, they’ll be placed in “wicker” baskets after they have been cooked, only to be eaten later on.

The fact that the Easter Egg has nothing to do with Christianity is obvious. This misconception only came about because of Catholic Popes. Throughout history they would take in these pagan beliefs, and add it to theirs, simply to gain new converts. In this case, when the pagan egg was brought into Catholicism, the excuse they used to delude their followers with was: “As the baby chick comes out of the egg, so Christ came out of the tomb.” So the egg, symbolically speaking, is supposed to be Christ coming back from the dead. So you can see why this mixture of paganism, along with Catholicism, allowed this occult belief to survive.

Now that we’ve revealed the truth about the Easter Egg, let me ask a question? “How many of you have ever wondered about the Easter Bunny?” Where did he come from, and what does he have to do with Easter? Once again, we’ll have to enter the occult world and examine its belief to find the answer.

The occult goddess, Easter, who is also known as the Spring goddess, or Earth Mother, is also known as the “fertility goddess” because, during the Spring, everything reawakens through her power. She is also known as the “moon goddess” because Semiramis had chosen the moon to represent her, while she chose the sun to represent Nimrod.

In ancient, and modern-day cultures, animals have been used to symbolize different gods, goddesses, demigods, and other important creatures. The rabbit, or bunny, was chosen to represent the goddess Easter, for two main reasons: first, the rabbit is a creature that is easily fertilized, and reproduces very quickly, and in large quantities. So you can understand why rabbits have always been symbolized as a fertility creature, and why it has been associated with, and symbolizes, the “fertility goddess” known as “Easter”. The second reason why the rabbit was chosen is because, in ancient times, many cultures claimed that the rabbit symbolized the moon. Since the goddess Easter, is also known as the “moon goddess,” the rabbit, who symbolizes the “moon,” was a perfect match for Easter; they both represent fertility, and they both represent the moon. This is why we have the Easter bunny.

During the “glory days” of Babylon and Egypt, when they were both at their zenith, they each worshipped a “horned-god” known as Moloch, who symbolized Nimrod, the very first “horned-god”. At the Easter celebrations, the priests of Moloch would take the offerings, which were brought forth by the people, and lay them upon the altars of Moloch. Because the occult ceremonies were dedicated to the arrival of the Spring goddess, certain offerings were expected: fresh, hand-picked, Spring flowers would be brought to the temples, a food offering of fresh breads and meats would be brought, and different types of candies would also be presented at the temples. At this time, let’s take a closer look at what was going on during those occult ceremonies held inside the temples, and see if there are any differences.

According to Cecrops, who founded the city of Athens in 1,500 BC, fresh, baked buns, or what we nowadays call “hot-cross buns”, or dinner rolls, were used as offerings to Astarte, who was the goddess Easter. More importantly, the Bible speaks about these occult practices. In Jeremiah chapter seven, verses seventeen through twenty, and, in Jeremiah chapter forty-four, verses seventeen through nineteen, and verse twenty-five, we find that “cakes” were being made as offerings to the “queen of heaven.” The word “cake”, translated from the original Hebrew is “kavvan”, and in English is literally means “buns”. Now the word “cake” appears many, many times throughout the scriptures, but only in these two passages of Jeremiah, does the word “cake,” or “kavvan” literally means “buns.” And these “buns” were being made as offerings to “Easter”, the “Queen of Heaven”. Jeremiah chapter seven, verse eighteen makes this crystal clear, for it says that:

1) The children gather the wood
2) The fathers get the fire going
3) The women knead their bread
4) They make their “buns,” or “cakes”
5) And give them as offerings to the “Queen of Heaven”.

There is no difference!

The priests who were working in these temples, were being served by, and attended by women who were known as “Vestal Virgins”. These, so-called virgins, were actually temple prostitutes, who also served the physical desires of those priests. However, during the celebration of Easter, part of the practice dictated that the priests had to wear their best clothes for the services; some would go out and have brand new clothes made for the occasion. The vestal virgins would wear newly made, white robes, and have spring flowers, or garlands placed in their hair. Many would also wear hats which looked almost, exactly like a baby’s bonnet. This is why, when so many people attend Easter ceremonies, the men will wear their finest suits, or ones that were just bought, and the women will wear their new dresses, along with their “Easter Bonnets”, or hats.

Now, for those people who are Catholic, there is a forty day period before the day of Easter known as Lent. During Lent, for those forty days, Catholics are supposed to give up something as an offering. Many will give up candy, television, or anything that they enjoy. Children will try to give up broccoli, or some other vegetable that they don’t like, but that doesn’t count, because most kids hate certain vegetables, and they’re supposed to give up something they like. Now where did this belief in Lent come from, and how does it apply to Easter? In Ezekiel, chapter eight, verse fourteen, we find an interesting event had transpired; women were weeping in the very temple of GOD, because of Tammuz. If you’ll recall, when Tammuz was killed by a wild boar, he was forty years old and, naturally, his occult followers were crying over his death.

As a result of this, one day, for each year of Tammuz’ life, or, “forty day”, were placed right before the day of Easter. During this forty day period, people would fast, go without water, give up various things of comfort, and spend a lot of time weeping over the death of Tammuz. All this is what created what is known as Lent, and many countries and cultures followed this practice:

1) Naturally, the Babylonians observed this forty day period of abstinence, as did the Phoenicians, the Egyptians, and the Israelites.
2) The Kordistan practiced this time of Lent
3) The Mexican people would spend forty days in abstinence.
4) And, to this very day, good Catholics are supposed to observe Lent.

However deep, or genuine the sincerity, the truth of the matter is that Lent is not based upon the scriptures; its origins are solely found within the ancient, occult temples of Moloch.

One last thing to consider is the traditional “Easter Ham”. This came about because of the wild boar that killed Tammuz. Symbolically speaking, when you’re eating the “Easter Ham”, you’re destroying the boar that killed Tammuz.

Not only has Easter been shown to be of occult origin, but that it has absolutely nothing to do with “Resurrection Sunday”, in which, Jesus Christ resurrected HIMSELF from the grave.

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Some of you may be wondering if eating a ham on Resurrection Sunday is a sin; of course it isn’t, so long as you’re not doing it to celebrate Easter. As Christians, we should not be celebrating Easter of Resurrection Sunday since they’re based on the ancient, occult religion of witchcraft. And the Easter bunny and eggs have to go.

I don’t believe I have to lecture you on not trying to mix the occult holiday of Easter with Christianity. At this point of the article, you should know better. So tear down those ridiculous Easter decorations, get rid of the bunnies and candy eggs, and worship GOD who, in the form of Jesus Christ, died for your sins, so one day you could join HIM in Heaven.

© 2015 Doc Marquis - All Rights Reserved

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From Babylon, which was the capitol of his kingdom, Nimrod had ruled as a king. So, who was his queen? According to ancient stories, many of which are taught in the Illuminati, Semiramis, who was Nimrod’s mother, had become the queen.