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By John Longenecker
November 28, 2007

Tracking Americans Worldwide

The Right To Bare Arms means no RFID in the body. Virgin. Untouched. Unmolested.

With any sort of requirement to even eventually and for whatever reason take the RFID Chip implant, the officials pushing it makes them the New Bureau Of Engraving.

I had written years ago that when I was a Paramedic in the Fairfax District of Los Angeles in 1977, I had seen and treated many Jews who had Nazi Numbers on their arms. You know what those were for.

The RFID Chip is for that same purpose. Order.

You can call it fighting crime, you can call it tracking and you can call it Order, but it�s all the same: Control. And Control by knowing things about you is the foe of Liberty, because it subjects innocent everyday behavior to scrutiny, and this leads to mistake, abuse and retaliation.

When I say that tiny RFID Chips can track Americans worldwide, I am speaking of the shared databases we described in Part I. For years, I�ve been calling it the Flea � the tiny thing you don�t want on you. Let�s look closer.

Shared databases are already operating in fingerprinting, insurance coverage, point of sale, automobile records, medical records, sales leads for sales weasels, marketing tracking of both merchandise and customer habits, diesel parts, tires, grooming supplies, and much, much more. Enter Internet search term Keyword RFID and you pull up a host of news items. Take it a step further: Google for yourself your own tracking: Google Alert term RFID and you can begin to follow RFID newsbreaks as they happen by opting-in for e-mail notification of the latest. You may get ten a day. When one begins to view the enormity of the applications, delight of new technology turns to apprehension and suspicion. JMO, of course. .

As more and more agencies adopt RFID readers, more and more databases want to join, and many have made a good case for taking a peek at the data of what you buy, eat, read and watch. The fact is, that you are now watched, or soon will be.

As these are embedded in consumables, they are read wherever you take your consumables. This establishes the technology of worldwide reading of RFID Chips for a seemingly harmless tracking model: marketing. It also makes you trackable wherever you go by what you carry. (What�s in your wallet?)

And, naturally, if it�s proven in marketing, it will be of interest in law enforcement. The brunt of the cost will have been absorbed by business in pioneering the concept of following a single item anywhere in the world, and with such an infrastructure in place by then, law enforcement tracking is no longer three steps away, but one step away. The privacy defense will no longer be a voice, but a whimper by then, outweighed � bullied � by so-called necessity for a new crime fighting tool, and technical wonder for its ease of operation.

No wonder crime is permitted to continue: it paves the way for new technologic intrusions, equipment sales and the staff to man them.

Now, to the future Americans to be tracked, the children, as promised.

As I mentioned, Liberty, Sovereignty and Privacy need to be pushed aside for the industry of Personal Data Portability, otherwise known as Tracking. The customer�s view is convenience, while the marketer�s view is watching. What they do with the information they obtain morphs into wider and wider applications, inspired by more and more successful experiments � some technological triumphs, others societal triumphs, as in overcoming Privacy objections � all of which then translate into deeper and deeper intrusions.

But intrusion isn�t harmless, because such personal information can so easily be misinterpreted. Such personal data can so easily be subjective and abused. What they interpret can be pivotal in how you parent your children, and sooner than you think.

As RFID is embedded in more and more items, a greater acceptance and acceptability occurs, and over time, tracking becomes the norm. What we establish and accept today will become the norm for our kids, and will proceed from there. As with our U.S. History, what is erased or forgotten is what might have added powerful enough perspective to protect the nation on the issue, so acceptance today is essential to the control of tomorrow. Refusal today is critical to the safety and freedom of our kids tomorrow.

Erasing the baseline for perspective is to disarm the children of tomorrow in their protest against control when it comes time for them to grapple with the problem -- long after we�re gone. Order. Irrespective of what we teach them today, our actions of acceptance will speak louder, and do much of the advance work of control � no.. more like surrender � to and for the industries which will thrive on adversity, war, terrorism and crime. And the need for....Order.

Now look at this: Who uses the Internet a lot in 2008? The kids. Who likes to buy all kinds of junk at the Mall? The kids. Where are RFID chips being placed? In all sorts of items, from those diesel parts to wet shaving razors . . . and RFID is placed in tons of stuff for... shall we say.. marketing purposes.

And who furnishes a free modem with new or upgraded service? ISP�s do. When was the last time you paid for a modem?

As the discussion has been posted on the world wide web [don�t forget to Google Alert the term RFID] modems are being geared for RFID readers for so-called marketing research in items brought home. This is not a new concept, not new at all. Haven�t you noticed the contactless �swipe� or �pass� feature on the terminal when you buy something? Internet. Various software already manages what they are calling Global RFID Networks already in place.

It�s no great leap to RFID readers in the home computer�s modem.

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And here�s another frightening aspect of the nightmare: not only will chips of the near future be readable and tiny, they will also be writeable and re-writeable, just like the mag stripe on your membership card is. The mag stripe is just a piece of recording tape souped up for high print-through and durability. But make no mistake, when it is read at the supermarket, it is re-writing the stripe and updating it. How�s that for taking a swipe at Americans?

They�re not likely to leave this feature out of Portable Personal Data chips.

Every day the industry makes advances toward personal implantation, it�s an appraisal of our current Sovereignty.

In Part III, we can ask the denizens of the industry why they don�t take their own Chip and more.

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John Longenecker was one of the first Paramedics in Los Angeles EMS. Today, he a father of three, author, columnist, talk show guest and founder of the Good For The Country Foundation, a 501(c)(3) patriotic think tank examining policy adverse to the public interest.













As RFID is embedded in more and more items, a greater acceptance and acceptability occurs, and over time, tracking becomes the norm.