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By John Longenecker
September 4, 2009


I wrote in Parts I and II that the repeal of all gun laws will: a) unwind many of the seemingly unrelated frauds and boondoggles which tyrannize all taxpayers, gun owner or not, and; b) will restore Independence from our public servants by a continual reminder of how little they are really needed, especially for anti-violence-based programs.

The armed citizen fights tyranny not with a gun directly, but directly impeaches the need for programs which, themselves, tyrannize taxpayers as if they were needed. People are sold on the necessity for many costly programs because gun control has left a void of meeting crime head-on by America's fist line of defense, the target.

The ubiquity of the armed citizen shows that such costly programs are not needed on their face. The entire purpose of gun control was to create that void and to pave the way for a host of new programs alleged to fight crime, including zero-tolerance, National ID Card, various electronic surveillances, and Political Correctness, to name the better-known ones.

Alright, so we see the repeal of all gun laws in 2010 thanks to a new generation of libertarian, conservative, and independent candidates who say so on their platforms.

They are elected to office thanks to a constituency who made itself known to them. Call it a mandate for smaller government. I would. They keep their word the moment they take their oath of office, getting right down to work to affirm the Second Amendment by the repeal of nearly 20,000 gun laws. We still leave a few in place, such as prohibited persons, no legal possession for minors, and maybe one more very reasonable gun law, making a total of three gun laws. These descend from the first gun law which is, of course, the Second Amendment, and this new generation of officials never forgets it. The criminalization of the honest citizen as 'crisis management' is in the past, and a whole new concept of public service emerges in patriotic loyalty to the people.

This, then, paves the way to discredit programs built on the void of millions who are - were - disarmed and barred from the spirit of fighting back.


What happens next? How does it unfold in real terms for households?

Policies and programs built on allegations of fighting crime are repealed as no longer needed, their expense no longer justified, their harassment of the honest no longer a tool. Agents and staff find new work in lateral movement to other law enforcement agencies without skipping a beat. Many of these are still needed, but no longer is the very resentful stalking our own citizens their mission. Their value as assets is in respecting the sovereignty of the citizen, not in questioning it, and from reports, I believe many officers and staff would secretly look forward to this change. Most beat officers support the armed citizen, they do not oppose them, and it's not fair to lump all officers together when we know they are not; what is fair is to change their mission.

More revenues freed up means no more early release under the excuse to crowding or cutbacks. America has enough money to run the country if boondoggles and frauds weren't propagandized on the American people as a form of governance. Crime is a major culprit in each of these crises, and engineered to fill the void of intentional defenselessness of the citizen in every major city.

As I say often, our freedom is not in ignoring laws, but in having fewer laws.

Equilibrium comes. It is a process. This is both a settling in restoring the official recognition of our sovereignty and the stabilization which maintains it all from now on.

You can be sure there will be a lot of political fighting.

As America approaches her equilibrium, crime will change as gun laws disappear. Crimes can be expected to be lesser crimes and even less violent as they are more likely interrupted and de-escalated. [Armed citizens effectively de-escalate crimes more than 2.5 million times each year, so we know it works!] Burglaries with the potential for becoming violent can be stopped while they are still break-ins. Thousands of rapes that would-have-been are stopped while they are still on the stalking approach. Predators of all sorts will no longer find legislatures doing their advance work in disarming targets of crime and find themselves taking bigger chances of not only being stopped, but of being caught. Or worse.

Sentencing will change. Education content will change to reflect more the parental wishes over those of 'experts'. Media content and attitude will likely change for the better, and America will be safer. Critical thinking will grow as essential to personal dignity. Perhaps even the divorce rate will change. People will drink more milk. Allocations of funds will take on new, more understandable, more reasonable purposes, and people will have a new respect for government. This will come only from government's respect for us first.

And that's only the beginning.

Most of all, there will be a realization of what the people will not tolerate, including stealth propositions and mistaken notions of our consent. It will be the formula for safer streets and smaller government.

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A whole host of things will change in the favor of the electorate once again, and that means your homes and your kids' homes as the U.S. swings back to its natural equilibrium of who is the sovereign and who has the monopoly on lethal force in this country.

2010 Candidates, call your office.

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� 2009 - John Longenecker - All Rights Reserve

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Most of all, there will be a realization of what the people will not tolerate, including stealth propositions and mistaken notions of our consent. It will be the formula for safer streets and smaller government.