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Nancy Levant
July 17, 2007

As we now know, there is no such thing as economic business survival without community partnershipping and grant funding - none, whatsoever. All business � in all American communities � is now partnered together in an economic pyramid scheme controlled by government. The name of this new game is DO AS DIRECTED, AND YOU GET OPERATING BUDGETS AND SALARIES.

Through community �partnerships,� we are now all linked together in the sharing of clients, client information/data, and by governmental program controllers. This new �local� economic system was created and mandated by the United Nations� blueprint for corporate control of �local� money in Agenda 21. Agenda 21 demanded that all member nations of the U.N. implant the partnership/NGO system of commerce. This system of business finance interconnects individual businesses in EVERY American city, village, and burg. In essence, if you don�t �partner� with other businesses in your communities, your business is doomed to fail. Why? The reason is quite simple. If you operate as an �individual� or privately owned business, you are unresponsive to the United Nations� demand for economic compliancy AND your business is not controlled by a governmental entity. ALL partnerships are based upon grant funding. ALL grant funding is tied to government money. And all government money, provided in the form of grants, comes with social agendas tied to the United Nations Agenda 21. Agenda 21 is the global and transformational rulebook for commoners living under global authority.

One-world governance is very real and very operational on American soil. The Security and Prosperity Partnership of North America and the North American Union (SPP and NAU) are very real and operational. Global �regions� are actual regions under the control of global governing masters.

At this point, I would like all readers to take 30 minutes of their time to read Global Governance: Why? How? When? by Henry Lamb. [Read]

If you still do not understand, believe, or comprehend the concept of a one-world government, PLEASE read this essay. Once read, the new order of business in all communities will make sense � as will the raised and readied paramilitary systems in the united States and the bizarre changes in the American public (and private) school system. You�ve got to the reading, folks, to understand the game we�ve all been forced to play.

Now, back to our �new� business models. Partnership/NGO economics, which is in full play in every American community, has served very primary and key missions for global governance. First and foremost, partnerships are mandated to collect, store, and download all client information. That means that any business that is partnered to any other business in your communities is mandated by their funding sources to collect YOUR information. All health care and social service organizations, all financial institutions, all governmental organizations like the postal service, the DMV, libraries, public schools, etc., collect, store, and download all collected information about you and your children to their funding sources � which are governmental agencies.

Now, all other types of businesses are partnering up. Childcare centers, retail stores, restaurants � you name it; all are partnering together in order to obtain grant money to stay alive as businesses in today�s world of international superstore monopolies. But in return for partnering and grant money, they, too, must �report� their client data to their grantors. As such, everything that we do becomes available information to government. That means every single financial transaction, every purchase, every ounce of gasoline, natural gas, electrical, and water; legal records, etc., becomes delivered �data� to the government. Now, this system of business has been going on in earnest for about 25 years, but in the last decade, we have lost total privacy in our lives. And today, even our DNA is required to be stored.

We are all familiar with what are known as �pyramid schemes.� In today�s world of the partnership business bureaucracy and model, the American people have become victims of data mining by our community partners. In return for grant dollars, our community businesses � the ones who have historically provided our local goods and services � now serve to destroy the constitutional laws of our nation in order that our �government� can, as the United Nations commands, dismantle our constitutional government and all subsequent rights of the American people. All your goods and services are now provided to you at the total expense of your constitutional freedom and, as such, your purchasing also serves to grade your personal compliance to the world�s new government.

And though I sound like a broken record, the immediate mission of the world�s new government, which exists and IS operational in the united States is, first and foremost, to reduce our nation�s population. Global population reduction � in massive and genocidal numbers � has been the primary and initial goal of world government implementation. Now, people, this new government HAS been raised. It�s here and it rules America. Its next mission is population reduction. I refer you to your children�s public school science books for further information.

This is, was, and remains the primary mission of the feminist movement � to remove women from motherhood and capable reproduction - and also a primary mission of Big Pharma and their mandatory vaccinations. And I strongly remind you that �pandemics� are depopulation politics � plain and simple. I refer you to an amazing piece titled Peak Oil, Pandemic, and 78 Dead Scientists by Michael Nield.

I also strongly recommend that you read the following to fully comprehend the extent of political missions regarding global depopulation: [Read]

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It is always best to go to the sources of what truth has become. The question is � will you educate yourself, or will you continue to watch tell-a-vision, which is, in fact, what truth has become. The real truth is that your community partners are being paid (grant funded) to determine who are the new world�s �preferred� citizens and the world�s disposable. Sorry, folk, but facts are facts, and every single one of our presidential candidates knows, FOR A FACT, that all-the-above is real truth. One would think they might be talking about the real plans in action if they were, in fact, devoted to the American people and this nation. Much like mass media, I have yet to have heard the real truth, the WHOLE truth, and nothing but the truth from our candidates. This is my �gut feeling.�

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Through community �partnerships,� we are now all linked together in the sharing of clients, client information/data, and by governmental program controllers. This new �local� economic system was created and mandated by the United Nations� blueprint for corporate control of �local� money in Agenda 21.