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Nancy Levant
July 10, 2007

It seems that things are rapidly boiling over the Iran issue. Too many meetings, weapons sales, high-level comings and goings that spark a familiarity and one that bears notice - if Iran is attacked by anyone in the world, and most especially Israel or America, American people must take heed. An attack on Iran WILL bring consequences to our country. We need to think of our children, grandchildren, and our elders. Be very assured � our �representatives� will only be concerned with their personal CoG (Continuity of Government) a$$es.

Following 9-11-01, we were gently told to stock up on a few things and to have supplies for 2 or 3 days. Almost no one paid attention to that ridiculous governmental suggestion. Today, I�m going to suggest to my countrymen to do far more than stock your kitchen shelves.

Iran is a nuclear issue that will snowball. Many Mid-Eastern countries have nuclear capabilities and we know for a fact that many sleeper cells exist inside of our nation (thanks to the welcome mat borders created by our �representatives�). We�ve had years of threats regarding the knocking out of our power grid systems and chemical, biological, and radiological attacks. Iran has promised retaliation for any attempts to take out her nuclear capabilities. Therefore, American citizens need to prepare for far more than a 2 or 3-day period of self-help.

I suggest to the citizenry that you stock a minimum 6 to 18-month supply of goods. Food, water, medicines, prescription medications, pet food, diapers, wipes, formula, etc., and I also suggest that you have an alternate, non-electrical heat and cooking source, such as a wood stove, and other fuels. I suggest that you and your families be prepared to buckle down and burrow in and to prepare for self-defense.

Consider buying big bulk items, such as 5 to 6-gallon buckets of staples - rice, beans, pastas, sugar, flour, soup mixes, powdered milk, honey, wheat, oatmeal or farina, etc.. Baking powder, salt, cooking oil, and yeast needs to also be purchased in bulk. I suggest buying fruits and vegetables freeze-dried or dehydrated in #10 cans, and buy a lot! Also stock up on multi-vitamins. I strongly suggest that you purchase good heirloom garden seeds and enough for 3 years. I suggest that you plant fruit trees and bushes � a lot of them. In other words, be prepared to live off the power grid. As unthinkable as this may seem, it is a given that power grid failures WILL occur if there is any retaliation on American soil. I doubt, however, that this will be an issue for our �representatives.�

There are many, many websites which provide help and calculations for family food storage needs, but it is easy to figure out what you would need for 6 to 12 months based upon what you now purchase in one or two weeks. By buying in large bulk, you will save literally thousands of dollars. Though the initial purchases will be expensive, you will be properly prepared. The last thing you want to do in an emergency is stand in food and water lines with your children. I also recently read that power grid failure due to radiological interference could take up to a year or more to repair. We need to be prepared to care for our children and our elderly. We need to encourage our extended families and neighbors to stock up and to make self-sufficiency a neighborhood-by-neighborhood priority. We currently live under extremely vulnerable conditions � vulnerable to the lies, deceit, and gaming of global politicians. No heat source if the power goes down, no extra food or water, no extra prescription medications, no emergency communication devices, no emergency power or light sources, and a myriad of other necessities that we now depend upon others to provide every day.

I ask American woman to spearhead the effort within your families, churches, and women�s groups and to begin, today, to buy bulk food and supplies. Below is a highly suggested list for initial purchases:

Five 5-gallon buckets of each of the following:

  • Wheat berries and a hand-crank grinder
  • White sugar
  • All-purpose flour
  • Powdered milk � Beans (any kind � main protein source)
  • Oatmeal or farina � ABC Soup Mix

Cooking Oil

  • 15 gallons
  • 15 cans vegetable shortening (like Crisco)

Fruits and Vegetables

  • 3 to 5 cans of �Garden In A Can� (3 to 5 full years of heirloom garden seeds)
  • 10 #10 cans of each: strawberries, dried banana chips, orange segments, apple flakes or apple sauce, broccoli, onions, green beans
  • Buy 15-20 cases each of canned green beans, corn, potatoes, carrots


  • 15 cases of peanut butter (important protein)
  • 10 #10 cans TVP (Total Vegetable Protein), Ham, Burger, Sausage, Chicken, Taco, Bacon flavors
  • Tang, powdered fruit drink mixes, cocoa mixes � buy cases
  • Trail mixes � buy in bulk
  • Hot sauce � buy cases
  • Non-condensed soups � buy cases
  • Canned meats � buy cases

Special Needs

  • Good weight-bearing shelving units
  • Store hundreds of pounds of extra pet food in large plastic containers like large trash cans
  • Supplies and prescription medications for the elderly
  • Store a lot of first aid items. Buy one large first-aid kit and buy triple extras of everything in the kit.
  • Buy several car first-aid kits.
  • Camping equipment and 4 or 5 extra-large tarps, bungee cords, rope, camping knives, good hatchets and shovels, rain gear, camping mattresses. A lot of stove fuel � 30 to 50 canisters.


  • Sweat shirts and pants, jeans, waterproof shoes, extra gym shoes, extra socks, waterproof and hooded coats, work and warmth gloves for everyone and laundry detergents


  • The least expensive way to store water is in 55-gallon drums made for water storage. Bottled water is far too expensive to store for the long term. Depending on family size and number of pets, you may need 10-40 drums. Begin with 6 and work up from there. There are many websites to help you learn about proper water storage.
  • Regular bleach (no additives) � 30 gallons

This seems like a lot, but when you consider a scenario where grocery stores are empty and you have no access to the money in your bank accounts, your loved ones will be far safer with such stores on hand.

There is really nothing different about buying food and supplies in bulk minus the fact that your pay larger sums up-front and very little on a weekly or monthly basis. But all totaled at the end of the year, you will have saved thousands of dollars, you will have driven far less, and you will have safeguarded your families and particularly your children.

I also strongly recommend that if you know any LDS families, ask them for advice on food storage. Most LDS (Mormon) families store food, water, and supplies, and most are very skilled in the art of food storage, storage rotation, and cooking.

My instincts tell me that things are heating up and I want American people to be as prepared as they can be in case of problems. Just think in terms of 6 months to 2 years and the basic needs of each member of your families� water, food, heat and cooking, potential medical needs, toiletry and personal needs, elderly needs, pet needs, and emergency supplies.

Make sure your guns are in proper working order and that you have the tools and necessities to keep them in proper working order. Make sure you have proper ammunition and build your storage. Remember that there is nothing as dangerous as frightened and starving people.

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However, also remember that FEMA has the right to suspend all Constitutional rights and to take all your money, food stores, water stores, guns and ammunition, and your homes. Executive orders, issued by presidents, provided this �community� service for you and your family. Why would they do that � and especially during times of a catastrophic national crisis? Hmmm. Perhaps your total vulnerability to the paramilitary orders that will immediately follow crises is more to the new world point of America�s demise. A 72-hour kit?? Think, people, think! Please pass this article throughout your neighborhoods. Our vulnerability is monumental and is present and current. NOW is the time to act. Surely, by the actions of �representatives,� you can assume that there will be no peace.

Bulk food and supplies sites:

1, highly recommended site
3, - highly recommended site

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Once again, and with all things global, we must look at the biggest picture � the entirety of the plans, missions, and legislation of the global elites in 2-Party power. I suggest to you that the totalitarian profiling of the entire free world is for a reason.