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Nancy Levant
July 3, 2007

What a world, people, what a world we have allowed to develop while we sat back for 70 years watching tell-a-vision. Let us ask ourselves why the concept of privacy is now a radical and revolutionary act of criminal selfishness. Why are we under the microscope � even to the molecular level? Why indeed. Human freedom is ending. Let me say that again: Human freedom is biometrically ending � permanently. Yet, stupidly, we continue to ask ourselves - why?

We have previously learned that in 1933, with the Act of March 9th of 1933, the United States was declared into a state of emergency. In 2007, we are still operating under this declared state of emergency. Remember that this 1933 state of emergency was declared at the request of the Federal Reserve Bank of New York.

Since that time, we have witnessed a steady decline in the powers of our Constitution, which in translation means that we have steadfastly witnessed the erosion of our constitutional rights - meaning the personal rights of every person in this nation. Equally, we must realize that this is not a solely American phenomenon. This is happening is the rest of the free world � all of the free world. Why? Because the world is coming under the auspices and dictatorship of a new world order, a world government � which says that mankind CANNOT be free and CANNOT have rights. In translation, we are not Godly people. We are people of, for, and by the use of the world�s elite. And that means that we are owned and operated by man�s laws and not God�s laws, which is why the primary religion of the West � the Christian religion � has become the religion of enemy combatants, political radicals and dissidents. The state all �emergencies� ushered into play is the state of the complete deception of the new world governing order. In America, we call this state of deception our 2-Party governing system.

On that note, I want to relay a story told to me by a co-worker. She told me a story about her grandchild, who is three-years-old. This child�s uncle, upon leaving for Iraq, gave to this three-year-old niece a tiny camouflage-covered Bible. This child, not yet a reader, took her tiny Bible to her preschool. When her teacher saw the Bible, she immediately sent it home and told her parents to never send this book to school ever again. We�re talking a three-year-old non-reader, and a child who is unaware of the Christian religion, but who simply brought to school this gift from her uncle. Will treachery never cease? And more to the question, will teachers in the United States ever stand up to the treachery in our school system � of which they are ALL more than aware? When will the teachers of this nation, who profile vs. teach, and alter and lessen the consciousness of our children to earn a paycheck, refuse to participate in this insidious national disgrace?

We must also consider that Presidential Executive Order 13397 placed the Department of Homeland Security over all Faith-Based Churches in the united States. This is the premier paramilitary system operating inside of our now undefended nation, and which now stands as an administrative authority over most of America�s Christian churches. One cannot help but to wonder about the profiling requirements of our faith-based churches as so directed by this paramilitary system. You just might want to ask your church leadership if you are a designated faith-based church � one that takes government money in exchange for commanded missions and compliance � and what kind of information is delivered to the Department of Homeland Security � remembering that all grant-funded organizations are, in fact, required to submit reports to their funding sources about the accomplishment of their mandated grantor missions. Any organization who receives government money is REQUIRED to report as directed. Are congregation members named in these funding reports? I strongly suggest that you demand to see the mandatory reporting forms, and the types of information that your church is forwarding to their grant masters.

I�m sorry to say that I have another and current example of profiling data base systems and intentions in this nation of ours. -Introduced by Representatives Luis Gutierrez (D-Ill.) and Jeff Flake (R-Ariz), meet The STRIVE Act - Security Through Regularized Immigration and a Vibrant Economy Act of 2007. This Act, full of dialectic/deceiving crap, also introduces the EEVES proposal, which is the Employment Eligibility Verification System and the real deal of the STRIVE Act.

The EEVS proposal would require ALL PEOPLE� both citizens and non-citizens � to obtain and present newly proposed documents such as a Social Security Card and driver�s license compliant with the Real ID Act in order to work or continue working. The EEVS data basing human compliance grader would mean that EVERYONE would have to obtain PERMISSION from the government to obtain a job and every time a new job is sought.

The Employment Eligibility Verification System (EEVS) would require every employer in the United States to verify the employment eligibility of their workers through the EEVS data base.

The Employment Eligibility Verification System (EEVS) would require every person in America to carry a new and improved biometric Social Security card containing information about the cardholder such as fingerprints, retina scan and DNA � essentially another national ID - AND present a Real ID-compliant driver's license to qualify for any job or income.

EEVS also creates ANOTHER vast federal database to verify the work eligibility of ALL American citizen job applicants. The system would contain extraordinary personal information on everyone who seeks or holds a job, and all of it keyed to a new biometric Social Security number. When this bill passes (and eventually it will), every time we apply for a job, the Department of Homeland Security will determine our �eligibility� to work in OUR nation. In the essence of FACT, ladies and gentlemen, NO ONE will be able to work in the u.S. without DHS approval.

And, guess what�this bill forecloses judicial review of any profiling errors. Therefore, if it is falsely determined that you are disallowed to work and to earn money, tough beans! Starve and weep! It would seem that CONgress and their federal mandates are working double-time to drive nails into our highly selective and preferred-citizen slavery coffins.

About 16,000 employers nationwide are currently and voluntarily participating in the EEVS Basic Pilot Program (gosh, I wonder which politically funding corporations those 16,000 might be�), but this federal mandate requires expansion to mandatory use by every American employer, which will affect at least 140 to 160 million American and non-American workers � and, again, all in the name of �security.�

Well Americans, be secure in knowing that you are all but one grade away from destitution, national shunning, and targeted enemy designations of this state of treasonous affairs. And once designated as such, I refer you to history, to Halliburton civilian labor camps, and to other potential atrocities. Now you know why they have been steadfastly preparing for total �civilian management� under the guise of �terrorism.� We are one to two years away from our Real ID designations � 12 to 24 months � and only God knows what other �legislation� will magically appear from America�s 2-Party dictatorship. Now, tell me again why you vote Democrat or Republican? And tell me again why CONgress is still illegally operational? Tell me again why American presidents and vice-presidents have no limits or oversight � whatsoever?

We must think, think, think, and ask ourselves what don�t they know? I suggest to you that there is nothing left to discover � even to the point of our DNA. It would appear that they�ve learned everything there is to know, and that very soon, our personal report cards will show themselves in one way or another. The question is - how will you rate as a global citizen of mankind�s new governing dictatorship? Are you what is desired, or are you unfit? Are you loyal enough to the new governmental masters? Are you a good and useful enough community servant to corporate profit and cheap labor? Are you fit and compliant enough to police the world and, if commanded to do so, to act offensively against your own nation and people? These are certainly legitimate questions for America�s law enforcement personnel.

And most importantly, are you desirable enough, on a genetic level, to deserve to live, or are you slated for elimination under the auspices of sustainable compliance with depopulation ratios and the �common good� of the global community?

Are you healthy enough to remain alive, or are you a financial drain on your community due to your ill health, your old age, your diseases, your genetic imperfections, or even your weight? Or should you be a reasonable community member, and opt for euthanasia to free your community of your personal burden? Should medical care be denied to you? Should you be forced to die for your good of your community � much like billions of dogs and cats?

Once again, and with all things global, we must look at the biggest picture � the entirety of the plans, missions, and legislation of the global elites in 2-Party power. I suggest to you that the totalitarian profiling of the entire free world is for a reason.

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Pray for this nation. Do what you can to preserve America and our Constitution. Gather yourselves together, read and study, and prepare for difficult times ahead. And in spite of all the dull and blank faces of your friends, family, and neighbors, keep talking, keep sending information and links � don�t give up. We are all in this together. Let us prevail for one another. Keep the faith, and remember that God loves all mankind. Never give up freedom willingly, and please � stop being active participants in your profiling. Keep your goodness in tact with faith, hope, and love. Now is the time for extremely intelligent indivisibility. For part 1 click below.

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Once again, and with all things global, we must look at the biggest picture � the entirety of the plans, missions, and legislation of the global elites in 2-Party power. I suggest to you that the totalitarian profiling of the entire free world is for a reason.