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Nancy Levant
June 12, 2007

Altered reality is a tough subject to present to those who assume themselves free. A strategically manufactured and altered reality is all but impossible to fathom when such comprehension also commands self-reflection, as in why the obvious isn�t obvious until it is clearly too late. And I�m afraid America will soon discover that denial may be this nation�s most deadly disease.

If you are an avid tell-a-vision watcher, you probably know that this electronic envisioner is also a morality dictator, while at the same time providing 24-hour a day blood, guts, demons, and every make and measure of sexual and criminal deviance. Confusing � isn�t it?

We are told by our tell-a-visioner to be green, to stop eating meat, to stop driving cars, to stop using air conditions and central heating, to be multi-cultural (as if American hasn�t always been the most multi-cultural nation on the face of the planet), to accept everything and have no sense of right and wrong (translation: opinion), to accept only think tank religion, to follow the dictates and rules of government above all else, and to be mandatory �volunteers in our communities (dialectic).�

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It is clearly safe to say that tell-a-vision directs the moral compass in this nation - right along side the governmental entity known as public education. As such, it is also safe to say that we are being manufactured into different �citizens� altogether in a strategically manipulated, taught, and broadcasted reality. Our opinions � hence our reality - are being strategically altered. When one couples such psychological altering with the altering of human DNA and the advent of nano, bio, panoptical, and psycho-technologies, one plus one begins to equal two. Denial starts to fade albeit into fear. I suggest that fear is an appropriate reaction.

Anyone who has read the Executive Orders that set the multi-trillion dollar Martial Law system into place and stone understands that this system was built to use. It�s not a figment of conspiratorial imagination nor is it going away. A part of this Executive Ordered system states that uncompensated civilian labor may be utilized by force. And while this system was �Ordered� into play, the �citizens� of the united States were also, and by force, told they had to be �volunteers� in their communities. Even school-aged children are now required to perform volunteer services in their communities.

In our psychological re-wiring and redirection, all American �communities� are operating with massive volunteer-based work forces � from most healthcare facilities to social/human service organizations to libraries to youth-based community projects � remembering that this �volunteerism� was also initiated and commanded by our president. Notice how we the people are working �for free� to demonstrate our compliance and willingness to serve �the greater good of our communities.� In Communitarian translation, this means service to government.

We have hopefully learned that our nation IS in a declared state of emergency (and has been since March 9, 1933) thanks to the Federal Reserve Bank of New York. Will central banking wonders never cease? Equally, we have also learned through National Security Presidential Directive 51 (NSPD-51) that our president has now granted to himself dictatorial powers over the entire united States of America during a declared state of emergency, or in other words, now. And, as previously stated, Martial Law is locked and loaded � also due to the Executive Orders of many past and current American presidents. Do you sense political strategies in play?

Today, and in every American �community,� we have social services operating on a very, very large �volunteer-based� system of human resources � much like the one our paramilitary soldiers will command during Martial Law. In other words, we will continue to operate with social �services� under such declaration, but utilizing �uncompensated civilian work forces� � the forces identified in our presidential Executive Orders that define the uncompensated labor force operated by Martial Law armies. It looks to me like we�re practicing Martial Law in our �communities� as we speak. What does it look like to you? And as previously pondered in other articles, human �usefulness,� as determined by data base profiles, becomes a very significant issue.

The question is this: are community �volunteers� actually operating as uncompensated civilian labor forces � those defined by Martial Law? The directive that all �citizens� be mandated to into volunteerism, while unpaid civilian labor forces be enforced during states of emergency is quite the coincidence when we are CURRENTLY operating in a declared state of emergency. Will dialectic wonders never cease?

Denial is a symptom of sickened souls. Denial can�t see the forests for the trees, but when the forests are as visible as chemtrails, as Executive Orders, as NSPD-51, and a nation now operated by millions of �volunteer� laborers, the forests become a tad more than visible. In other words, political veils are falling down around us, and clarity is crystal clear.

I am quite concerned about �the pandemic� at this stage of the depopulation game due to the fact that the healthcare complex may contain the largest volunteer base of uncompensated labor in all current social systems � that coupled with the uncompensated labor in all �emergency� organizations. �Catastrophic� trouble is surely brewing, as so declared in NSPD-51.

You might want to keep in mind that your �volunteer� services to your community organizations are grant funded. That means your organizations are government owned and operated organizations that are carrying out governmental orders.

I suggest to American people that they voluntarily get their spiritual houses in order. When all commerce, communications, food stores, energy resources, drinking water, banks, transportation, all constitutional rights, AND when the post offices begin their national registry of all citizens for the purpose of gathering all Americans into a nationwide uncompensated civilian labor work force, perhaps �volunteerism� will take on whole new meaning.

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Perhaps post offices have already performed their national registry. Perhaps Martial Law already exists � passively speaking � and that the only piece of the conquered nation puzzle left to place is one �catastrophic� event. I suggest to you that the �forest� is Martial Law.

Martial Law Executive Orders

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We are told by our tell-a-visioner to be green, to stop eating meat, to stop driving cars, to stop using air conditions and central heating, to be multi-cultural...