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Nancy Levant
May 22, 2007

As the once and former free citizens of the united States of America � the government of, for, and by the people - we have ourselves quite a dilemma. And the biggest and most immediate problem we face is that the citizenry remains stupid, with heads in the sand, re-educated, and media sheep. What to do�what to do�

As I try to read all the watchdog literature that time affords, I am comforted by the willingness, effort, and research of those in the know and willing to act. But I also realize that the problems we face grow larger and more sophisticated on a daily basis, and that the job of simply trying to keep up with the political deception, missions, and disinformation is beyond monumental. And, of course, I also realize that the scope, financial resources, and strength of those missions are beyond historical compare. What a force, people. What a historical world-wide force to be reckoned with, and what an ineffective and largely ignored force the world�s majority has become.

The question that the watchdogs are asked on a daily basis is, �What can we do?� Ask any watchdog this question, and you will get any number of suggestions - keeping in mind that watchdogs are simply people like all people. They just watch less tell-a-vision and perhaps tend to question blind authority more than most. However, there are no easy, simple, or single answers to securing freedom, for slavery is complex politics. And masterminded slavery is pathological greed in every way, shape, form, and century. This is an important consideration.

What we are dealing with are pathological missions, plans, and intentions � very patient and sophisticated pathological strategies that have been put into place decade after decade and, in truth, century after century.

The world�s people have come under the misguidance of academic/expertise subordination � a subordination to group think and group will. We are being systematically transformed from our cultural nations and traditions into a one-world subordinated group. No one wants this. All people are attached to their nationalities, traditions, religions, and heritage. No one wants to be culturally cloned into an academic invention. No one wants to lose their identity, opinions, creativity, and intellect to become a cog in a utilitarian wheel that force-spins profits for masters and masters alone.

And no one wants to be controlled by technological prisons invented to control the identities, opinions, creativity, health, and intellects of the human masses. Such technology demonstrates the pathology and the vile immorality of those who view their fellow men as a lesser and servile species. But, in truth, there are those who do believe in grades and degrees of humanity, the submission of humanity unto themselves, and who believe that in order to secure their rank and file, they must decree a subordination-based system of governance using technologies that were, in fact, developed to subordinate mankind.

We, the choir, understand such. However, and for the forgiveness of our fellow man, it also took us years to get to this place of truth, comprehension, and bitter acknowledgment. And while it seems that our nation, as well as most others, continue to play the popular politics game (in our case, the 2-Party game), each day moves the world�s people closer to the one-world-group-think/group-act scenario of total global subordination of mankind�s will.

American children are now fully entrenched in this mode of operation. From school grouping, team grouping, and social/click-think dress, learn, and act, all �educational� systems, now interlinked and partnered with �mental health� systems, are working to indoctrinate the future group-minded work force that knows only �government� as master and utilitarian worker as mandatory servant to the �community good.� And our children are taught that any deviance from such belief is at least emotionally deviant, and at best, criminally minded.

What to do�what to do�?

In truth, we don�t have a decade to get the American people, much less the world�s people, up to speed. We know that there is an �event� that will transpire on American soil that will render the people of this nation powerless and helpless. We don�t know what that event will entail, and it will most likely entail combinations of events � weather emergencies, economic emergencies, �terror� emergencies, �pandemic� emergencies � but to name a few so designed, but the billion-dollar paramilitary industry that has been silently and incrementally established on American soil guarantees that an event has been prepared and readied. The one-worlders in constant power have spared no expense, no taxpayer�s dollar, on the implementation and readiness of this transformational and occupational system. And, of course, the blacking out of truth is status quo, as it has remained since the advent of mass media and its highly addicting technology. Still, there is something that we can all do � be it too little or too late. Effort still counts. Truth still matters.

Our nation, operating in a �declared� and on-going state of emergency for nearly 75 years, has allowed for the raising of dastardly powers that were and are created to bureaucratically, systematically, and militarily end all powers of the Constitution and all corresponding rights of free people. Each and every president for the last 75 years could have ended the declared state of emergency in the United States, but all opted to keep the powers afford to the presidency in a nation so declared.

And because the declared state of emergency was never lifted, it gave rise to the incremental creation of and powers to remove the Constitutional governance of the nation. In essence, what gave permission and power to our �representatives� to implant global infrastructures into the United States, like regional governance, global regionalization, the Communitarian system of law (partnershipping/NGO/stakeholding) and, specifically, the group-think/group-act subordination (ending free will), was the very synchronized foundation laid by the �state of emergency.�

All new paramilitary systems in the United States, including the massive funding for more Civilian Labor Camps and the unfathomable powers of the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA), the Department of Homeland Security, all existing Executive Orders and most Signing Statements, and the missions of the North American Union, grew and mass produced due to the auspices of America�s declared and continuing state of emergency, originally declared in 1933, titled the Act of March 9, 1933.

We as a nation of people must demand this declaration end. It�s going to take a united effort and a united and indivisible command from the people of this nation � nothing more and nothing less. The raising of a centralized police state in this nation occurred because of the legal designation of military rule on the homeland � a designation that also named the people of the united States enemies of the united States government. Now, ask yourselves the real reason for the Civilian Inmate Labor Program, coupled with the continued disarming of the public during �emergencies,� the duplicitous confiscation of private property, a tyrannical and thieving taxation, banking, and monetary system, etc.

The American people cannot be designated as �dissidents� simply because they are constitutionally guaranteed American people. However, this can occur if operating under Military Law, and particularly Martial Law, which suspends the constitutional law of the nation.

The stage has been set for Martial Law. Many Executive Orders have defined and guaranteed absolute dictatorial powers of Martial Law (refer to all orders gathered into Executive Order 12919). Practicing for this declaration has been an on-going process for several decades, with the paramilitary face in full view since 9-11. We continue to be desensitized by homeland military presence, public view of military issue weapons, black suits, international forces, and commands to disarm. This is not a good sign. And hundreds of millions of dollars have been awarded for construction of new civilian labor camps on American soil. This is a confirming sign that war powers are in place on the �homeland� � highly and strategically funded and enacted war powers.

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So, we continue to do what we can for the existence of human freedom. Like always, and throughout human history, it�s hard fought as freedom is constantly challenged by those who despise common man and God. Guard your free will with all your might. Remember that free will is the spiritual foundation of Christianity and the basis of life-long spiritual journeys. Remember that freedom is precious and rare. Ask yourselves if and how you can live without it. Ask yourselves what America will become without the Constitution, which declares and guarantees your freedom. Pray for this nation, and pray for strength in indivisible numbers. Pray for truth to be understood and legally permissible. Remember that just one Executive Order takes over all forms of communication. The day will come when truth will be silenced.

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Nancy Levant is a renowned writer for Constitutional governance and American culture. She is the author of The Cultural Devastation of American Women: The Strange and Frightening Decline of the American Female (and her dreadful timing).

She is an opponent of deceptive governance and politicians, global governance by deception, political feminism, the public school system, political economics based upon manufactured wars and their corporate benefactors, and the Federal Reserve System. She is also a nationwide and lively radio personality. To book an engagement with Nancy Levant, send an email request to:











The stage has been set for Martial Law. Many Executive Orders have defined and guaranteed absolute dictatorial powers of Martial Law...