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Nancy Levant
May 15, 2007

�Generation Gap� is a New Age term that was coined to create the �gap� in our minds. The effects of this gap were devastating � much like all missions of perpetrated divisibility. But the generational division has dire consequences and particularly for the young.

Since America�s global/regional job is to police the world�s �common security perimeters, the New Age soldier�s future is dim � to say the least. So, it may be valuable, at this stage of the global game, to consider the �health craze� that has been systematically implanted into the minds of all once free American people.

The global term, coined by Kissinger, �useless eater,� is very telling. It implies that �usefulness� is now defined by the elite and for the masses. We know that under Communitarian intentions, one must be �useful� to the �community.� Living in America, and with American people now policing the world�s �common security perimeters,� new world soldiers must be fit and ready to serve as �rapid response� intentions clearly serve the missions of global crisis �emergencies.�

For decades, children have been directed into competitive sports regimens. This is particularly true for children born into upper-middle class families. And, you will recall, that there were once many upper-middle class families in America. Equally, America�s under-classes have always been directed into standard military service, but standard military men and women no longer serve in or for America. They have all been deployed throughout the world�s global regions, and they continue to be deployed, serving the profiteering of the unending global war machine.

But it would appear that �civilians,� or non-military �citizens� of our nation, are being trained for �usefulness,� as so defined by the socially designing elite. First up is the Presidential Fitness drive in all schools that has been an on-going �mission� for decades. Then, what use to be �sports� became �competitive� or �select� sports. Coaches became �professional trainers,� and sports became �regimented.�

Physical training became mandatory for participation in competitive sports � nearly daily and grueling training regimens � and �games� took over entire weekends. So much for the Commandment to keep the Sabbath holy� Now, competitive sports, which originate in government schools, are the breeding ground for �elite� athletes. These young athletes have parents with big money to pay for their children�s �professional trainers,� and once trained, these kids are indoctrinated to believe that they �play� not for fun, but to win at all costs. To stay on �select teams� means that losing is not an option. Winning is a mindset.

These kids are instructed on what to eat, how many miles to run each and every day, and to stay socially connected to their �teams.� Their parents are instructed by �trainers� to orchestrate social gathering for the �teams,� and to further the cause and connections of the team units. In effect, competitive �teams� are segregated from the non-select. What you see are pre-military physical, intellectual, and emotional boot camps, and the line between sports and military blurred � much like blurring between law enforcement and military.

Competitive trainers pull no punches and they are relentless physical disciplinarians. They allow no faultiness, no slacking off, and their teams must progress, which means win.

Then there is the federal, state, and U.N./global intervention into health and fitness. In today�s global world, being overweight, diseased, smoking cigarettes, or being �unfit� takes on whole new meaning. But why? Remember that your �usefulness� is now mandatory. This is why human euthanasia is considered by the New Age to be an act of �compassion.� When we consider that governmental agencies, like The Humane Society, calls the mass slaughter of animals an act of humane compassion and �health safety,� and we also consider that the chipping of animals, now mandatory, is a precursor experiment to human chipping, which is now occurring, it�s not too far of a stretch to realize that your �usefulness� is being charted and graded � beginning in all governmental schools.

For what reasons are we being �graded� for our usefulness? Let us consider the �human relocation� mandates of Agenda 21, for example, and also the �civilian management� missions, legislation, and powers that have been attained by �civilian management� agencies and authorities in our nation (and globally). We are to be graded, grouped, designated with and to work assignments, and relocated as ordered. We are to be assigned jobs based upon our �usefulness� factor. Mandated servitude requires stamina and physical prowess � especially when food and water is to be rationed, and standard proteins are to be eliminated from our diets. Remember that eating meat is a New Age/U.N. no-no.

Clearly, sickness and disease have become designer and highly profitable weapons to eliminate �uselessness.� And the training for the �community mindset,� in which we are all embedded due to the NGO leadership in all American �communities,� also suggests that �planned community� takes on whole new meaning and in preparation of �other communities� raised by and for the intentional �relocation� of the masses. Think civilian labor. Think �planned communities� called Civilian Labor Camps, where total compliancy, food and water rationing, enforced labor for no wages whatsoever, and mandated by �emergency� relocation. Survival of the �fittest� takes on whole new meaning.

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This is why �pet ownership� is slated for extinction. No pets in camp. This is why children are being forced to be more than fit, more than controllable, and under the guidance and undisputed orders of �trainers.� It�s all a big picture of the future to come, but the infrastructures of that future have arrived. They are operational. So, tell me, what grade will you received for your civilian management factor? How manageable a community servant have you become? And are you healthy enough to be a desirable candidate for your civilian labor duties? And one wonders why the community movers and shakers � the admirable ones � have all become so fit and health-oriented. Wonder, indeed� �The Plan� is in �Order.�

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Nancy Levant is a renowned writer for Constitutional governance and American culture. She is the author of The Cultural Devastation of American Women: The Strange and Frightening Decline of the American Female (and her dreadful timing).

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The global term, coined by Kissinger, �useless eater,� is very telling. It implies that �usefulness� is now defined by the elite and for the masses. We know that under Communitarian intentions, one must be �useful� to the �community.�