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Nancy Levant
April 10, 2007

Both Democrats and Republicans have Executive Ordered the American voter right out of existence. The hidden legislation of both Democrat and Republican legislators, their ties to wealthy business buddies, lobbyists, and regional NGO appointees has made secrecy, and hiding America�s future from its citizens, their M.O... The Electoral College guarantees their M.O. continues uninterrupted. So, where are we?

If we don�t change the system, the system, which has already transformed, transforms us. But, in reality, our lives have fully transformed. Constitutional liberty and freedom, legislatively speaking, have been bureaucratically removed from our reach.

Our schools have been taken over by the social agendas of the United Nations and No Child Left Behind. Their sole purpose is to create controlled citizens for the dictatorial one-world government. Christianity has been steadfastly legislated out of style and acceptability � also a mandate of the United Nations. Private property is being illegally taken from American people in epidemic landmasses (Biosphere Reserves), and along with the stolen acres, our watershed systems - including the Great Lakes (see Council of Great Lakes Governors).

Democrat and Republican legislators accepted, encouraged, and implemented into our nation new political and unelected leadership groups called councils, stakeholders, and NGOs (non-governmental organizations). Our corporate-based government funds these groups with grants, and this, too, at the recommendation of the United Nations Agenda 21. And the SOLE purposes for the implementation of council, stakeholder, and NGO government (and yes, I said government) in the United States was to eliminate the voting power of American citizens and the power of all local governments, and it worked like a regional charm.

The largest corporations in the world, the global conglomerates, coupled with the World Bank, the World Trade Organization, World Court, World Health Organization, the central banking system, and the United Nations decided that national sovereignty, religion, and people with rights, liberties, and land were bad for global business and personal profits. They didn�t like the idea that people were loyal to countries and cultures, and they were infuriated by devotions to religions (translation: higher powers than themselves). So for many decades, they orchestrated a plan to forcibly change the world. They decided to take corporate control by initiating business or bureaucratic governance, but they needed a way to institute their chosen government without causing global rebellion. Their mission�s �sustainability� was the primary goal. A one-world �peace keeping� force was another primary goal.

So they devised a multi-layer plan to play upon the fears and emotions of people - globally. They devised a doomsday ecological crisis and tied it into the clash of imperialistic culture problems between Judeo-Christians and Muslims. They crafted a multi-layer dialectic, including, but not limited to, the �crisis� of 9-11.

And it is by no coincidence that the world of America, as we thought we knew it, changed beyond our wildest comprehension following 9-11. Our school system is unrecognizable. Every parent in the United States is bewildered and angry by what has happening to their children�s schools. Teachers have become strangers we do not and cannot understand or trust. Equally, teachers have become uncommunicative with parents. They are often hostile and non-cooperative. This is because teachers, and particularly NEA and AFT-union teachers, are financially coerced governmental agents above and beyond educators. Their unions are tied to the Communist Party. If in doubt, go to the Communist Party USA�s website and click on �Web Links� and then the �Education� link. See what you see.

Ecologists and conservationists have invaded every American city, town, village, and burg. They established the UN-mandated and government funded non-profit land trust organizations, stakeholding groups and councils, and moved them into our lives like a manufactured virus. Eminent domain came to the public forefront at exactly the same time.

Fresh water is being re-routed by the Army Corp of Engineers, our land and water is being confiscated by big conservation and by federal, state, and local governments and re-named Biosphere Reserves, conservation corridors, buffer zones, and/or historical designations - once again at the recommendation of the United Nations and their game plan - Agenda 21.

Yet we still we vote red and blue, knowing full well that elections themselves have been corrupted by the very people we somehow believe we select and elect when, in fact, the Trilateral Commission and the Council on Foreign Relations select and enforce our �candidates� of no choice whatsoever.

And the conservation organizations pump oil on the land they have taken. They operate massive cattle operations on the ranches they have seized � all in partnership with and financed by corporation/foundation funds. Our elected prepare new and daily hidden legislation and Acts that will continue to lock down the land and water bureaucratically taken from American property owners. And they hide what they have done (hidden legislation) until their legislation passes, and we are none the wiser as our voting power and even our right to information is literally legislated away from the public.

Following 9-11, the Patriot Act was miraculously ready for immediate implementation - the Act that called for our constitutional privacy to be a patriotic offering to the government. This is perhaps the most pathological Act in the history of America � to force frightened people to agree to be spied upon via their computers, their cars, their purchases, their children, their medical and insurance records, their computer systems, their cell phones, their televisions, or, in other words, with every possible means to give the government the ability to intrude, spy upon, and control its citizens - even in their homes. It is by no accident that RFID/nanotechnology was instantly available for implementation immediately after 9-11. And still, we vote the Red and/or Blue into power and loyally accept their masterminded dictatorship.

The reason nothing in the U.S. seems the same is because nothing is the same. The goal, as stated in the United Nations Agenda 21, is to seize all private property and water rights, including the oceans, and to move human beings into �human settlements,� which are now everywhere, in all 50 states, in the form of planned and homeowner association �communities.� America�s new �human settlements� are, quite literally, everywhere, and every single �community� is deed-restricted (translation: no private property). Make note that most of these communities are also patrolled by private law enforcement details called C.O.P.S. (Community-Oriented Policing Services). Also make note of Halliburton�s civilian labor camps, the on-going human relocation practice drills due to �storms� and �forest fires,� coupled with the confiscation of privately and legally held arms. Once again, see the UN and Agenda 21 for details regarding the mandates of �human relocation� and �global disarmament.�

The United Nations and its conservation partners also call for a 40-50% reduction in human life (�sustainability�) on planet Earth. And with the current take-over of American land, water, education, naturally occurring foods (translation: genetically modified food crops), religions, Constitutional rights, and all other mandates of Agenda 21, coupled with the intentions of the New Freedom Initiative on Mental Health, I suggest that massive global depopulation is just around the corner. I suggest that the constant news from governmental agencies about forthcoming �pandemics,� and legislatively and Executive Ordering the entire American public in the mental health-big pharma scam (translation: reproductive rights and forced medications), and global abortion �rights,� that we take the global demand for massive depopulation (translation: social-cultural eugenic cleansing) very, very seriously.

The Big Picture is bleak. Our disinformation continues unabated, and our faith has become all but illegal, and at best, wrongly communicated and misinterpreted (translation: faith-based). And, to date, the mainstream media continues, under full governmental dictatorship, to hide all-the-above from the American people, who remain in the dark and incapable of truth in action. How pathetic that we stand like animals in the headlights, watching the demise of freedom coming at us like a freight train. Therefore, let it be known, without question, that it was blind loyalty to the corrupted 2-Party Red and Blue, which destroyed the United States of America and YOUR freedom � maybe even to life.

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You elect another round of 2-Party �leaders,� they will, in fact, lead you to America�s demise and into their dictatorial employ if you�re not slated as an undesirable. Best wishes, voters.

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Nancy Levant is a renowned writer for Constitutional governance and American culture. She is the author of The Cultural Devastation of American Women: The Strange and Frightening Decline of the American Female (and her dreadful timing).

She is an opponent of deceptive governance and politicians, global governance by deception, political feminism, the public school system, political economics based upon manufactured wars and their corporate benefactors, and the Federal Reserve System. She is also a nationwide and lively radio personality. To book an engagement with Nancy Levant, send an email request to:











Democrat and Republican legislators accepted, encouraged, and implemented into our nation new political and unelected leadership groups called councils, stakeholders, and NGOs