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Nancy Levant
April 6, 2007

Like him or not, Carey Roberts doesn�t mince words, opinions, or facts. He�s one of those pesky and abrasive truth tellers that makes one breathe between the teeth or, in other words, makes one think even when cultural pressures demand that you don�t.

Political feminism is a beast. It is a dictatorial movement that demands gender behavior, gender roles, and gender servitude. It is not a movement based upon concern for women, but is wholly dedicated to 1) depopulation indoctrination and demand, and 2) the control of masculinity.

Let us begin by saying that 1) women are beaten and murdered by men in every cultural and in every country in the world. This we know. We also know that women kill women, men, and children in every cultural and country in the world, and that men perpetrate these same crimes upon other males in every culture and country in the world. People are not passive creatures.

We also know that women in other cultures and countries are not treated in the same fashion as they are treated in the United States, but that has far more to do with the fact that American males did, in fact, value their female counterparts, coupled with their cultural norms, Christian traditions, and constitutional laws, in a far more sincere and reasonable manner. In the great scope of world history, American men have fared beautifully in the treatment and respect of women due to the aforementioned reasons. In a global context, American women have had better treatment, rights, and cultural equality than most of the world�s women. Somehow, this fact is persistently ignored by America�s radical feminist fringe.

The fact that American women do have cultural respect, opportunities, and gender equality, is a uniquely and contemporary American tradition, and due largely to the genuine acceptance by American men of their female counterparts. Both genders have a very unique and a very good thing going in the United States � at least we use to. But I am very certain that the emasculation of males in this nation, by the very powerful and very globally funded and backed feminist lobby, has very ulterior motives.

It simply cannot be argued that depopulation is a key aspect of the global government�s mission. In fact, massive global depopulation is mandated by many, many decrees, commissions, think tanks, and movements. Genocide continues, unabated and globally, and century after century. �Disease� has become high science, massively funded, and continues, generation after generation, to be used as a lethal weapon. Many pharmaceutical drugs are dangerous to pregnant females. And new drugs have been engineered to all but eliminate menstrual cycles and to render men infertile. Genetically modified food has also been used to render men infertile. Religious suggestions to be fruitful have also been slated for political extinction, for as we know, too many commoners are problematic for the greed and sustainability of the elite.

Political depopulation strategies have been used to lower populations in resource-rich Third World Countries as defense and take-over policies, and we cannot forget Goals 2000, the 1974 report during the Carter administration, which promised that the U.S. would lower its population by multi-millions by 2050. So please, people, let us not continue to believe that �history� is accidental or by coincidence. History is orchestrated, planned, and funded at the expense of all tax payers who, pathetically and historically, pay for their manipulated demise time and time and time again.

The closing of American military bases, coupled with the homeland exiting of all American military men and women, is by no accident. Our military personnel are United Nations forces. First and foremost, get that through your heads. Secondly, consider that laws and pending legislation have now rendered non-military men, who remain on the homeland, virtually powerless. Their jobs left the homeland, the right to private arms is constantly being challenged and degraded, and any outward signs of aggression are fast becoming criminalized on all levels. Traditional and biological masculinity is rapidly becoming a crime � and not just in the United States of America. Remember that global governance is global law.

But why attempt to change the nature of human males? Let�s think about this. We know that men are more aggressive than females. We know that men are physically more powerful than females. We know that men have traditionally acted in defense of women and children, burg and community, state and nation � and particularly so via the mandates of the Constitution, the Second Amendment, and Article I, Section 8, Clauses 15 and 16, which were written SPECIFICALLY to address homeland security due to violations of law, insurrections, and/or invasions, and specific instructions for MEN on how to defend and protect all of the states in the nation.

Now, if men are culturally emasculated, redefined, and rendered incapable of bearing arms, what happens to the legal defense of this nation � especially given the fact that the American military is no longer the American military or present on the homeland?

If it is illegal for men to act defensively, to bear arms, to get mad, or to have opinions other than those crafted by social engineers, men are then rendered incapable of defensive (and Constitutional) duties and tendencies. See how cleverly this works?

Now, back to the feminist movement � as Carey Roberts has so courageously taught time and time again, the radical feminist movement is a political movement to emasculate men and to brainwash women. Mr. Roberts, you have always been right on the money. Political intent is never by accident � never. And the feminist movement, globally funded and created by the pathologically arrogant greed of dynastic social engineers, is but one effort to render impotent the sovereign United States and its Constitutional traditions. And sadly, terrifyingly, the men in this country have been severely damaged � financially, emotionally, intellectually, and defensively.

And American women? What can one say? Incapable of bearing children, maybe? However, they do have silicon boobs, fake fingernails, fake tans, bleached teeth, anti-depressants, credit cards, monumental debt, abortion rights, and starvation diets. They have daycare centers, Socialist indoctrination schools for their older children, and pre-military physical regimens called competitive/select sports for their children�s after-school care. What more could they want? Better ask the feminist movement. They will tell you exactly what women want.

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And American women? What can one say? Incapable of bearing children, maybe? However, they do have silicon boobs, fake fingernails, fake tans, bleached teeth, anti-depressants, credit cards, monumental debt, abortion rights, and starvation diets.