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Nancy Levant
February 6, 2007

In days prior to indoctrination reality, men and women didn�t place extracurricular sex above love, nor did they confuse love for lust � at least not as an acting rule of thumb. Relationships tended to develop over time and intentional relating. Marriage was considered to be the entrance into adulthood and children the physical and permanent expression of love and marriage. Today, such notions are absurd. Marriage is demonized and children are �mentally ill.� They were not mentally ill, however, prior to the techno-political-NGO reality created by global social designers. Calling our children mentally ill is simply a way to call commoners mentally ill. We call this highly funded science-based classism where, again, the rabble is struck down with yet another inferior label and need for elite control(s).

Valentine�s Day use to be a romantic holiday. Today it is a joke. Sex is entertainment and pregnancies are disposable. Pregnancies are as disposable as marriages, so what is love? In truth, who knows or cares?

In a culture where men and women have been raised to dislike each other, hooking up served to feed the beast and ignore the gender. And as men and women were pitted against each other by politics, lobbying groups, employment, and judicial hocus pocus, men and women became distrusting of each other, contemptuous toward each other, in competition with each other, and thoroughly disenchanted with each other. In today�s America, men and women don�t like each other, nor should they. The new government doesn�t want you to procreate, which is why they 1) intend to make mandatory soldiers of women, and 2) are considering reproductive licenses. Depopulation is a very serious intent of our new world and very elite governors.

The professionally crafted division between the genders served this purpose very well, indeed. The 50+ million American abortions over the last three decades, coupled with the 50-60% divorce rate, stand as testimony to the power of well funded social engineering. It also stands to laughable amazement, as American men and women lose each and every right of freedom, that American women think they are gaining rights � like, for example, the right to kill their children. You poor, stupid women�

So, as the joke of Valentine�s Day rounds our corners, and should you be somehow inclined to offer some token of affection to the person you�ve probably been sleeping with since day one or two, perhaps it would behoove you to try a non-traditional gift, as well. Rather than discount roses, cheap candy, or fake or flake diamond jewelry, how about a book � my book, in fact � that will act as a litmus test, so to speak, for your partner in sex. It doesn�t matter if you buy the book for a man or a women, for the result will be a shake up and, for certain, a lot of conversation. I suggest to all �couples� that you both read the book and then see where it takes you. It is easy to read, definitely not boring, and a real ground-breaker for conversation in very, very important areas that affect both genders.

The Cultural Devastation of American Women, simple as it is, is an important book, for it is a book of truth. Nothing manufactured - nothing think-tanked, designed, or foundation-funded � just truth. Truth is rare. Can you and your bed partner handle simple truth? Keep in mind as you are reading that you and your bed partner probably don�t respect each other much, and that you both probably trash each other behind each others� backs. Sex friends, after all, have no real loyalty nor need for loyalty when you can always have other �friends� if and when you get bored. But I guarantee that if you both read this little book, you will talk about this book. You will both have strong feelings about this book, and it will stir additional thoughts and feelings. I suggest that once read, you will learn a great deal about each other and expand the real knowledge about the person who is in your body and bed.

And should you wonder, I am not a conservative, a liberal, or a fundamentalist of any make or measure. I�m as culturally damaged as any of you. I just happened to wake up one day and decided not to be dictated to by schools, churches, universities, lobbyists, or televised images. I went searching for unfunded opinion. I decided to read people and books for a change of cultural pace, and I learned a great deal. I�m a commoner, but a very smart commoner, and I wanted, for lack of better words, to shed hidden light.

The Cultural Devastation of American Women is a book about relationships, families, and children in indoctrination America. It�s about the targeted social manipulation of all contemporary people. It�s a book about why we are the way we are, why we think the ways we think, and why we are shallow to the core, bizarrely ignorant, and all social gamers. It is gender specific, sad, annoying, confrontational, and factual. It is gut-wrenching truth and the most valuable gift you will ever give to your partners in beds. However, the real value of the book lies in its ability to provide intentional relating in conversations that will matter for life. You might call this bragging. Not so. The book stands on its own legs.

Should married people read this article, I suggest this book for you and your spouse, as well. Marital anger isn�t as clear cut as it used to be. This book will help to clarify why and what is at the core of today�s men and women and their highly manipulated thinking.

Happy Valentine�s Day, American people. Like you, I don�t really know what this means, but love to all. Let us try to remember love in our sarcasms, disappointments, and bitterness. Let us start with some bitter truth. Let us also remember that love is a virtue, though I also suspect that such meaning is all but lost amidst our think tank-indoctrination mis-educations. Let us try to recall that there was a reliable time when we believed our hearts and guts above and beyond our tell-a-vision shows, text books, and billionaires. The politics of mind control � coupled with the sciences of mind control � have even served to contaminate love � just simple, wonderful love. We don�t remember what it means.

Read my book. Read a Bible. Read history. There are opinions other than those funded by billionaires. However, you won�t find them on tell-a-vision, in newspapers, or in schools, universities, or textbooks. Truth requires that you STAND outside of the techno-indoctrination box. Truth understands freedom and love. Indoctrination understands vicious inhumanity, which is historically verifiable, confirmed, documented, and proven in each and every century.

On that note, a Valentine poem to my dear readers:


To countrymen of every color, gender, shape, and size,
religion, opinion, and neighbors both ignorant and wise;
We are each others� guardians in profound and many ways,
for freedom must exist for you for others to have any say.

Only ignorance and cowardice allow dictators to thrive.
They are equally unfathomable as tell-a-visions before your eyes;
So for love of all humanity I send this note to you;
stand for freedom for yourselves, your children, neighbors, and for me, too.

As technology manipulates nature�s might,
implants mankind with trackers, and trains the new world Reich,
We must prepare to save ourselves with courage and conviction,
for we are bound to higher laws than billionaires can commission.

Thank God for God in Heaven,
And thank God for all mankind.
We are blessed with freedom from above
and hearts that are entwined.

Freedom was never democracy
And democracy never freedom
So fight with heart and fight with love
Fight with clarity and with wisdom.

On Valentine�s Day I wish God�s love upon you far and wide Let not the paid deceivers lead you to freedom�s demise We must stand together, indivisibly, for freedom�s call For Heavenly freedom has always been the greatest gift of all.

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Pray for this nation, people. Pray for your children. The people must regain control of this government. It is our right, duty, and obligation to future generations to do so. We were not born to be slaves to corporate politicians, billionaires, and millionaires. Understand love. Begin with truth.

� 2007 Nancy Levant - All Rights Reserved

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Nancy Levant is a renowned writer for Constitutional governance and American culture. She is the author of The Cultural Devastation of American Women: The Strange and Frightening Decline of the American Female (and her dreadful timing).

She is an opponent of deceptive governance and politicians, global governance by deception, political feminism, the public school system, political economics based upon manufactured wars and their corporate benefactors, and the Federal Reserve System. She is also a nationwide and lively radio personality. To book an engagement with Nancy Levant, send an email request to:










Valentine�s Day use to be a romantic holiday. Today it is a joke. Sex is entertainment and pregnancies are disposable. Pregnancies are as disposable as marriages, so what is love?