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Nancy Levant
January 30, 2007

Small/independent media has been solely responsible for the truthful dissemination of �globalization� facts. However, many with access to independent media have ignored the �big picture� while picking and choosing favored concerns of the global mission. Unfortunately for the public at large, many have failed to educate the listening public in any logical or sensible manner.

When America�s government watchdogs caught on in earnest was probably with the advent of the U.N. document Agenda 21, though many had been ringing the alarm with deep concerns regarding the free fall of America�s economy beginning with the illegal raising of the Federal Reserve Corporation nearly 100 years ago. But Agenda 21, coupled with the Earth Summit/Charter, raised nearly all watchdog flags finally and permanently. Following 911, the Patriot Act, the Real ID, and NAFTA/CAFTA, there was no turning back to even the possibility of a benefit of a doubt.

Equally, and with next to zero national knowledge, Communitarian Law also demonstrated how nations come under the governing intentions and economic ploys of global governors, as so proven by the raising of the European Union that operates under Communitarian Law and regional governing councils of appointed, well connected, and total strangers. Communitarian Law also fully operates in the shadows of the United States �regions� and the NGO/partnership bureaucracy.

But remarkably, our nation spins dialectic wheels with lavish entertainment-based partisan bickering of every right-left/dialectically-based propaganda issue that exists. Abortion, global warming, environmental/animal rights, �managed� forest fires, land conservation, women�s rights, weather modification, and terrorism wars, but to name a few, and all the while the big picture remained buried from our nation�s TV and computer screen watchers. Sadly � every so sadly � American people remained unable to comprehend what actually happened at the political helm of our nation in a full century of bizarre and wildly obvious degradation. The blank stares of the people haunt us all. The stares are unfathomable at this stage of the global game, and we are, frankly, at odds with desperation. We have simply been unable to break through the mostly automatic denial and militant apathy on all sides of the cultural spectrum.

Though the patience of social engineering has been the brilliance of the globalization tactic � coupled with its masterful deception in the form of �expertise,� this patience may also serve to create its backlash. People rebel - it�s what people do when �government� blatantly acts to crush �people.� The globalization �reforms,� which were build upon layers of lies and layers of human subjugation initiatives, are now in curiously suspect overdrive. All introduced/pending legislation is furiously advancing the control mechanisms of America�s �citizens,� and the �citizens� are feeling their vulnerability at every legislated turn. This the global partners realize, and many also realize that they, too, have been cornered.

For instance, the NGO/partnership business bureaucracy is factually based upon Communitarian Law and not Constitutional Law. It eliminates private enterprise and weaves total control mechanisms around and into each and every community �partnership.� Masters abound regulating each and every financial aspect of business �partners.� All businesses and �jobs� are now so governmentally regulated that �government� issues permits to business owners and employees to �allow� them to operate and work. Independent business owners have all but died national deaths. If you don�t �partner,� you don�t exist in today�s business world. What you give up in partnerships is control of your business � 100%. In other words, you become political and financial prostitutes in order to survive. You get funding to forward fascist Communitarian controls upon the marketplace in each and every American community. You destroy your towns and nation for the right to make money. And this is why America�s upper middle classes caved and aligned themselves with America�s destroyers. It is also why the class divide evolved into upper middle class versus the middle class, and why the middle class is dying a rapid death, which was the �business� plan to begin with.

Minus the fact that the jobs for the middle classes left the homeland, it is now virtually impossible for average Joe or Jane to break into America�s job markets. Only �players� are invited to have jobs � partnership players. All others are now to serve in �service� capacities. There is no more working your way up the ladder. �Jobs� are now reserved for players only, and all national/global information gathering databases ensure the selectivity of this Communitarian system. If you don�t �know� somebody, you don�t get employed with livable wage jobs. That�s a fact. If you step outside of the partnership box, �the community� does not support your business.

Now, you couple all the above with the paramilitary systems that have been raised in the United States, while the rest of our American military men and women prepare to leave the nation, and you realize that something is afoot � something sinister � and that each and every time new legislation is introduced, more controls upon �the people� magically appear out of thin air. We have been and continue to be betrayed at every legislated turn, and now we face our not only our betrayers, but also ourselves. Constitutional freedom does not exist in the United States of America. We have no freedom whatsoever. In fact, we the people are so micro-managed that we don�t even realize what has become illegal in this nation, and all the new illegalities, which we have never been told exist, now serve to harass and further destroy all those who are clearly outside of the global/Communitarian box. Swat teams are now deployed with regularity upon the American people. Law enforcement has become intimidation incarnate.

The bitter sadness to all of this remains the same: this system was invented and raised by the world�s elite, who are fundamentally against the rights of humankind. They are slave traders, money launderers, thieves, and eugenicists. They have never changed their stance in history. They believe themselves to be superior to and above the rabble, and in their delusions have only and ever wanted to control the world. Today, they are doing just that largely because of the blank faces of the American public.

We in the United States are only one nation in their global government. Soon the U.S. will cease to exist, and the North American Union will emerge as another one of their global regions. The corporations of the world�s elite will continue to gather strength, money, and power over �the people,� and the middle class will serve the wealthy. No business or �individual� will be left unscathed.

Soon our rights to transportation and mobility will be curtailed, which will also serve to finish off the job of �relocating� people out of the rural areas and into planned community �service� areas. Soon every rural dweller will be a polluter in one sense or another, and their land will be absorbed into the state and/or corporate land boundaries that are rapidly merging. People, your physical land is all but gone in this nation. Buy your county plat books to see who owns what in your counties. You will find that state, land developers, and/or corporations own about 90% of your rural areas � nationally � meaning every county in every state in the nation. Also note that militarized check points are currently in the planning stages on our Homeland Security- controlled roads and by-ways. America is not America.

Ultimately, it will matter not what you believed or disbelieved. Truth will remain the same, as the pesky truth tends to do. Sovereign America�s economy will crash in order to implement the North American Union�s new economic siphoning system and currency. The crash will cause a great deal of pain and suffering, but that won�t be an issue for the men in charge. Their assets are out of the county, and their wealth and power will remain the same. You and I, however, will suffer. Children will suffer.

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We will never say, �We told you so�� because it won�t matter. But for me, we tried. Perhaps we didn�t do so well enough, with great skill, or with enough fortitude, but you will remember that there were those who, in fact, rang the alarm. Sadly, you didn�t hear a word we said. What we will remember will be the blank looks, and this will be our cross to bear. May God bless you and yours. I would ask for mercy, but mercy is not synonymous with elites, swat teams, or their other paramilitary systems. Mercy, in fact, already runs fully contrary to the �community� good.

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Nancy Levant is a renowned writer for Constitutional governance and American culture. She is the author of The Cultural Devastation of American Women: The Strange and Frightening Decline of the American Female (and her dreadful timing).

She is an opponent of deceptive governance and politicians, global governance by deception, political feminism, the public school system, political economics based upon manufactured wars and their corporate benefactors, and the Federal Reserve System. She is also a nationwide and lively radio personality. To book an engagement with Nancy Levant, send an email request to:










Ultimately, it will matter not what you believed or disbelieved. Truth will remain the same, as the pesky truth tends to do. Sovereign America�s economy will crash in order to implement the North American Union�s new economic siphoning system and currency.