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Nancy Levant
January 23, 2007

How do free people say good-bye to freedom? This is the only real question people must ask themselves unless one happens to be a billionaire. As wealth is now the only badge of freedom, and as the American masses continue to lose jobs, private property, Constitutional rights, opportunity, and intellectual capacity, it is clear that our trajectory is spiraling downward into the new dictatorial definitions of our political handlers. Feudalism is alive and well on the homeland, and we are trapped like rats in constant states of mass manipulation and unadulterated ignorance.

It�s been obvious for centuries that clear warnings cannot be heard by historically challenged people. Americans are completely ignorant when it comes to the history of this nation and the world � remarkably ignorant. They have never studied the history of the Federal Reserve, their educational system, nor their Constitutional government. Instead, they have blindly accepted everything that televised elites have dictated on their behalf. American people STILL haven�t learned to READ pending legislation or to watch the money exchangers. They are playing the global monopoly game.

Today�s American has fallen victim to reality manipulation through all forms of screen entertainments � from tell-a-vision to computer game addictions. The �science� of visual manipulation is hard core science, and why American people are, in fact, addicted to �screens.� Between the flashing lights, colors, and sound combinations, American people are now literally addicted to computer and tell-a-vision devices. Silence in homes has become virtually impossible to bear, and both children and adults find themselves �virtual slaves� to the electronics in their possession. This addiction was not by accident. This was �science� created to pacify and capture the attention of entire nations so that a new breed of government and governors could take control unnoticed. It worked, and �it� is called mind control.

Add to visual mind control techniques the other �sciences,� such as electromagnetic pulsing technologies, widespread use of pharmaceutical drugs, readily available recreational drugs, and food, air, and water that has been �modified� and altered, and layers upon layers of mind controlling technologies have served to enhance what was originally standard human ignorance. Today�s American people are but pale comparisons to yesterday�s citizens, and they are literally incapable of standing for, caring about, or comprehending anything. Frankly, our brains have been captured, and they no longer think for themselves. They think like TV.

American people are addicted to screens of every make and measure, to junk food, bottled water, pharmaceutical drugs, and debt. Their addictions are chronic. The people are a wreck, and they are wrecks by psycho-dynamic design. People believe tell-a-vision sets over flesh and blood human beings. They believe the rich over the un-rich. Welcome to the quintessential state of the dialectic. Right is now left.

Today, our national leaders are yanking every freedom guaranteed to the people. They do so unfettered and unnoticed. Even if noticed, the people don�t care because they are incapable of caring. Their addictions take precedence over all else.

As an addict, freedom does not exist on any level. You cannot focus upon reality, because reality becomes a daily, self-centered, and private embarrassment. �Science� has assured this desperation. Financial science, technological science, all sciences of genetic modifications, and most surely the social sciences have altered reality in completion and directly beneath our noses, and we have become true-blue addicts to this altered society.

Addictions destroy ethical concerns of every make and measure. Ethics don�t matter to addicts � particularly screen addicts. Pleasure becomes manic attempts to have, see, or win something, and addictive visuals assure users that all things soulfully destructive are literally fair �game.�

Addiction �games� are also plaguing our tell-a-vision sets. In fact, it is fair to say that much of �prime time� broadcasting is now game-based and reinforces the new government�s social manipulation through enforced socializing entertainments including, but not limited to, p.m. game shows and paramilitary drama series � each with their own brand of color and light flashing brain manipulations and social propaganda. And then there are our children�s computer/Internet games.

Build and control human beings. Build and control human villages. Decide who �breeds� and who does not breed in �cultures� where marriage does not exist - and all marketed to children. And these games also request extraordinary information from our children � information like their mother�s maiden names and the children�s birth dates � information that identifies your children, where they live, and then profiles them into categories � much like their school mental health advocate-assessors. These Internet games store and database your children�s selections, opinions, and answers. They are electronic profilers.

And so the bottom line continues. We are not living reality lives. We are under the microscope, so to speak, and a grand experiment of all new �science� endeavors and initiatives. We, the people, are living in a new world Petrie dish and interpreted as data in our responses to screen programming, as consumers and debtors, and in our ill states of health. All financial systems, communication services, healthcare systems, and governmentally regulated employers serve the same masters, and they all require the underhanded and sophisticated profiling of all American people. And, as previously stated, we, the people, are clueless.

The truth is that we are addicts to a very sick, dangerous, and contemptuous techno-society that is ruled by very insidious people who disallow freedom for commoners. They are making freedom illegal at every turn and with every crafted piece of legislation, which always serves to destroy our potential to discover their missions and to fight their deception (Think Senate Bill One ((Section 220)) and H.B. 4682). Each and every week a new �Bill or Act� appears out of thin air to further reduce our ability to 1) report their true activities, and 2) to refuse their vengeance upon us.

The only hope I see is that their sickness is far greater than ours � even in our deplorable conditions. If we can�t or won�t, and in one collective voice and force, say NO to the world�s betrayers, then I suggest it is only a matter of time before your screens, food, water, medical, financial, and housing toys will fully betray you, as well. The time will come when your electronic toys will bite you in the ass, so to speak, as will your bizarrely repugnant loyalty to televised faces in make-up with speech writers. Freedom has only and ever been the Constitutional government of the United States of America � that short and sweet piece of paper that declared YOU were free and IN CONTROL of this government. Freedom has never meant rich men. Dictatorship has ALWAYS meant rich men.

If you can�t get this through your heads, then God help us. What we are fighting is full destruction by design � nothing more, nothing less - and that which is destroyed is you and yours. Sadly, you are coming along nicely in the grand scheme, as you are largely controlled and sickened. Sadly, you still don�t have a clue. You would rather watch �their programs,� and play �their games.� Good for you. Obedience is fast becoming mandatory, and you are silently compliant. Just don�t be surprised when you can no longer deny that �depopulation� was the number one mission of your handlers. The only way they can win this �game� of theirs is to eliminate potential opposition. You better wake up and smell the sickness in this nation. That smell is called tyranny and the death of freedom.

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For the record, be mindful when you turn off your children�s tell-a-visions or computer games. They will, of course, �freak out.� Addicts have a difficult time when their �substances� become unavailable. But then, you probably have the little hand-held gaming screens stashed somewhere for those emergency meltdowns�don�t you?

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Nancy Levant is a renowned writer for Constitutional governance and American culture. She is the author of The Cultural Devastation of American Women: The Strange and Frightening Decline of the American Female (and her dreadful timing).

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It�s been obvious for centuries that clear warnings cannot be heard by historically challenged people. Americans are completely ignorant when it comes to the history of this nation and the world � remarkably ignorant.