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Nancy Levant
January 2, 2007

Let us start with the premise the title offers. Let us assume that our Constitution and three branches of government, our state constitutions and governors, our schools and universities, our health care systems, taxation systems, all regional and appointed governing bodies, commissions, and councils; our churches and synagogues, our military, land and watershed systems, and all forms of licensure and credentialing, including travel, are under the governing auspices of internationally emerging laws. Then let us try to figure out what is not under global dictatorship specifically here in the United States.

We still have our 2nd Amendment intact, though it has been degraded decade by decade, and the United Nations is in the planning stages of disarming the �international community.� By �international community,� let us assume that means the international rabble. I�m pretty sure the elite will still have their armed body-guarding details and that the �international� peacekeeping forces will remain technologically armed to the teeth and into outer space. Let us also assume that non-lethal weapons technologies will also remain highly funded and manufactured. Let us therefore assume that total disarmament of other than elites and militaries remains a global governing plan of action. In other words, our 2nd Amendment is hanging on by a shred of a thread.

Let us also assume that all current and pending legislation is of Communitarian flavor and has been since the early 1970�s. Communitarian law functions in Europe as the governmental structure and bureaucracy of the European Union. As the North American Union continues to materialize not so secretly, we can also assume that Communitarian law is also intended to replace Constitutional law. One-world government, after all, means ONE government.

From Niki Raapana�s essay titled: What is Communitarian Law?, the following quote:

Communitarian Law is the new legal system used by regional and local governments affiliated with the emerging global government. This new law circumvents national law via a program of "balancing," often implemented by a small group of self-appointed elites who achieve consensus (not voting). For Americans, the adoption of these evolving principles transports us from a constitutional system where we expect clearly defined basic rights (like due process and legal searches) to a more moral way of enforcing "social justice" that only a few upper level academics can define. Communitarian law is the precedent that requires the courts to rule in favor of the self-defined "community" against individuals protected by constitutional law. It limits the property rights of individuals in all member nations. The most obvious current communitarian decision handed down by the U.S. Supreme Court is Kelo v. The City of New London, a land rights case that balanced property rights against communitarian development goals. The least obvious communitarian decision handed down by the U.S. Supreme Court is Hiibel v. The State of Nevada, a privacy rights case that balanced private individual's right to anonymity. In all U.S. communitarian legislation and criminal code, the stated purpose is to balance individual rights against community responsibilities. It's called Reinventing Government. Based on the consensus reached by globalist do-gooders, all nations are now required to adjust their national systems. The world is in an ongoing process of internal re-inventions of national political and legal infrastructures.�

Also from Niki Raapana:

�Communitarian Law is a top-down system:

1. International Communitarian Law, enforced by international courts of justice.
2. Regional Communitarian Law, enforced by regional parliaments.
3. Local Communitarian Law, enforced by Community Development Public-Private Partnerships and LA-21 Plans.

The communitarian philosophy-ideology is what supports the emerging supranational government body. The system integrates all nations of the world into sub-regions. Each region has its own code of communitarian law in addition to mandatory inclusion of higher global laws. Each nation has their own proposed process for national subordination to the regional and international supreme authoritative bodies. In Europe and Latin America the national modification and subordination process is published in all documents relating to communitarian integration. In Europe they have a collection of communitarian environmental case law (with E Law being one of the first global scale tests of the new law). In the United States it can never be disclosed to the average voter; for officials to speak openly of treason is a criminal offense (�

It is increasingly difficult to explain to a refusing public the truth about America�s future and demise. I make the strongest recommendation to fully explore the Anti-Communitarian League website offered above. To understand what has happened in the U.S., as well as to the rest of the world, one must understand the replacement government that has been implemented by the global or one-world system. To even begin to fathom America coming under the governmental control of another court and system of justice, one must fully comprehend the fact that 1) this new form of government exists and operates in many other parts of the world as we speak, and 2) it has already been illegally implemented on the homeland. We the people are NOT driving the wagon � period. And, remarkably, we still don�t realize that this new government is operational in every state in this nation (see �Regional� government).

Communitarian Law is not a conspiracy theory. It is practiced and taught in most law schools in Europe as the primary system of governance. Communitarian Law is also an operational fact of daily life in the U.S.

And the bottom line is this: Communitarian Law eliminates ALL rights of individuals for 1) the common good, and 2) for the �security� of the global governing elite - nothing more � nothing less. It sets up a 2-class system of governors and the governed, or in simplified terms, the rich overlords and the rabble. Communitarianism is high-tech Communism.

Consider ourselves lucky to be living in the most frightening and fascinating time in American history. We are experiencing the exact moment in time where America stands or permanently falls to pure and unadulterated treason and betrayal by the elected. With a whole lot of us and a smidgeon of them, we have to make the determination as to the kind of lives we choose to live. Today, and as we speak, you must decided for yourselves if you want freedom or to be totally, 100% controlled and managed people. A middle ground does not exist. It�s all for freedom or all for one-world governance by elimination of ALL individual (meaning constitutional) rights.

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So, here is what we are free to do. Tell the truth, expect the truth, and stand up for freedom for mankind. Hurry, America. In one voice, the American people must scream to Washington D.C. and to their state capitols that we will not stand by and allow our freedom and our sovereign nation to fall to THEIR custom-made, hand-crafted technological government. We must defend our constitutional rights and our nation. Communitarianism is not about �the common good,� people. It�s about power and the absolute and dictatorial control of money and people � nothing more and nothing less. America�s future and continuing history falls on our shoulders. WE have to tell the traitors in office �NO� before the next �crisis� strikes our nation. Once martial law is declared, the �new world� begins in earnest, and it is highly unlikely that American troops will be here to enforce martial law. Clearly, �peacekeeping� forces will have to be deployed to our homeland, as our military is clearly not coming home. You better wake up, America. We are running out of words to help you to see reality. We are also running out of time.

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Nancy Levant is a renowned writer for Constitutional governance and American culture. She is the author of The Cultural Devastation of American Women: The Strange and Frightening Decline of the American Female (and her dreadful timing).

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Consider ourselves lucky to be living in the most frightening and fascinating time in American history. We are experiencing the exact moment in time where America stands or permanently falls to pure and unadulterated treason and betrayal by the elected.