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Nancy Levant
December 26, 2006

When customized moral codes and legislation are commissioned by councils of obscene wealth, average Joe and Jane can expect more than trouble. Think tanks have become the determiners of mankind�s future, for they are paid to implement morality and behavior laws according to the governing intentions of the world�s rich. This is a historically terrifying scenario and one that the world�s people forget over and over again. It is also a historical pattern based upon the psychology of human ignorance, which is why massive societal changes and �world wars� tend to occur in recurring patterns of about 50 years. Given a few generations, people forget the atrocities of former wars, which in turn give rise to the planning mechanisms for new and improved confiscations of the peoples� wealth and land - or, in translation, new wars.

Depopulation of the masses and the land confiscation of global private property are the two primary goals of the elite one-world government. Private property provides wealth, liberty, and opportunity to the masses, which is abhorrent to those who believe themselves to be a higher and more intelligent species. In today�s world, this is more evident and obvious than ever before. The world�s richest people, who control international banking and transnational corporations, now fully fund all control mechanisms which affect the world�s people, land masses, watershed systems, and human health. If this doesn�t scare you, nothing ever will.

One of the most terrifying trends in the age of media technology is mankind�s belief that wealth equals freedom. This belief is particularly true for media-raised Westerners. We aspire to be rich. It is a primary cultural desire. It is why we attend universities, why we buy lotto tickets, why we watch elite tell-a-vision, and why we try to emulate the rich by buying homes, automobiles, and stuff that we cannot afford. It is also why we are addicted to shopping and spoiling children. We want to be rich. We want to look rich. We want everything without the pain of debt, which to us equates to �freedom.�

This the elite know, and this is why �credit� became available to each and every adult in the United States. The problem is, in our greed and stupidity, and during our 40-year shopping spree, the elite crept into each and every one of our back doors with long laid plans to take everything we thought we had acquired; their first mission being to confiscate our homes and land based upon an absolute inability to pay our debts. I can all but guarantee you that if you carry a home mortgage and automobile(s) loan, you will lose both your house and car(s) in the very near future. The elimination of private property rights is not a conspiracy theory. It is a primary intention of the new world government to eliminate all national rights to private property. Only government and/or corporations are to be permitted to �own� property.

On that note, let�s talk �corporations� for a moment. Major media is now owned by five or six corporations � only. These corporations are heavily controlled by governmental regulations. In essence, the information that the world�s people receive through mass media is �regulated.� There is no �freedom� in mass media. Mass media exists in today�s world for one purpose, and one alone - social engineering. There is no such thing as �entertainment� in today�s world. Combining the powers of governmental regulation and global mass media has, bar none, created the most dangerous entity that has ever befallen mankind, for mankind now operates in a perpetual state of reality manipulation. The elites have captured and fractured truth - globally.

Corporations now �partner� with public schools. This actually means they fund public schools, which means that they control public schools. They exchange funding dollars for the implementation of �agendas.� Hence, the one-world governmental regulations and rules of conduct are now the primary educational missions of public schools � ALL public schools. This identical system fully functions, as well, in most private schools and in all universities.

Through the now familiar �merging� of corporation to corporation, the mega or transnational corporation giants then form �foundations� to 1) avoid paying taxes, and 2) to fund (buy) the new world corporate government into existence. In other words, they give huge sums of money to anyone or any NGO or any non-profit organization who will implement their system of governance, their government�s rules and regulations, and their economic siphoning system � including the elimination of private property rights and other constitutional rights.

Depopulation. The problem with centralizing all global wealth - all global land and watershed systems, which includes all farming (global food supply) � is that the world�s people become serfs. This is not an exaggeration. If �government� or �corporate government� owns and controls everything people must have to survive (housing, food, water, money, health care), �people� become expensive �pests.� Now, we can surely tell ourselves that elitists are compassionate people, but that is not the history of the elite on any continent, nor in any period of history. The elites are separate from the masses. They are not of the masses, they do not live like the masses, and they would not and have never mixed with the masses. They are, self-proclaimed, above the masses � �above� meaning superior to and in leadership over the masses. Hence, the genetic data basing of mankind marches onward.

When the thieving self-elevated ones find themselves outnumbered multi-billions to one, depopulation, historically, comes into play and action. I repeat, over and over and over again � we are seeing nothing new in history. However, today, we are operate in very high-tech mode. We the people have a new kind of problem, and it�s called technology-based weaponry, technology-based substance lacing and spraying, technology-based ill health and sterilization, technology-based food and water tampering, and technology-based spying systems. And, unfortunately, the elites are very serious about their personal �sustainability.� And they�re very serious about massive global population reduction. They are also scared as hell. They know that we know.

Perhaps it is too late to stop the elites and their personal government. Perhaps American and other Western peoples are okay with losing all rights. But, it is my guess that the day the TV sets go off in the West will be the day Westerners are ready to stand for freedom. Let us pray there will be enough remaining to stand.

Approximately 50 million American people were aborted in the last 3.5 decades. The new �mental health� industrial complex will surely disallow reproductive rights to America�s forthcoming �mental illness� epidemic. Good thing we have civilian labor camps � no? And then there are the Baby Boomers � the most pathetic, sell-out, brown-nosing generation in the history of mankind � who will no doubt be the recipients of the wonderful pink drug used to put down dogs ever so humanely.

And so to end, let us also take a moment to talk about the think tank �compassion� of the �environmental� movement. First, consider that animals have always been, and will continue to be the guinea pigs for human healthcare. Animals have been tested with every substance known to mankind, implanted with every make and model of implantable devise, and domestic animals are routinely and annually slaughtered to the tune of billions � if not trillions of critters each and every year. �Compassion� is the term used to slaughter everything from bugs and deer, to cats and dogs, to lab rats and ants. �Compassion� is demonstrated daily in beef and poultry farms � where animals live standing or sitting in un-moveable and filthy conditions. �Compassion� is demonstrated as mice tear their limbs from their bodies in inexpensive glue traps.

In this nutshell, global/environmental �compassion� is the forerunner to dialectic and vicious inhumanity. Once tested and performed on animals, mankind is next. Don�t think for five seconds that euthanasia of the Boomers isn�t directly around our corners. The freaks in power, their think tank millionaire employees, and their family corporations and foundations have even managed to dialectically flip-flop the term �compassion� into the mass murder of animals. There is only one tiny degree of ethical conscience between �pest� and �person.�

The thin ice is cracking beneath us. We the people have stood by and ignored the total destruction of our children�s education system, our economic system, and our constitutional rights. We have allowed the elected leaders in this country to work against us at every turn, knowing full well that they are lying through their teeth in order to turn sovereign America into a global region. We have allowed the total destruction of American farming and our healthy food supply (genetically modified food). We have allowed the government to contaminate our water supply to the point where we now spend billions of dollars annually to drink from corporate bottled water. Let�s see if this doesn�t turn out to be another dialectic nightmare, as well. It is my understanding that the planet is to be depopulated by 2/3rds, so you better start putting two and two together. This goal, too, falls under the guise of �compassion� to animals. Yeah�right.

It is ignorance � only ignorance � that destroys this nation and all others. If you allow morality to be defined by millionaires, you will, in fact, get exactly what they think you deserve.

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I ask the American people to step up to freedom�s plate. I ask American women to consider well what depopulation means to you and your rights as a female. Read The Cultural Devastation of American Women. I ask American men to get their faces out of tell-a-vision sets and to READ, STUDY, AND ACT to defend this nation. If this country and our freedom fall, it�s on your shoulders. Read Dr. Edwin Vieira. If YOUR children as �assessed� as �socially and emotionally� damaged by the new world public school system, it�s on your shoulders. It�s you and yours that will pay.


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Most of these books and videos can be purchased at Please, help freedom survive. Give gifts of knowledge.

As a politically incorrect side note, my grandparents had an enormous and very beautiful Bible. My grandmother called it �the family Bible.� Consider such a gift. It�s a life-long gift with generations of potential, and a very thoughtful gift, as well.

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We have allowed the elected leaders in this country to work against us at every turn, knowing full well that they are lying through their teeth in order to turn sovereign America into a global region.