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Nancy Levant
December 19, 2006

What do 12 years of tax payers� public (mental health) education, universities that spit out 21-year-olds who are $50,000.00 to $100.000.00 in student loan debt, and �lifelong learning� have in common? Try these answers on for size:

  • Children who are socially molded by community/consensus politics
  • 16 years of education by state-sponsored NEA/Socialist teachers (our taxes pay their salaries, too)
  • Student loan debt that disqualifies young adults for mortgages (no private property)
  • Life-long job and wage enslavement due to life-long debt and mis-education
  • Instantaneous lowering of Communistic credit scores due to student loan debt
  • Expensive employee licensing and credentialing that requires employees to qualify for and keep jobs � from fingernail and hair �technicians,� baby sitters, mechanics, teachers, to physicians (you have to keep paying fees to the government to remain �qualified� to be employed)
  • Complete and total loss of creativity (individualism) in the workplace
  • Mandatory state licensing/government credentialing that extorts multi-millions of dollars from American people each and every year
  • Annual, expensive, and mandatory �continuing education trainings� that force all �laborers� to think, act, and perform pre-defined tasks, think in pre-defined terms, and to follow all governmental/corporate rules and regulations that have invaded each and every workplace and career (ending the rights of apprenticeship, talent, and creativity)
  • Making illegal the individual talents of hard workers, and turning them into task-identical, consensus-forced, assembly-line, rule-bound, slaves to corporation/governmental handlers (employers) who pay lower and lower wages each and every year
  • Forcing privately owned businesses out of business due to the cost of mandatory compliancy regulations, while government-sponsored �corporations� or �non-profits� like, for instance, Head Start, destroys all other local preschools and offers the full-range of mental health �services� to children for �free.� Works like an entrapment/social engineering charm, doesn�t it?

I could go on, picking any other kind of business, but why bother. Every American �employee� knows what I am talking about. Younger Americans don�t realize that any other system minus the above ever existed. Older Americans, however, know full well that times have changed unbelievably and dreadfully so for working Americans.

Take teachers, for instance. Prior to Communism arriving in earnest on American soil, the teaching profession was one of the greatest opportunities to shine in a career, and to make a remarkable difference in the lives of children. Today, teachers sit in the back corners of their classrooms, while students teach themselves in consensus-style groups. Today�s teacher documents behaviors and performs �social and emotional� assessments for state databases. So sorry, teachers, but that is, in fact, what you do. Then teachers are forced to allow �mental health advocates� into their classrooms to further �assess� the �social and emotional� characteristics of students. Can�t deny this � can you, teachers? These same advocates are now arriving into America�s daycare centers and are assessing the �social and emotional health� of our two, three, and four-year-olds.

In other words, the �advocates� are assessing how America�s �licensing and credentialing mandatory trainings� are taking root in our places of employment, in the American adult, and in all American children. In other words, how are we coming along as Communist citizens of the one-world government? Is worker/laborer behavior modifying, which in translation means carrying out the new rules and regulations in the workplace? Are youngsters compliant group/consensus thinkers who do not believe in freedom and individualism? And are there any �individuals� out there � still thinking for themselves and not falling for the extortion of the American mind and dollar?

And then there are people like me and many others who just want to get to the bottom of things. Truth is surely a difficult thing to come by in today�s America. Takes some thinking � some individual-style and dialectic comprehension-style thinking. However, if that�s too much work, go to any credentialing/continuing education course mandated through your place of employment. They really are all the same in content. You�re not learning to be better or more skilled workers. You�re learning the new governmental rules and regulations for maintaining your permission to work, and you�re learning the �new society� rules.

Read books, while you still can, and read books that matter. Below is a list of writers and filmmakers who can help you to see the un-staged and unmanaged reality should you care to study some non-manipulated information for a change:

John Marrs
Dr. John Coleman
Gary Kah
Dr. Edwin Vieira
Aaron Russo
Michael C. Ruppert
Dr. Steven Yates
G. Edward Griffin
Karl Marx (Communist Manifesto)
Amatai Etzioni (one of America�s �Communitarian� architects)

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Hope you will try my book, as well (The Cultural Devastation of American Women). We women have been viciously preyed upon by the Communist movement in our nation. Find out how and why. Depopulation is key.

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In other words, the �advocates� are assessing how America�s �licensing and credentialing mandatory trainings� are taking root in our places of employment, in the American adult, and in all American children.