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Nancy Levant
December 12, 2006

Where does one begin? When every comment critical of the overclass is an act of �hate,� one asks oneself why speak at all. Personal opinion is a dangerous thing in today�s world � much like a belief in God. You can believe in banks, intellectuals, imperialism, and police states, but you can�t believe in your version of truth. In fact, private opinions are fast becoming dangerously illegal and/or �insane.� Either way, personal opinion loses dreadfully.

So what is the first badge of Communism? Loss of private property? Loss of individual rights? Loss of truthful knowledge? All good answers, no doubt, but the first badge of Communism, this writer believes, is mass confusion � meaning confusion of the masses. Let us call it a state of manufactured reality offering a physical and political illusion that is exactly the opposite of truthful reality. We scratch our heads. What in the world? This, in fact, is the first badge of Communism, where nothing makes sense, and confusion cripples the powers of almost all people. I believe it is called victimization.

For instance, Communism in America? No way, you say. Can�t happen. Won�t happen. We are free. America despises Communism. Now, most American people realize that America has changed and that our aristocrats in power are 1) largely liars, back door wheelers and dealers, atheists, and have implanted new and frightening governmental controls over the underclasses. We know that eminent domain will never affect the homes and owned acreages of America�s elite � neither on the homeland nor their property holdings in foreign countries. Eminent domain will not seize their properties. But it can, will, and does seize the property of all others, which, of course, is confusing as we are all �equal� under the law. However, we assumed that people were equal under the law � not people and �corporations.� It gets very confusing when corporations have governing rights over and above the rights of people.

Another example of our confusion might be that federal intervention into the public school system is illegal under the law. However, federal intervention has completely overtaken and transformed the American public school system, and our kids are stupid, computer addicted, and behavior/consensus modified. This is disturbingly confusing.

Another pertinent example might be how international powers believe that peace should be forced upon the world�s people through forced disarmament of both weapons of mass destruction and private individuals, and yet pending legislation exists in America to force all people between the ages of 19 through 42, and of both genders, to serve in the military. This is very, very confusing.

Equally confusing is war money. We are forced to pay taxes to �support� our government, but our government does not �support� our nation or the people who are �citizens� of our nation. Instead our government supports non-stop global war. This is highly perplexing. Then, our politicians swear oaths to protect our nation and Constitution, but they degrade our nation and Constitution act by act, bill by bill, and instead align themselves with foreign councils, foreign leaders, foreign wars, and foreign banking.

Especially confusing is the war on terror. 911, the instantaneous and miraculous appearance of the massive Patriot Act and its restructuring of the Constitution, the instantaneous and miraculous appearance of the Department of Homeland Security and its continued redefinition of the Constitution, the Axis of Evil, the North American Union and the CFR�s SPP, the transnational highway system � coupled with nationwide road closings, conservation easements, eminent domain and the 47 �known� U.N. Biosphere Reserves in the United States � all one can say is, ��wow.� The �war on terror� brought a lot of baggage in tow � a whole lot of baggage. This war on terror is, clearly, more than complex and very, very confusing � wouldn�t you say?

And this is just the tip of confusion�s iceberg. Behavior modification comes to mind at this juncture in American history � coupled with the new behavior commandments of our public schools, homeowner associations, and our nationwide job losses. It is confusing how corporate and political kingpins keep getting richer, and the rest keep losing money, Constitutional rights, jobs, and the ability to disagree with or manage the political environment. Perhaps we cannot manage the political environment because it is not our right to do so, and we are somehow unaware of this fact � much like mass media appears to be unaware of most global facts. Hmmm.

Perhaps we the people are no longer living in America. Perhaps we are we are living in �regions� that report to another form of government and other than American leadership. Keeping in mind that all American �citizens� are now required to be �assessed� for mental illnesses, perhaps we should be wondering, in our confusion, what it will ultimately mean to consider ourselves as �free Americans.� Perhaps other hands have been laid and played. Perhaps the Communists, true to their word, have not only arrived but have conquered what was once America.

Deck your halls with boughs of holly. Tis the season that Christmas is politically incorrect and enjoys laws of containment. Churches are faith-based and political servants to government money. Tis the season where Communism sings songs of joyful accomplishment. Tis the season where it becomes impossible to ignore America�s demise. On that note, have a happy New Year � the last year before the Real ID card erases your nationality and your free American identity. Fa la la la la � la la la la.

Here is a list of authors and filmmakers that will help you to understand how it all happened � or you can continue to evade the truth. That is, of course, what is expected of you:

John Marrs
Dr. John Coleman
Gary Kah
Dr. Edwin Vieira
Aaron Russo
Michael C. Ruppert
Dr. Steven Yates
G. Edward Griffin
Karl Marx (Communist Manifesto)
Amatai Etzioni (one of America�s �Communitarian� architects)

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Nancy Levant is a renowned writer for Constitutional governance and American culture. She is the author of The Cultural Devastation of American Women: The Strange and Frightening Decline of the American Female (and her dreadful timing).

She is an opponent of deceptive governance and politicians, global governance by deception, political feminism, the public school system, political economics based upon manufactured wars and their corporate benefactors, and the Federal Reserve System. She is also a nationwide and lively radio personality. To book an engagement with Nancy Levant, send an email request to:










Deck your halls with boughs of holly. Tis the season that Christmas is politically incorrect and enjoys laws of containment. Churches are faith-based and political servants to government money.