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Nancy Levant
November 28, 2006

We certainly have become enamored of pretty things in the United States. Pretty �communities,� pretty plastic surgery fixes, the pretty Hollywood �elite,� pretty interior decorations, and pretty landscapes that were once the homes to children and pets � you know � those things we use to call our houses and yards. It seems that America the nation has undergone a facelift. It�s out with the old - the tried and true � and in with all that is new, licensed, inspected, controlled, manipulated, and mandated by �renewal� projects, environmental �sustainability,� �associations,� and by the �appointments� of �regional� intellectuals.

It is amazing how America has transformed � and all at the insistence of American elites who are, themselves, led by international/financial governors. They�ve transformed tell-a-vision, public schools, medical care, university education, and our nation�s entire social structure. In fact, it�s more than fair to say that �working your way up the ladder� does not exist in the United States these days, as the American aristocrat now dominates every higher position (translation: good pay) in this nation � and not based upon effort, but rather appointment, bank account balance, and social standing and connections. And it seems that as soon as a new appointee takes his place as a new �manager,� new interiors and new rules pretty things up albeit that pay and benefits for workers decline due to the expense of all the prettiness.

Lest I sound like a complainer, let�s get to the meat and bones. America is in the midst of an on-going transformation. Just look at all the new and pretty homeowner association communities. Nice walkways, landscaping, uniform paint, brick, and stone jobs, and all the rules to keep things �nice� from the propensity of the human being to individualize his living quarters. Please! The rich know far better how to decorate and maintain quality living. We need not concern ourselves with yards, exterior maintenance, or controlling our behaviors and choices. �They� know far better how to manage our lives, and they provide us with beautifully printed rules books (not booklets, mind you, but books) on how to be proper �community� dwellers. And they also maintain our �common� areas and even plant and maintain our flowers and bushes � the one�s they select to beautify our �community.� All very pretty and nice � and all across America we see that uniformity is best for �the people,� and this uniformity must be maintained.

As such, community oriented policing services were also provided to our �community associations.� Now, the aristocrats in our local communities � the one�s who head our community development commissions and boards and their �partnerships� with local land development corporations and area building corporations � came up with the brainstorm to give �the people� security details in their lovely communities. �Security� records the comings and goings of �the homeowners,� all visitors to �the community,� and they steadfastly ensure that all rules in the rule book are uniformly enforced, so that all dwellers are uniformly happy and safe. As such, there is no tolerance for �individuals� who may choose to live outside of the rule book box. Our aristocrats insist that we live according to their versions of Hoyle � which are surely best. Oh, and by the way, these �nice community villages� are called �human settlements� by the United Nations� (Agenda 21), which is where, how, and why our �homeowner�s association� communities were developed and brought to American soil. Our �private and gated communities� were developed to eliminate private property rights in the United States � according to Agenda 21 � just in case you wanted to know.

Equally, the aristocrats in our workplaces have very low tolerance for poor credit scores, eldership, or pre-existing medical problems. These simply will not do. These are not pretty things and are an affront to quality �visioning.� As such, jobs tend to be saved for the family and business associates of the aristocrats and youth coming out of specific and preferred universities. As such, the aristocrats keep the employment and economic gene pool �nice� and clean. �Echelon maintenance� is a must.

It is obvious that the wealthy have gained total control of our nation. They have even become our main source of media entertainment. We the people cannot afford other means of entertainment. We can�t afford major league games, because all major league sports are now owned by and are the venues of the rich. The same goes for theater, and even movie theaters are becoming beyond the financial reach of most American families. It simply costs too much to see a movie, eat popcorn, and Raisinettes. So, we watch tell-a-vision, making note that the rich buy cable services that allow for hundreds of channels and information sources, while most Americans buy basic cable, which re-runs the same shows over and over and over and over and over and over and over again � and all of which being 1) shows for incredibly stupid people, 2) nature-is-near-death-sustainability shows, 3) 2-Party politics and their think tank legislation writers, 4) televised sports, or 5) militaristic scare and violence shows � shows that seem to suggest futures to come. But as a non-aristocrat, what do I know? Perhaps I know nothing that I am not told to know.

On that note, America�s elite have also transformed our public school system � knowing best what our children should believe and study. Again, and as uniformity is key, consensus learning, consensus social groupings, and consensus behaviors are now mandated in every classroom in America. Children are table-grouped not according to intellectual abilities, but according to group behaviors. Children who act outside of the behavior/belief box are removed from the classrooms and are placed in IEP (Individual Education Plan) groups, which are special education groups to correct social grouping behaviors. IEP children are also targeted for school �advocates� from the �mental health� complex, who then document and target children for �prescription� remedies. These �advocates� belong to non-profit organizations in your communities, who now �partner� with your schools. Again, maintaining uniformity is mandated - it is a must. One will also note that children placed in IEPs are not children of aristocrats, but the children of community undesirables. Think eugenics. Think depopulation and reproductive rights. Think draft.

It takes hard work to transform a free and sovereign nation into a United Nations Fascist State. It takes decades of dedication, vast amounts of money, theft, and a great deal of smiling and scary scenarios. It takes a lot of passive threat. It also takes a dedicated appearance of �things being better, prettier, more sustainable, and far safer� to fool an entire nation of people � even as year after year, the people get poorer, unhealthier, dumber, and continue to lose their private property (translation: wealth) to �association� living. It also takes a whole lot of legislative hocus pocus to dismantle a government right under the noses of its citizens � doesn�t it?

You see, you just can�t come in and slaughter a nation anymore. Media prevents that course of action. But Fascism/Communism has become a highly creative and educational enterprise. In our nation, this enterprise started in earnest in 1913 and, today, it has transformed our nation, our Constitution, and our intellects. It is also after our 2nd Amendment. See the U.N. and �international laws� for details.

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Our �communities� are gated and guarded �sectors.� Our employment is by invitation only, and our school system is wholly governmentally controlled (all in translation: Communism). It�s going to get much, much worse. Think 2008 Real ID Card and sub-dermal chipping. Think Civilian Labor Camps, which are not conspiratorial inventions. They exist on American soil. And when you watch your favorite militaristic shows on tell-a-vision, watch carefully. Two and two is not so hard to put together. Apparently, neither is Martial Law.

These are the ONLY gifts to buy this illegal Christmas � the quintessential list. Oprah�s Book Club might be dandy, but my list blows her list right out of the water:


1. The Cultural Devastation of American Women by Nancy Levant
2. The Creature of Jekyll Island by G. Edward Griffin
3. Crossing the Rubicon by Michael C. Ruppert
4. 2020 by Niki Raapana
5. Pieces of Eight by Dr. Edwin Viera
6. The Coming Battle by M. W. Walbert
7. The Deliberate Dumbing Down of America by Charlotte T. Iserbyt
8. Public Schools, Public Menace by Joel Turtel
9. Cover-Up � Government Spin or Truth? by Dennis Cuddy
10. The Communist Manifesto by Karl Marx
11. The Real Matrix by Steven Yates (print this series of essays from NWVs and give as gifts)


1. America: From Freedom to Fascism by Aaron Russo
2. The International Wilderness Congress and the World Bank by George Hunt
3. Capital Crimes by Bill Still
4. America�s Choice: Liberty or Sustainable Development
5. 911 - In Plane Site

Most of these books and videos can be purchased at Please, help freedom survive. Give gifts of knowledge.

As a politically incorrect side note, my grandparents had an enormous and very beautiful Bible. My grandmother called it �the family Bible.� Consider such a gift. It�s a life-long gift with generations of potential, and a very thoughtful gift, as well.

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Nancy Levant is a renowned writer for Constitutional governance and American culture. She is the author of The Cultural Devastation of American Women: The Strange and Frightening Decline of the American Female (and her dreadful timing).

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On that note, America�s elite have also transformed our public school system � knowing best what our children should believe and study. Again, and as uniformity is key, consensus learning, consensus social groupings, and consensus behaviors are now mandated in every classroom in America.