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Nancy Levant
November 21, 2006

It�s a funny thing how you can�t work without a license, a state-sponsored credential, or degree paid to your state university. In fact, in some states you can�t even baby sit in your homes without �a license.�

On that note, our mandatory licenses, trainings for licenses, credentials, and degrees cost big money much like cars, houses, utility bills, shoes and coats, computers, all other Eastern products. So, in essence, we have to pay to get jobs, and then we have to pay again and again and again to maintain our licensing credentials with continuing education requirements and fees.

Then we have to drive to work in our licensed vehicles, which are also required to have insurance policies, gasoline, tires, maintenance, plates, and global positioning systems. We have to pay for all of these with no choice in the matter - whatsoever.

We have to pay licensed centers and schools to destroy the minds and nationality of our children. All teachers (and I use that term contemptuously) have to pay dues and continuing education dollars to their states and Socialist labor unions � all big bucks.

Then there are our taxes, which pay for our Socialist teachers, which pay for the destruction of the public schools and our American children, our primary religion, and our understanding of Constitutional governance, sovereignty, and freedom. See how nicely that works?

Then we need food � genetically modified, hormone�d, Petrie dish food whose patents are now owned by transnational conglomerates. Seeds are now owned. Entire species of animals are now owned by individual corporations like Monsanto. How positively strange that media never says a word about food seeds and species being owned by corporations. Now the NAIS makes more sense � no? The corporations want to know who owns their property. Not OUR property, mind you, but THEIR property. If they�ve got patents on seeds and animals, what right do you have to own seeds and animals or to buy seeds and animals without permission, licenses, and/or to pay royalties on those animals and seeds? Wow. The fog clears.

We all know we can�t watch tell-their-visions without paying huge monthly subscription/prescription dues to media monstrosities. Tell-their-vision sets don�t work anymore without paying �dues.� And then there is the heat bill. Would you say that most American people are paying $200.00 to $500.00 a month for heat during the cold months? And talking on phones � cell and land lines? Again, hundreds of dollars a month to call on lines that 1) track our locations, 2) automatically connect us to creditors, and 3) provide for special ears to listen in on or record our conversations � and again, paying hundreds of dollars to enable the spies amongst us.

And all the while, more and more American people on the �government� payrolls, where jobs are plentiful as we the people pay for more and more and more spies, jailors, and traitors to our freedom. We fund the corporate wars, the illegal aliens, the think tankers who write the legislation to destroy our rights, and the non-profit partners of America�s destroyers. We, the people, pay for America�s demise � and all the while allowing ourselves to be paid with Federal Reserve Notes that are pretend money. Hence, we pay for nothing while accumulating enslaving debt.

We live in the land of the economic dialectic. It is all a lie � a temporary lie � and when the pretend plug is pulled, we will all spiral down freedom�s toilet with all destroyers having absconded with what was once our wealth, jobs, security, potential, dreams, and happiness. How close we stand to our total destruction. How prepared martial law awaits the full national knowledge of our deception.

I think of American families. The middle classes who created the greatness of this nation with sweat, national loyalty, and blood spilled on battlefields that were supposed to guarantee our survival and our freedom. I think of the young men and women who suffer in the Mid-East, and for what? Democracy? No, people, not for democracy. We are fighting for global Communism. We are losing our freedom with every Act, every pending bill in Congress, and with every reshuffling of the Council on Foreign Relations members into our highest positions of power. Communism is our destiny, and it has arrived. In the U.S., Communism is called �Communitarianism.�

See, we�re the bad guys - not the United Nations, not the Council on Foreign Relations and their traitorous and pathologically lying and hand-picked politicians � no, we�re the bad guys. We, the people of the United States, are the enemy of the sustainable futures of the world�s wealthiest people. Therefore, we are to be drugged, taxed, licensed, and technologically ID�d into submission.

On April 29, 2003, G.W. signed an Executive Order which established the New Freedom Commission on Mental Health. The resulting conclusions of this commission determined that EVERY American citizen, including children, is to be screened for mental health problems, that mental health treatment is not an option, AND that specific drugs are to be forcibly administered to those found to have some form of diagnosable mental impairment. How incredibly fortunate for the pharmaceutical industries and partnerships!!! 300 million potential customers who will have nothing whatsoever to say about being forced to purchase drugs that will keep them sick and dim witted! One can surely assume that we, the mentally ill, will have our genes tested and data based during these screenings, and that the diagnosed will be disallowed reproductive rights. Sorry folks, but this is an old, old story and a repeated historical pattern. American �government� has ALWAYS used drugs and substances against �the enemy.�

Now, quickly, and on that note, let�s get ourselves up to date on the recent shuffling at the CFR. Let us not forget our string pullers. Chuck Augustin recently stated in Robert Chapman�s International Forecaster,

�The hidden government that is in control of the United States and most western governments made some adjustments today. The Council on Foreign Relations (CFR), which is assigned by the Illuminati to implement the New World Order), replaced CFR member Donald Rumsfeld as Secretary of Defense with CFR member Robert Gates. CFR member George Bush made the announcement, however he did state that CFR member Dick Cheney would remain in office. Changes to our Iraq policy may change after the report from the Iraq Study Group headed by CFR members James Baker and Lee Hamilton. CFR member Henry Paulson remains the Secretary of the Treasury.

�Following the elections, CFR member Joe Lieberman was elevated to "most influential member" of the Senate and is now "independent" of restrictions of either party. Hilary Clinton, wife of CFR member Bill Clinton. is expected to run for president in 2008 with CFR member John McCain likely to be the Republican candidate. In the last election CFR member John Kerry was defeated by CFR member George W. Bush, son of CFR member George H. Bush. �The political news and its impact was reported by CFR members Tom Brokaw, Brian Williams, Diane Sawyer, Katie Couric and a host of others who control American's news and minds.�

So, there we have it - the news from the top. As we continue to pay for America�s demise while we struggle to put food on our tables and gasoline in our tanks, let us try to understand what has been before our faces for decades. America is falling to a new form of government � one in which other than American elites have mandated the taking of our rights and our nation. Communism has arrived on American soil � not �democracy.� Look to the Mid-East for America�s future, and note � you find no �democracy� in the Mid-East.

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On April 29, 2003, G.W. signed an Executive Order which established the New Freedom Commission on Mental Health. The resulting conclusions of this commission determined that EVERY American citizen, including children, is to be screened for mental health problems...