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Nancy Levant
November 14, 2006

�Today, when Americans think of Mexico, for example, they think of televised images of desperate, unemployed youths swimming the Rio Grande or slipping through border fences. Yet because Mexican fertility rates have dropped so dramatically, Mexico�s population of children under age 15 has declined by more than half a million in just the last 5 years. Today, there are 33.1 million Mexicans under age 15; by 2050 that number will drop to 23.2 million, according to U.N. projections. On current trends, Mexico will not only be a less youthful country than the U.S. by mid-century, its population will be older than Japan�s is today.

�The same is true for much of the rest of Latin America, and it portends large changes in immigration patterns. Already, despite an open border and a large difference in living standards, net immigration from Puerto Rico to the mainland of the United States has dropped to zero, as falling birthrates have allowed the number of jobs in Puerto Rico to keep up with the growth of population.

�The first order effect of declining fertility is generally positive. Many economists believe, for example, that falling birth rates helped make possible the economic boom that occurred first in Japan, and then in many other Asian nations, beginning in the 1960s. As the relative number of children declined, so did the burden of their dependency, thereby freeing up more resources for investment and adult consumption.

�Yet even if declining fertility at first brings a �demographic dividend,� that dividend eventually has to be repaid if the trend continues. At first there are fewer children to feed, clothe and educate, leaving more for adults to enjoy. But soon enough there are fewer productive workers as well, while there are also more and more dependent elderly, each of whom consumes far more resources, mostly in the form of healthcare, than children or young adults do. In the United States, for example, total per capita consumption for households headed by a person over 65 is 39 percent higher than for households headed by a person under 25. Meanwhile, per capita federal spending on persons 65 and over is seven times greater than per capita spending on children�a gap that continues to widen.

�Current trends in fertility will not only vastly reduce the number of workers available to support each retiree, they are also likely to create a far more conservative, and indeed fundamentalist, future. This is because what children are being born tend to come disproportionately from people who reject the modern, secular values that make small families increasingly the norm. In Europe and the U.S., as well as in Israel, the rest of the Middle East and beyond, there is a strong correlation between adherence to fundamentalist Christian, Islamic or Judaic religious values and high fertility. The result is an emerging world in which the highly pro-natal and patriarchal values of these Abrahamic religions become dominant as the secularist segments of society fail to reproduce themselves.

�In the United States, for example, fertility rates are 12 percent higher in states that supported George W. Bush in the last presidential election than in the more liberal, secular states that supported his opponent, John Kerry. Indeed, if the Kerry states seceded from the Bush states and formed a new nation, that nation�s fertility rate would be just 1.8 children per woman, or 13 percent below the level needed to replace the population. In a bastion of Democratic secularism like Seattle, there are nearly 45 percent more dogs than children. In a stronghold of religious conservatism like Salt Lake City, there are 18 percent more children than dogs.

�Secular and progressive elements in every nation are not producing enough children to replace themselves. Polling data analyzed by demographer Ron J. Lesthaeghe shows, for example, that Europeans who distrust the military, who seldom if ever go to church, who support environmentalism, minority rights, legalized abortion, and other �progressive� issues are far less likely to have children, or to ever have children, than those who take opposing views. As the comedian Dick Cavett once quipped, �If your parents never had children, chances are you won�t as well.� It�s a funny thought, but one with increasingly profound implications for the future of global culture and politics.

�A decline in birthrates might at first seem beneficial to the environment, but this is not necessarily so. To begin with, as society�s age, the ever-higher cost of healthcare and pensions can easily consume resources that would otherwise be available for investment in cleaner energy and increased energy efficiency. In the United States, official projections show the cost of just Social Security and Medicare�s Hospital Insurance program alone will require payroll taxes in the range of 25 percent by 2050.

�Falling birthrates may also erode the market case for investments in cleaner, more efficient technology by reducing the depletion rates for oil, coal and other carbon-based forms of energy. A world of 3 billion persons living in sprawling McMansions and driving gas-guzzling SUV�s will make more pollution than a world of 9 billion persons who, because they have depleted carbon-based energy supplies more rapidly, have learned to shun sprawl, eliminated auto dependency, and developed alternative, cleaner forms of energy. Japan is a world leader in energy efficiency precisely because its high population density and dependence on foreign oil make investments in energy-saving systems like mass transit and high-speed rail not only economically feasible, but economically necessary.

�A society in which the average family has few children, and in which many people are childless, also puts an over-sized �foot print� on the environment because it requires a very large number of housing units. An aging society is also likely to be more risk adverse, less entrepreneurial, and less committed to education, thereby making technological solutions to problems like global warming less likely. Finally, with fewer workers to support each retiree, and with each retiree consuming more and more healthcare, economies will have to run faster and harder to finance the burden.�

A few thoughts come to mind after the reading of these two essays � the first being that America may be the least purely bred nation of people on the planet, and secondly that as a highly and naturally multi-cultural nation, we may be slated for extinction by the world�s aristocratic elites. After all, this nation of mixed cultures is also the nation that provided the most benefits and the highest levels of individual freedom to the American mutt. Surely, this must be an affront to the pure-bred elites of the world, and bloodlines continue to stand at the forefront of the on-going eugenic science missions of the world�s elites. They don�t like mutts � particularly breeding mutts.

On that note, multi-cultural enforcement is, indeed, fascinating, for multi-culturalism is out of the question for global aristocrats. They do not intermix with other bloodlines, nor do they tend to associate with such rabble. America, on the other hand, has intermixed the Irish, Italian, African, Scottish, English, German, Canadian, and Mexican nations for two+ centuries. In fact, all nations have intermixed into American people and the American landscape. My family is home to 4 nationalities and two religions, and it is more than likely that 90% of all American people are also of mixed lineages. We are a vastly multi-cultural nation. No one needed to suggest or pretend that we were not. But to eugenicists, their elite sponsors, and their historical traditions, this is a highly unbecoming condition. In fact, it makes American people genetically and highly undesireable.

Then, when you combine the corporate powers, financial assets, political, military, technological, and pharmaceutical powers of the global elites, one can begin to fathom the vulnerability and loathsome condition of the American public � a public that is loathsome to elites by genetic nature.

American people must always remember that the sciences of eugenics were developed to depopulate undesirable genetics. This is the history of Planned Parenthood, royalty, big pharma, wars, and land confiscators. Limit, if not delete, the rabble. Makes one wonder about the desperate conditions and illnesses in Africa � the ones that never improve - no? And also the illnesses of soldiers � the ones that are never treatable, and the mass drugging of our senior population. And then there are the forthcoming and highly advertised pandemic, mandatory vaccines, flu shots, and the mental health industry invasion into the lives of women and public school children � and all at the massive, massive profits of the pharmaceutical industries � the same industries that experimented upon multi-millions in past decades. Hmmm.

And then there are the 40-50 million American children removed from the bodies of American women in the last 3.5 decades. Let me repeat that number 40-50 MILLION American children. That�s a whole lot of depopulation � and under the guise of progressive rights for women. Do you not think there is a limit to genocide, or do you think genocide is only definable by lobbyists, politicians, women�s organizations, and/or the United Nations and their �partners?� This happens to be one of the largest mass graveyards in human history � and that�s just the U.S. graveyard. Wouldn�t you love to know how many babies have been eliminated worldwide? Wouldn�t you love to know the real reason why? Try depopulation on for size � the depopulation mandated by the United Nations, women�s organizations, and environmentalists � the groups tied to their financial teeth to foundation money, or in translation, global elites � and that depopulation will not include lowering the numbers of global elites. That is a guarantee.

So, the next time you hear about your school children learning about multi-culturalism, be not fooled. America is depopulating as we speak, and once the baby-boomers have been made sick enough to die, and the secularists continue to rule with Socialistic fists, America will be very, very unpopulated � minus the selected and genetically desired working class chosen by the elites to work for slave wages.

And one last thought � American women, beware. Depopulation means abject control of you and your reproductive capabilities. Since 25+ million of you are now taking anti-depressants, don�t be surprised when you are no longer designated as fit to reproduce. I suggest you have no idea what you gave up when you chose to seek �therapy.� And remember, the mental health corporations are in your children�s schools as we speak. Your kids are next.

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A few thoughts come to mind after the reading of these two essays � the first being that America may be the least purely bred nation of people on the planet, and secondly that as a highly and naturally multi-cultural nation, we may be slated for extinction by the world�s aristocratic elites.