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Nancy Levant
November 7, 2006

Today�s average American doesn�t understand the term �dictatorship.� This is an important issue because available �history,� much like media, is chock-full of politically skewed half-truths and, equally, out and out lies. American citizens are historically warped by gross educational manipulations, so its time we go back to the basics of government and civics, and lose some of the garbage that governmentally and corporately imposed propaganda and public educations implanted into our brains.

Adolf Hitler, dictator that he was, was also a perfect cover for the behind-the-scenes string pullers of WWI and WWII. A murderous, psycho-wacko�yes, indeed, but if Americans think that Adolf acted alone and morphed himself into one the world�s greatest mass murderers, then you are historically deceived, which, of course, you are. Hitler was the poster child for dictatorship, and we like to focus upon our historical poster children. This mistake is how and why we were and continue to be unprepared to watchdog our nation, our freedom and rights, and why we sit, nervously twiddling our thumbs, in daily observation of America�s rapid demise.

Media is much like falsely written history. In fact, it is exactly falsely written history. It is also �life-long learning,� whereby you have non-stop and daily political propaganda socialism poured into your brain under the disguise of �entertainment.� How much do you pay a month for your cable misinformation subscription?

Breaking news and Adolf Hitler actually have a lot in common. Dangerousness, deviousness, lying, morally twisted, captivating, entrancing, and highly, significantly believed. The intellectual vulnerability of the rabble plagues contemporary mankind more than manufactured super viruses and their unending upper respiratory infections. What a shame for mankind.

Americans don�t believe that American falls. They won�t wrap their brains around that fact because they are addicted, with fatal attractions, to wealthy people. When the wealthy speak, America listens like child to parent. Intellect equals wealth � therefore wealth knows best. Media is wealth, therefore, media dictates selective truth. That�s how we see it. We know tell-a-vision is BS, but we are addicted to the BS because the wealthy invent and tell the tales. And we addictively suck it up � knowing it is garbage � much like cocaine.

To the rabble I say this: It is time to realize that wealth equals criminality. It always has and it always will, because great wealth requires a protectionist stance and a paranoid world view. Everyone is out to get a piece of great wealth and those who have it � right? Great wealth is terrified of the rabble. They distance themselves from us with gated estates, security details, body guards, limos with windows blackened way, way beyond he legal limit of black tint, and they pay Ivy Leaguers to write the legislation that eliminates the rights of the rabble. Laws exist solely for the wealthy and their protection. Wake up, American people. Facts are clearly facts.

Of course, the Framers of our Constitution realized this on-going risk. They painstakingly tried to create a government whereby great wealth would not recapture the rabble. They did a fine job, but once created, the great Constitutional government of the United States required diligence (and an every-state militia) on the part of the rabble. The diligence worked well until mass communications hit the street, which psychologically addicted the rabble to voices on tell-a-vision and, hence, aristocrat worship. And now, Conan the Barbarian is the governor of California, and boy, oh boy, does he have leashes and collars planned for the adoring rabble. California, you have yourselves a MAJOR problem in your state capital. Have fun. He�s your poster boy of choice, and he believes that you need to be controlled.

And to the other 49 states of the former �United� States of America, you got what you voted for � the ending of our uniting. Sadly, with your landslide votes, your nation divided according to your representatives� plans, and now you stand totally apart from the leaders of this nation � the ones you chose. They, in turn, have created a new government � one in which they rule and you serve while under constant observation and scrutiny. How well you serve your chosen elites will determine your fate and the futures of your children. However, your lives will change radically as you are now owned entities, or in other words, indebted and indentured servants. I�ve said it before and I�ll say it again � I hope they feed and water you well.

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Media is much like falsely written history. In fact, it is exactly falsely written history. It is also �life-long learning,� whereby you have non-stop and daily political propaganda socialism poured into your brain under the disguise of �entertainment.�