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Nancy Levant
October 24, 2006

I recently read that there are 40,000+ denominations in the Judeo-Christian-Islamic tradition. With that in mind, the non-stop religious wars, conflicts, bullying, and insulting make sense. All denominations insist that their slants on scriptures are Truth, with a capital T.

I receive at least 100 emails a day that map out an absolute path to Heaven. It�s fascinating to read how politically religious people have become. So before we delve into political religion, let me state the following � I am not a minister, pastor, priest, rabbi, or prophet. I have, however, read and studied The Old Testament, The New Testament, and The Quran. I have also read The Book of Mormon. I am a believer. However, I do not believe in today�s �church.�

One of the most telling cancers that grew from the divisions of faith is the refusal of Christian leadership to baptize people who are not church members. This fact, alone, speaks volumes to the condition of today�s church. As Christianity mandates baptism, it does not mandate a membership card, organs, flowers for God, robes for the choir, or bake or rummage sales. In fact, the closest �groups� I can find who have held to actual Christian doctrine are the Amish and Mennonites. My only issue with them is that I wish they would love their neighbors just enough to teach and to share their knowledge of intelligent and scriptural living. However, it is also very understandable why many refuse to participate in a culture that has persecuted and insulted them, and which has become evil by Biblical definitions.

But the main issues that surround political religion are war, unconscionable violence and bloodshed, depravity, heinous crime, and the destruction of life and health � in the name of one�s Maker. Blowing up children with scriptural fortitude. Poisoning people, animals, land, and water while praying for military wins. And now, because of the global web of political religion, all sides have dug in and simply wait for the global holocaust to begin. Everyone is justified. Everyone is as angry and hate-filled as they can get, and all sit tight with scriptures in hand. Everyone believes they are absolutely right, justified, and that the Heavenly Father, no matter which side, stands by the bloodshed.

All scriptures are violated, all Commandments are violated, the planet is violated, and the mind and soul of every living child is violated. Religion partners with government, weapons manufacturers, bio-pharma, paramilitary groups, and secret science - and faith, that private and gentle sensation � hope, the desires of our faith and our lives - and love, the highest condition and state that a human being can achieve, is kicked to the moon for the love of political raging and waging religion.

So what about 9-11 and 7-7, you ask? First and foremost, if you believe what you are told about 9-11 and 7-7 by big media and newspapers, continue with your opinions and lives in la-la land. Rage on. But if you realize that conspiracy = politics and politics = conspiracy, then separate faith from state, you must.

I think that most human beings realize that humanity has reached its climax. Due to the addictive self-corruption of our minds and souls, we have reached the end of our intellectual capacity to deal with ourselves. We are incapable of understanding, seeing, or speaking truth of any kind. We have reached critical mass, intellectually speaking. Many have disappeared into their TV sets, many into drugs, alcohol, and prescription medications. Many have disappeared into shunning and gated lifestyles, and continue to wage hell on Earth in the names of personal and financial agendas.

The sadness of it all is that most of humanity doesn�t understand why the Judeo-Christian-Islamic tradition has brought the world to its end time. Instead, much of humanity and American people think they understand money, oil, and extremism, when, in fact, they are simply clueless about the reasons why wars happen. There hasn�t been a true, naturally occurring war in the last one or two centuries. They are highly orchestrated events, pre-planned for decades, and fully funded to the teeth for the sake of corporate wealth.

If you still don�t understand that a few thousand people are driving the global wagon, you�re hopelessly manipulated. If you are still a Democrat or Republican loyalist, you are hopelessly deceived. And if you still don�t know what legislation is pending in your states and, at the same time, are sending your children to public schools, you are a complicit destroyer of the United States. And when you walk into churches or synagogues that pray for the demise of the Middle East, while refusing to baptize the masses and follow your Commandments, then you mindlessly rage and babble as directed by media and think tank indoctrination.

If you still believe that your denomination is the one and only true light, and that all others are corrupt, then your faith is a political tool used to destroy Commandments and nations. You want proof? The intellectual atheists have now determined that the Judeo-Christian-Islamic traditions need to be erased. They created Agenda 21 and the Earth Summit religion of pantheist-paganism (Gaia) as their replacements and excuse to confiscate all land, water, and natural resources. And at the same time, they orchestrate more and more and more wars and occupation zones. Divide and conquer, the oldest game in the book, and we still can�t or won�t get it through our heads that the division is the means to end freedom for but those on the top of the human heap.

They purposefully destroy cultural loyalty and adhesion. They destroy modesty, humility, the Golden Rule, and all tenants of the Judeo-Christian foundation. They destroy prayer, religious practices, and holidays. They make belief a social mockery and crime. And what did the churches do? They bring in globalist leadership who followed the faith-based initiative path of government money in exchange for political duties. And they, with the help of the public schools, change children into followers of Socialistic atheism. The corruption of the American church is all but complete.

Our military is not our military. It is a corporate machine that belongs to global elites. It is deployed to serve corporate interests and investments. This isn�t rocket science, folks. Just look at the facts. Is there a Judeo-Christian-Islamic problem? Well, there certainly is now since the world is literally overtaking the Mid-East! Is there a religious problem? There is when people don�t follow their Commandments and legal corporate fiction is accepted as a living Constitutional entity with rights.

We would be wise to follow in the steps of the Amish, but who is willing to give up the vice and bloodshed to be true to faith? Who is willing to love his neighbor or to stop killing and stealing when governments orchestrate and command the killing and stealing while making religious ethics and belief illegal?

We live in the membership-only, exclusionary, anger-oriented world of our making. All of our sacred traditions have rotted into politics, and now violence is our rationale, our reactivity, our leadership, and our global, living condition. We believe in the religion of politics, and politicians have become omnipotent spiritual leaders who dictate our new religious laws. Money, theft, and lies rule the day, people, and nations.

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As our military is not ours or here, and a second military system has been set up in the U.S., along with all executive orders that give the new military its power to suspend all Constitutional rights, it seems inevitable that war on American soil is impending. And as our nation is now economically as well as morally bankrupt, one looks toward Heaven for answers. How sad that its members only who are permitted the rite of baptism � much like church as gated community.

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Our military is not our military. It is a corporate machine that belongs to global elites. It is deployed to serve corporate interests and investments. This isn�t rocket science, folks. Just look at the facts.