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Nancy Levant
October 17, 2006

Sadly, and knowing only very few Americans can intelligently discuss our current political and dialectic condition, I allow myself every once in awhile to experience the bitter truth � that our political nightmare is, in fact, due to the ignorance of the public � and a very, very willful ignorance it is.

I am not a young women and I work a full-time job. In translation, free time is short, and I have no servants, assistants, or extra cash. Yet, I still have time to read, research, and to write each and every day. How, you may ask, do I find the time? Well, I go to bed early, get up early, and avoid tell-a-visioning. I find my writing and research to be far more enlightening than prime-slime TV.

But I am also becoming more and more fearful for the American people as each and every day passes. Of course, I realize that we the people are no longer rugged, intelligent, or loyal Americans. These traits have been deadened by decades of public school indoctrination and decades of screen �visions.� These traits have also been eroded by genetically modified food and tampered-with water, by pharmaceutical drug enticements, decade-long and unending diets coupled with diabetes and other pharmaceutically assisted drug concoctions/plans. But when the demise of freedom stares into the face of each and every American adult, and ignorance continues to be claimed, while loyalty to partisan, global, and dialectic-spewing elitists continues to thrive, I ask myself why I bother.

But then there are these little things called children, freedom, and peace. I choose to preserve these concepts. On that note, have you read about Beverly Hammerstrom, Republican Senator for the 17th District in the state of Michigan? Wow! She�s quite a �representative.� She�s involved in sterilization, mental health, depopulation, and was the �immediate past Chairman of the Board of Directors� of Women in Government - a Washington DC think tank with �Foundation Partnerships� to Bristol Meyers Squibb Foundation and several other upstanding outfits (

Senator Hammerstrom recently came up with a legislative brainstorm to force all 12-year-old girls, or girls entering the 6th Grade, to receive a mandatory new vaccine to prevent cervical cancer � a �mandatory� vaccine. Now, why would that be? Cervical cancer is epidemic? Contagious? Parental opinion and authority is non-existent? Let�s look at some Senator Hammerstrom facts:

She was the lead sponsor of SB 1416 and SB 1417, which state that Michigan girls entering the sixth grade (next year (2007/08)) would be required to be vaccinated against cervical cancer. This new and approved vaccine is recommended by the Federal Advisory Commission on Immunization Practices for girls aged 11 and 12 � before they become sexually active � at age 11 or 12.

The vaccination costs $360. Hammerstrom believes that most Michigan employers will cover the vaccine, and believes that uninsured girls could be covered through the federal government's Vaccines for Children program.

Big pharma giant, Merck, has produced the vaccine called Gardasil. Other copycat vaccines are in production by other pharmaceutical houses. Lucky for Merck that Hammerstrom is well connected to the pharmaceutical giant. She already has decided that 72,000 Michigan girls would need the mandatory vaccine in the first year her new law goes into effect.

She also claims that Medicaid and Michigan�s MIChild program could potentially pick up the cost for poor families. And Hammerstrom is making her rounds around the nation to convince lawmakers to try her mandatory vaccine legislation on for size � using American girls as her experiment in �compassion.� One might guess that Merck is grinning from ear to ear. Cha-ching, cha-ching�

Here is the current list of other �mandatory� immunizations: diphtheria, tetanus and pertussis, polio, measles, mumps and rubella, Hepatitis B, and chickenpox. Now, which one of these caused the autism epidemic in children? And which ones are still Mercury and/or aluminum based (or is that laced)?

What�s fun is to type in the words �Beverly Hammerstrom� into your search engines. Then add words like �depopulation,� �sterilization,� and �mental health.� Let me tell you, it would appear that this �compassionate� woman travels the global/United Nations� trail of partnership associations to a tee. The Michigan Mental Health Commission, abortion, depopulation, and foundation partnerships with pharmaceutical giants appear to be right up her alley � and she is visiting your state reps to push her �agendas.�

What you are witnessing is public�private partnershipping, also known as Fascism. Corporations fund cover organizations, which are headed up by politicians, and then those politicians forward the profit initiatives of those corporations. The corporations then re-fund the political campaigns of obedient and loyal corporate political puppets that, in turn, continue to endorse the products of their corporate backers through legislation. This IS public-private partnering, and Fascism, by definition, is the partnering of corporations to government.

Now, here is another interesting fact about Beverly Hammerstrom. She is not a medically trained expert of anything. She has a bachelor�s degree from Adrian College in English and elementary education and a master�s degree in public administration from the University of Toledo. She also earned Municipal Clerk Certification at Michigan State University. [Read]

Her Women In Government sponsors are, amongst others, pharmaceutical corporations. So what does Ms. Hammerstrom do for a living? She introduces legislation to force children to take pharmaceutical drugs. You see the public-private system? As an English teacher and a public administrator, where do you think her �interest� in depopulation, sterilization, mental health, and cervical cancer came into play? One might guess that her financial �sponsors� had a great deal to do with her medical interest.

Sadly, this public-private partnering of politician to corporation is the status quo in Washington DC and in all state capitols. Loyalty to the Constitution and people of this nation is non-existent beneath our current form of perk system governance. What you are witnessing are global corporations dictating their missions, intentions, and wares to politicians in exchange for their elections, re-elections, and professional resumes.

As Beverly Hammerstrom is serving her last term as senator for the state of Michigan, one cannot help but to wonder about her next �professional� assignment. And one cannot help but to wonder how a women, who claims to represent the needs of American women, and who has no educational background in the health care needs of women, would introduce legislation to hand over children of her own gender to her corporate sponsors. One might wonder what�s in it for her?

Should parents be interested in doing a little research on Ms. Hammerstrom, you will find that she seems to be interested the New Freedom Commission on Mental Health, whose primary mission is the nationwide screening/searching for Big Pharma drug victims � and particularly victims who are women and children � and she also seems to be highly interested in depopulation and sterilization � also targeting the female gender.

And sadly, if you do some research on your state�s �representatives,� you will find that most, if not all, are tied to the same system of public-private prostitution, and this system is collapsing your freedom, your health, and your ability to function as intelligent human beings every single day of the week. In Hammerstrom�s case, this specifically includes and targets your children.

To the American people who watch tell-a-visions to avoid effort and truth, here is a link to explore. Should you make the effort to click, you will find the enclosed information very difficult to avoid: [Read]

Also, if you are at all concerned about your daughters in today�s public-private environment, read The Cultural Devastation of American Women. You may order this book at,, or There is, in fact, a great deal to fear. We the people, and our very lives, are targeted as profit makers � involuntary profit makers unless, of course, you volunteer your children to be lab rats at $360.00 a pop. I suggest you research your state�s Opt Out rules and regulations.

Michigan parents still have the right to refuse Ms. Hammerstrom�s vaccine, but I wouldn�t count on this �freedom� to last. Drug trafficking has become the legal right of corporate America and its political marketeers.

So, two questions continue to beg � how did we get from freedom to Fascism (thank you Aaron Russo), and why do politicians sell out the people they are paid to represent � even to the degree of forcing free people to take drugs?

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For real answers, see Aaron Russo�s documentary � America � From Freedom to Fascism, and read Niki Raapana�s essay titled Elitism is Dialectal Terrorism. Raapana�s article explains clearly and succinctly the history, intentions, and motivations of power management. I also highly recommend her book titled 2020, which can be ordered at, at the Anti-Communitarian League website. It�s quite an eye opener.

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But I am also becoming more and more fearful for the American people as each and every day passes. Of course, I realize that we the people are no longer rugged, intelligent, or loyal Americans. These traits have been deadened by decades of public school indoctrination and decades of screen �visions.�