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Nancy Levant
October 10, 2006

If you hate Democrats for being Democrats or Republicans for being Republicans, and then vote based upon such loyalty, you�ve ended every possibility for the survival of this nation. I could end here, with this statement, but for the sake of bitter truth, onward we go.

At the heads of both parties are very primary and influential families with very long histories in power, politics, and financial influence.

These families of both political persuasions have been dedicated to the Council on Foreign Relations, to the United Nations, to World Banksters, to World Trade and corporatism, to a one-world political order, and to the nationwide implementation of Kyoto-style �environmentalism� policies in all 50 states. Both parties were political and financial trailblazers in implementing the partnership/NGO/non-profit funding apparatuses that Agenda 21 insisted member nations adopt. Our 2-Party leaders made sure all 50 state governors did as the U.N. dictated, and hence, huge and visible changes all across the nation, including the monumental loss of physical territories and infrastructures to foreign entities/corporations and deed-restricted community living.

All top leaders of the 2-Party system are shadowy people by definition � all with terribly mixed reputations - carrying bizarrely, incestuously created, and over-the-top resumes and credentials � and they are not of, for, or interested in the needs or liberties of people. They never have been, and they never will be. They are, in fact, a different breed.

There has been so much written about these families and their political histories and associations that any American citizen still unaware of the realities of bi-leadership and their familial histories is, frankly, a hopeless case. Monkeys who refuse to see, read, or listen are wastes of precious time. We can all agree on this fact. But what of the dedicated party loyalists, who knowing their leaders are legislating, executive ordering, and memoranda-ing the Constitution and all subsequent rights from the legal records, who still continue to vote �party� versus �freedom,� or even �party� versus continuance of Constitutional rights?

Most traditional Christians vote republican. Why do they do this? They continue to believe that the Republican Party represents more conservative and even somewhat Biblical values. They continue to associate �The Republic� with Republican Party principles. Equally, with beliefs in God, they easily fall prey to �leadership� principles, which make them vulnerable to following-the-leader scenarios. This is also easily demonstrated by their horrendous loyalty to �faith-based/501 c 3/Homeland Security churches who now preach environmentalism, multi-culturalism, and many other global �isms,� including how to control �the sheep� should an �emergency� transpire. Traditional Christians have a very bad habit of never having heard of nor read Agenda 21, the Earth Charter, or investigating the Bank for International Settlements, the Federal Reserve history and missions, Europe�s central banking system, or the Council on Foreign Relations. They know their pastors� versions of the Bible, but they don�t know what is happening in communities, states, nation, or world. Many are stuck in follower mode, and there are many, many such sheep amongst us. Many also live in deed-restricted communities, which unbeknownst to them are the training grounds for Communitarian governance � also known as �civil society.� See global governance for details.

Why do most �liberals� vote for Democratic candidates? It�s an interesting question, because the Democratic party use to have the reputation of 1) representing the working American family, and 2) being adamantly against corporate powers over the people. Today, this is not only untrue, but it�s a sick joke.

Most �working men� in today�s America are either 1) illegal aliens, 2) lowly paid service industry workers, 3) retirees, or 4) government employees. Facts are facts. America�s good jobs are gone. They moved offshore so that corporations could pay slave wages to Third World enslaved workers. And Democratic politicians were hand-in-hand with their Republican brothers and sisters in Washington to ensure that our jobs left the homeland. And both parties are now hand-in-hand with all state governors to bring Chinese, Mexican, and Canadian partnerships to all 50 states. See current political campaign commercials in all 50 states for details. It doesn�t matter for which party you vote � the Chinese are coming anyway, and we owe them a whole lot of money, which, by the way, we don�t have. See the Federal Reserve Corp. for details.

Today�s liberal voters believe they vote for �human rights.� Not �freedom,� mind you, but �human rights.� I shake my head as I write, and it dawns on me that many decades ago, political ideology divided into two camps � the Democrats representing the Cool, Young, Anti-Establishment People and the Republican Party representing the stuck in retro-mode/Traditional/Parent/Grandparent People. This divided the mindset and psyche of the American people into the opposing young and old�s, Christians vs. everyone else, and the sheep from the protestor/noise makers. Unfortunately, this divide also walked off with our rational and united nation devotion to freedom � ensuring that we became emotionally based voters. This benefited America�s globalist political families in waiting.

But, my countrymen, the problem still remains the same � Democrat and Republican loyalists don�t have a clue � not one iota � of who or what missions and intentions they vote into office. Nor do they choose to believe that elections in the United States of American are technologically rigged to the gills. Elections are media entertainments, and their results do not represent the will or needs of the American people - no matter how ignorant that will remains - no more than the Democratic and Republican parties represent the needs of American people. The 2-Party system of politics in the United States of America creates and manages the reality of American people.

Knowing it has all been said time and time again, let us look at our lives in today�s America with a new set of eyes. Television is making you scared of your �potential� future. Transnational corporations own mass media and communications, and corporations pay/own politicians to push their wares. It�s just this simple. You cannot and do not get truth from television. You cannot and do not get truth from the public school system. They are also funded/owned by corporate money.

The 2-Party system does not represent traditionalism, youth, Christianity, human rights, nature, the Constitution of the United States, or the rights and freedom of the American people. You can�t wish it into existence or pray it into reality. Both parties have been fully, totally, and completely corrupted by corporate backers, funding, and ownership. You can�t wish what once was back into existence. Look at it this way � once something is discovered, you can�t un-discover it. �It� remains. In our political environment, �it� is the one-world government. �It� exists, it�s here, and it�s operating on American soil � right now, today, and tomorrow.

If you want �it� to go away, stop voting, lobbying for, and participating in the 2-Party masquerade. Just stop it and quit pretending that your �old� party exists and operates according to your personal beliefs. Stop BS-ing yourselves. Your nation is dying because of you. Then count the total number of �representatives� in this nation in both the Federal and State legislatures � all state governors included. Ask yourselves why this country has all but dissolved under their influence, legislation, and missions. Then ask yourselves why the American people have done nothing � NOTHING � to stop these anti-American creatures that we the people pay to destroy FREEDOM. And finally, ask yourselves how you became emotionally glued to political ideologies that currently exist to destroy your country and your freedom. What happened to your intellect that you were so easily manipulated into a staunch worker for the cause of eliminating your nation, American heritage, and the rights of your families?

Slay ignorant ego, folks. Your 2-Party loyalty, in absolute fact, is going to destroy this nation, you, and yours. We need to be loyal to God, this nation and your family, NOT to a political party, any party.

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If you hate Democrats for being Democrats or Republicans for being Republicans, and then vote based upon such loyalty, you�ve ended every possibility for the survival of this nation.