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Nancy Levant
September 19, 2006

Whether you are Hindu, Muslim, Jewish, Christian, Native American, Buddhist, Atheist, Agnostic, Gaian, or any other believer in any other faith, you have free will � with an individual brain, individual needs, and specific traditions. Whether you believe your free will is by virtue of universal laws, biology, religious traditions and concepts, or by the laws of any land, free will of the individual mind exists in its pure and natural state. In other words, you cannot enforce the capture or roboticism of the human mind. It cannot be done.

The human, biological, religious, and familial minds of human beings are the essence and proof of free will. All creativity, invention, art, social and cultural concepts, including politics, is based upon the free will of human beings. This free will cannot and will not be contained by the force of any weapon systems, global propaganda, or any other mass psychology systems of globalist elites. Why? Because they are human beings, too � that�s why.

Global governance, as a social and political concept, has a flaw that will render its own demise � a belief that mankind can be forced into intellectual obedience using the weapon systems of money and military. It cannot be done.

Global governance is the invention, religion, art, and concept of the elite. It was invented to capture the wealth of all mankind, to transfer that wealth into their hands and banks, and to force mankind beneath the economic powers of their decision and intent. That is its sole definition, and this effort is the world history of the world�s elite. They have played the same game throughout all recorded time. The only difference today is that they created a bureaucracy to capture the economic funding of �the sciences.� Hence, they now fund and lead the military sciences, the human health care sciences, food and water sciences, the technologies of sub-dermal obedience devices, and all spying technologies. And, true to their history and nature, they have done so with money bureaucratically manipulated and stolen from the world�s people.

As we continue to blah blah the history and plans of the global elite, we forget that their intentions are nothing new. The elites have wanted it all from the very beginning of recorded human history, but they are going to fail. Even with �sciences� that can kill, maim, make purposefully ill and addicted, and steal the wealth of mankind, they cannot capture the free will of humanity. They cannot enforce the beliefs of human beings. Prostituted science cannot contain our inventive minds.

Realizing this dilemma, the elites have tried to dialectically erect wars of faith. This also will not work, and I will tell you why. Mankind, even at his lazy worst, is a brave, creative, and intelligent creature. Mankind has been living beneath the barbarism of the elite for the entirety of human history, and this barbarism IS the history and birthplace of ALL radicalism. Radicalism, whether it is religious radicalism or any other flavor of social radicalism, is caused by the greed of elitist intervention. Mankind does not choose to live hellishly in war zones, to starve, to suffer, or to be jailed, chipped, or tortured. Left alone, mankind grows into thriving communities where people are fed, where families take shape, and where clusters of the like-minded exist peaceably. Take this away from mankind, and radicalism, in every cultural flavor, multiples and thrives. As a result, elites create their radical enemies in every nation and corner of the world.

What changes peaceable human inclinations is greed-based interference with our existence. Historically, this has always been the cause of unrest in human communities of all religions and cultures. Elite greed steps in, usually by brute force, to forcibly steal something of value that is contained within individual communities. If you look at the current �conflict� in the Mid-East, you see a standard example of elite greed in historical action. The elitists want the Mid-Eastern oil fields. As mass communication has removed many of their former veils of secrecy, they created a religious war to try to capture the intellects of the world�s people. Interestingly, they also try to win the hearts of mankind by broadcasting long diatribes of televised compassion and expertise. They actually believe that by videotaping themselves, and dominating airtime with their purchased and controlled communication corporations, they can convince the world�s people that they are compassionate experts. It�s genuinely laughable. If you want comedy, see C-SPAN or the nightly news. Observe as global elitists babble their expertise and their compassionate stealing of mankind�s rights to self-determination, his creativity, and his rights to live and believe in peace.

Then turn the channel. See what else the elites have created for mankind. You will find vice and violence, war and bloodshed, martial law stories, and �natural� disaster warnings, graphic sex and perversions, or in other words, the managed reality world they have created to attempt to capture our beliefs and free will through fear.

It won�t work. Their shortsightedness is a profound declaration of pathological arrogance and flawed thinking, for mankind does, in fact, have free will, individual brains, and creative fire. It cannot and will not be contained by elites, their multiple and anti-human weapons systems, nor their babbling tell-a-visions. The whole world knows what they are doing, for they have only and ever-repeated global and violence-based greed for all of recorded history.

They will fail, for mankind despises greed, liars, warmongers, and thieves. The self-proclaimed expertise on the now global human-social-cultural condition remains their mantra, and the world well knows this historical song and dance. We know that the greed of elites leads to bloodshed. Perhaps this time, it will be their blood that spills.

As the world�s people continue to lose their physical and intellectual dignity to elitists and their barbaric sciences and corporations, our free will stirs � even amidst the damage caused by the tampering of our food, water, and air supplies, tell-a-vision, and other mass and global educational systems. Free will stirs, and this time it stirs globally. It is my guess that the world may, in fact, come together � but not for global governance and elite think-tank perversions. Mankind may, in fact, join cultures, religions, and creeds to finally, and once and for all, end the barbarism and traditions of the world�s elite crime families. Radicalism is free will�s last straw when psycho-thieves in Armani suits criminalize truth and human freedom.

The greatest fault and tradition of the American people, and the world�s people, is to continue to allow elites and wealth into places of political power. The same is true for most nations in other parts of the world. Great wealth, which mutates into power, greed, and pathological beliefs in superiority, continues to be the nightmare of all mankind and of peace. It is time for mankind to face historical facts. Aristocrats have always been, and will continue to be, the greatest danger to mankind and to freedom. Thank God their numbers are so very, very few.

So, consider the term �elites.� They have been called by many names throughout history. Nobles, aristocrats, royalty, lords, barons, blue bloods, squires, viscounts, princes, esquires, masters, monarchs, presidents, cabinets, senators, administrators, commanders, prime ministers, majesties, excellencies, sirs, serene highnesses, your grace, etc. There are too many such �titles� to name.

On the same note, consider a list of the �common man�s� titles that have been referred to throughout history: rabble, peasant, proletariat, serf, yokel, hick, bumpkin, ignoble, commoner, low bred, riff-raff, servant, underling, uncivilized, upstart, chattel, the masses, vulgar, bourgeoisie, mob, horde, small fry, rank and file, dregs of society, democrat, republican, roughneck, etc.

From these lists of titles, note the self-omnipotent and pathological arrogance vs. the �common man.� Make a mental note that 99% of the people on this planet are �common� men. Then ask yourselves why the 1% continues to be brutally and dishonestly in charge of our lives and futures. The disrespect is bitterly and historically profound and remains the status quo. We must stop the historical insanity of this system. Elites must NEVER have powers over the people.

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Global governance, as a social and political concept, has a flaw that will render its own demise � a belief that mankind can be forced into intellectual obedience using the weapon systems of money and military. It cannot be done.