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Nancy Levant
September 12, 2006

How, exactly, does one remove the physical boundary lines of the nation, Constitutional freedom, and the Americana consciousness from we the people? The answer is profoundly simple! Stick a remote control in one hand and global curricula in the other � and voila! A global �citizen� emerges � dumber than a box of rocks and controllable as an electronic blank slate with an on/off switch.

Tell-A-Vision and public schools are, bar none, the Socialist rapists of America and her people. They are, in fact, one and the same entity. Tell-A-Vision is the adult and youth re-engineer, and the public schools are the youth and now toddler re-engineers - teaching us exactly how to be anything and everything but free people.

At this juncture, one might be tempted to ask just how incredibly stupid the American public has become, but to be fair, we�ll ramble through the possibilities.

Global-political deception has been an on-going, century-long effort by the most elite and wealthiest people, corporations, and philanthropic organizations in the world. These people created and ARE the central banking system and its national coordinating bodies, such as the Bilderburg Groupies, the Council on Foreign Relations loyalists, and their Ivy League secret society trainees. They have created and implemented our new political environment, and this environment was build upon the vulnerability, complacency, and ignorance of the American public. This ignorance is called Socialism.

Every adult in the United States of American knows full well that this country has reached critical mass. Our political parties have become immoral and rogue enemies to each other and to the American people. They have steadfastly worked toward dividing the public into warring camps who trash each other at every juncture. We have become ugly, rude, lying, and half-truth accepting people who refuse to study the facts, but instead babble off televised propaganda campaigns as personal moral codes. This ignorance is destroying our nation and allowing global political structures and corporation profits to walk off with every single one of our Constitutional freedoms, our land, and our financial resources including our jobs. Lord, have mercy! What�s it going to take for the American people to care about FREEDOM???

Every parent in this country knows full well that the public school system is a sick joke! Every adult knows that tell-a-vision is immoral and full of political lies and manipulations � even on comedy shows and �nature� channels. Every American who has bothered to READ anything whatsoever about 911 and the Mid-East knows full well that something (make that everything) is off, amiss, and full of political balderdash and deceptions. And all the while, major cities across the United States of America are PLANNING for MAJOR crisis and corresponding responses, which, according to presidential executive orders and acts, like the Emergency Model Health Powers Act, are Martial Law responses.

Between 60 to 100-million American people now live in some form of deed-restricted community, and are CONTROLLED by homeowners associations, which CAN AND DO forcibly confiscate homes and evict home owning residents.

Our food, water, and air supply has been tampered with for decades, and now LEGISLATION allows for on-going food, water, and air manipulations and experimentation upon the people of this nation.

We live in a constant state of emergency. Every flood, every forest fire, every �natural� disaster now mandates military intervention, and at the same time, Martial Law practice drills keep mounting and mounting, time and time again. Huge populations of people are forcibly removed, military-style, from their homes and property � year after year � and now month after month - and beginning with 911. And at the same time, expert economists with the Federal Reserve have bankrupted the sovereignty, potential, and people of the United States of America � and all the while the people just sit � flat broke and watching tell-a-vision shows purposefully created for addicted and brainless idiots - while not one in 100,000 American people have bothered to read the U.N. document called Agenda 21, which mandates that NO ONE CAN OWN ANY private property. And on this note, have you heard about the International Code Council ( If you own a home, better get yourselves prepared for the unimaginable at the hands of more �appointed� land and property confiscation experts. Study this site with a fine-tooth comb.

But we the people know in our guts and hearts that we are losing our freedom, our civil rights, and our personal resources to governmental interventions and new and improved global enforcements each and every year � like the International Code Council. But pathetically, we really don�t know what has happened in this nation because our elected representatives are professional deception experts. Most of the people in this nation have no clue what happens behind their backs because they don�t read pending legislation, AND they don�t realize that the freedom-killing legislation is almost always hidden in what we perceive to be benign bills. Our politicians are master deceivers, and they have counted on the ignorance of the public for decades. And tell-a-vision and the public schools work hand in hand with our corporately sponsored Socialist politicians to keep Americans ignorant and psychologically addicted to ignorance-based entertainments and to political lies, liars, and thieves.

Do the American people not realize that they have the right and DUTY to tell politicians to shut up and answer direct questions from the people of this nation? Listen to the politicians and think tankers on C-SPAN. They are dictating what we think, what we feel, what we need, and tell us on videotape what THEY are going to do. We the people have become non-entities. Their disrespect and disregard for the people of this nation are beyond words and contempt. They are so addicted to and corrupted by self-proclaimed superiority that they are literally insane. And 90% of what we now hear from these pathological elites is only and ever televised. They don�t have the guts to stand before the American people UNLESS they have hand-selected audiences.

I�ve said it before and I�ll say it again � vote for no politician, incumbent or hopeful - unless they stand before you and your community and EXPLAIN Agenda 21, your community�s sustainable development plans and partnerships, local environmental land confiscation and deed-restricted development plans, missions, and intentions, and jobs through partnerships with CHINA (Heads up, Michigan). Force them to explain the North American Community/North American Union, the transnational transportation corridor, and the illegal giving away of our Biosphere Reserve lands in the United States. Force them to explain the �unionizing� of Mexico, the U.S., and Canada after the model European Union that is DESTROYING the nations and lives of the people in Europe. If they won�t talk truth about these issues, then they MUST NOT be candidates for any seat of power in this nation.

If Martial Law is declared, our Constitutional form of government is suspended. Translation: your Constitutional rights in this nation are OVER. You are then under military rule. See South and Central America and Africa, or for that matter, Iraq and Afghanistan for historical details. Is this how you want your children to live?

A friend recently reminded me that, as a nation, we are completely surrounded by Socialistic countries, armies, and intentions � literally surrounded. Think about this. Europe, South America, Mexico, and even Canada � we are the last hope and bastion � the very last nation standing with a Constitution that gives absolute rights and freedom to THE PEOPLE � over, above, and beyond that of government. But, if we do not acknowledge, understand, and act with our powers to CONTROL our elected, their global-Socialist intentions WILL throw us into Socialism�s pot of LANDLESS and powerless global serfs. And guaranteed, you WILL live in a militaristic, barbaric, and violent society without opportunity, voice, opinion, or firearms. See homeowner�s associations for details. See your tell-their-vision sets for details. And send your children into indoctrination camps to create the assembly-line slave labor forces for the Socialist world government. And when Martial Law strikes, with the signature of one person in this entire nation, be prepared to walk out of your homes and leave America and all civil rights behind � forever.

So the question begs � since America CLEARLY is the sacrificial lamb of global governance, how can you still not see or sense the insider overthrowing of this nation???

Realize that destroying the traditional family and eliminating Christianity are top-priority missions of Socialism. Eliminating the belief in unalienable rights and our American social structures ENDS the American sensibility, Constitution, and way of life. Just ask your public school system � the one created, 100%, by Socialists. Read Joe Larson�s Why Our Schools Teach Socialism.

E-mail for details on how to educate the ignorant in your communities. A.C.E. (Americans for Constitutional Enforcement) will send you everything you need to start local educational chapters in your communities. Build networks and communities of loyal American people.

Also, if you�re worried about your families, children, marriages, and personal vulnerability in today�s Socialist political environment, read The Cultural Devastation of American Women. Order your copy at, and stay connected to truth, truth tellers, and to your faith.

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Our nation and our freedom have, in fact, been destroyed. We must rebuild America from within as a UNITED people and apart from our political leadership. If this country is to survive, it is solely up to we the people and our tremendous numbers.

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She is an opponent of deceptive governance and politicians, global governance by deception, political feminism, the public school system, political economics based upon manufactured wars and their corporate benefactors, and the Federal Reserve System. She is also a nationwide and lively radio personality. To book an engagement with Nancy Levant, send an email request to:











Tell-A-Vision is the adult and youth re-engineer, and the public schools are the youth and now toddler re-engineers - teaching us exactly how to be anything and everything but free people.