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Nancy Levant
September 5, 2006

I begin by quoting myself from a previous article:

�Try disagreeing with a political feminist and discover what a dumb ass your free will has become. Try disagreeing with anything a political feminist has to say about anything. You would get the same attitude and look from a radical environmentalist � no compromise, no reflection, no regard or respect for the opinion of another - no deals. Feminists are unapproachable, arrogant, and believe themselves to be intellectual elites��

If never ceases to amaze me how �feminism� insults and degrades women. Either you accept and forward political feminist doctrines, or you are an idiot. As such, one cannot help but to consider the world history of women. It has been, in so many respects, a terribly sad history and one in which the personal opinions of women were mostly disregarded. This strange and bizarre standard continues in many, many nations all across the world. Think of it � half of the world�s population over written history - one of two genders - and the systematic denial of their brainpower, their capabilities, their opinions, and their contributions to cultures and mankind. And now, in the 21 Century, women themselves have organized to further this bitter history. Worse yet, contemporary women fell hook, line, and sinker into another enslavement trap. Now the feminist movement crafts our opinions for us and leaves us with no options minus those of their invention.

One might have expected gratitude from Westernized women for their liberation, for in truth it was our Constitution, our American sensibility, and American males that allowed women�s liberation to come to fruition in this nation. American men did in fact allow us to experience freedom in much the same way that they acknowledged the wrongness and sinfulness of human ownership and slavery. And for the record, this acknowledgment occurred in record historical time. But women�s gratitude did not transpire. American women do not experience thankfulness for their freedoms. Instead, they literally handed freedom and liberation to another master called �feminism,� which now dictates and legislates our opinions on just about every subject.

Political feminism, in this writer�s opinion, has again degraded the brainpower and contributions of women. I think it is fair to say that American women have become enslaved to moneymaking, money spending, the �health� and �beauty� industries, and to pathological vanity. And as such, motherhood and marriage have become enemies of womanhood. But how can I make such a blanket summation? Let�s look at some facts:

Women initiate most divorce proceedings.

Most women place their infant and toddler children into daycare centers due to full-time employment.

Most women cook, clean, launder, bathe children, and feed families after their full-time jobs.

Millions of women are overworked, tired, angry, and depressed in the home.

Most women are on decade-long diets and spend thousands of family dollars per year on �beauty� regimens.

Most women overspend on clothing, beauty aids, home decorating, over-the-counter drugs and anti-depressants.

Most mothers buy video games, tell-a-vision sets, and computer equipment to avoid active mothering.

Most mothers send their innocent children into the public school system without researching the political motivations and intentions of global education initiatives, Outcome-Based Education, School-To-Work initiatives, anti-Americanism, ecology-based religious manipulations, the CFR North American Community initiative, and so many other completely anti-American and anti-freedom movements.

Abortion is now viewed as a right of liberation.

And the �rights� of feminism are misnomers. This is where the belief in unalienable rights comes into play and contradiction with politically motivated rights � and particularly the rights of political feminism. Feminist �rights� are not rights whatsoever. They are created out of thin air to forward political missions. Unalienable rights simply exist as a result of God, decency, morality, and humanity.

If American women weren�t so glued to their mirrors, anti-depressants, angers, and ill health due to life-long diets, they might realize that massive population reduction, and its connection to global politics and the pharmaceutical and �health� industries, is MANDATED. The feminist movement has been pushing depopulation under the guises of �women�s rights� for decades. Now, ladies, it�s not so much of a stretch to understand the connection between abortion �rights,� reproductive legislation, and the mental heath movement, which specifically targets women and children, to realize that other �agendas� are afoot and off and running.

When you are talking about massive global population reduction, you are, in fact, talking about the control of women, their bodies, their unalienable and biological rights to pregnancies and babies, and marriage. Keep in mind that marriages are �licensed.� Don�t think for one second that further �controls� can�t be implemented via these �licenses.� Remember that Chinese women are allowed one baby (in some cases, two babies). �Be fruitful and multiply..� (Genesis 1:28) becomes an atrocity to the global movement and to political feminism. Here you see the womanly dilemma of unalienable rights vs. political intentions.

Feminism in America has taken the rights of women and implanted a new philosophy � a socially engineered, think tank doctrine � to eliminate the most fundamental rights and biological functions of womanhood. But why don�t we see this? How did the feminist movement, which claimed to represent the rights and needs of women, twist the most fundamental knowledge and instincts of women? I believe they accomplished this most devious and inhumane mission by 1) eliminating the opinions of women with brute political force built upon the profits of the abortion industry, and 2) by partnering themselves to globalist dollars (huge money) and missions � like the United Nations, for one.

If women are �liberated,� why do we need or continue to allow feminist organizations to lobby on our behalf? Why do we continue to support feminist organizations with our donations? For that matter, why are there two genders? Does the feminist movement and philosophy have the power and intelligence to change fundamental biology, to recreate the fundamental meaning of womanhood, AND to mandate their rules and opinions upon every American woman (or every woman on the planet)?

Political feminists are the enemy of women. If we disagree with their campaigns, we are considered to be ignorant idiots to be fought. They are no more or less than all previous gender enslavers, and we must get that through our thick and drugged heads. Freedom and liberation do not need masters, self-proclaimed intellectual elites, and social engineers!! Wake up American women. Your unhappiness is epidemic and rapidly spreading. You are being used as workhorses to a sick and manipulated political culture that is destroying your health and sanity, and is DEFINITELY destroying your children. Political feminism exemplifies total disrespect for women.

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If never ceases to amaze me how �feminism� insults and degrades women. Either you accept and forward political feminist doctrines, or you are an idiot. As such, one cannot help but to consider the world history of women.