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Nancy Levant
August 29, 2006

When you think about sending your Chinese dressed and supplied children into the public school system this year, remember they are spending the best part of their young years and days in extremely hostile environments. As you are kissing the kids onto school buses, recall your memories of the public school buses � the very places where you first learned the bulk of 4-letter words, sexual innuendo, threats, fights, and fear of gang misbehaviors. Also recall the total lack of defense-related actions by bus drivers.

Remember that cliques reign supreme in the public schools, and that jocks and cheerleaders still run roughshod over most others in classrooms. If your children are not school athletes or cheerleaders, they are 2nd class citizens. And God forbid if your child is geeky, overweight, homely, handicapped, hyperactive, a slow starter, a genius, highly creative, an individualist, or a true-blue oddball. Their daily tormenting will last through to graduation � 12 years � and no school official will come to their defense if it means upsetting the parents of the bouncing girls and their ball-throwing boyfriends. Let it be said that torment is allowed, on going, and operating on a daily basis in the public school system. Why? Because public schools also mandate the 2-class system � the haves and have-nots, and you can also boil that down to the kids of local movers and shakers vs. the others.

These groups are segregated by virtue of coaches and school administrators who create social divisions to suit the desires of the aristocrats in all American communities. This same system exists in private schools, as well. And one (and only one) reason why is certainly due to the political elimination of religious values in all public schools. Christianity is now a public school crime.

One of my favorite arguments used to condemn homeschooling is that homeschoolers miss out on socialization and the development of interpersonal skills. Homeschoolers do, in fact, miss out on condemnation, insults, personal attacks upon their persons, hair, clothing, faces, braces, pimples, their awkward years, their socio-economic statuses, their families, etc. Homeschoolers are, in fact, better mannered, better educated, score remarkably higher on college entrance exams, and are better employees than about 80% of children who �make it� through the American public school system. They are typically not video game addicts, have higher verbal and reading skills, retain virginity for longer durations, and are raised with familial and religiously based moral values. They are statistically better adult employees than public school-educated adults � largely due to their social skills development, which lack video game addictions purchased by ignoring parents. Stats are stats. [Read]

Homeschooled children tend to have extracurricular activities that are well rounded vs. sports regimens only (our youth-targeting, pre-military physical training), tend to volunteer without the insistence of consensus-based presidents, and they tend to grow into married couples with lower divorce rates. Sorry again, but stats are stats.

Public school children, on the other hand, tend to suffer 1) loss of self esteem beginning around the age of 8, vanity-based priorities, hostile behaviors towards other children, anxiety disorders, eating disorders, behavior disorders, and sexually inappropriate appetites at young ages thanks to the public school culture, U.N. and NEA curriculum, and global compliance of globally ignorant teachers and school administrators. Equally, and in the last 35+ years, public school children have become less and less educated with BASIC education. Can you say Outcome Based Education and School-To-Work mandates of the new Socialist-based world government? Can you say parental ignorance and denial?

As you send your kids off for another year in the New Order�s education/indoctrination camps � all dressed up in their Chinese clothing, Chinese backpacks, and Chinese school supplies, remember that schools are, in fact, a hostile and soul-damaging environment for children. Keep telling yourselves this isn�t the case. Keep telling yourselves that the identical cliques don�t exist in each and every school building across the nation and that your children are just fine, happy, self confident, and love going to school every day to partake of wonderful educations and social experiences. And keep telling your children, year after year after year, to ignore the mean kids, the mean teachers, and the day-to-day verbal, mental, and physical assaults in the classroom and on the big yellow school buses of America. Keep telling yourselves that youthful sexual activity isn�t an emotional and social priority in the public school system.

Also, remember that hostility breeds hostility, and that big pharma loves America�s hostile, insecure, and terrified children. Mood altering numbness is the cure and profit maker. If in doubt, just ask our president, Teen Screen, and the New Freedom Initiative on Mental Health. Look them up and read all about these rapid marchers into the American public school system. Then tell yourselves that your children are fine, dandy, happy, and safe students. Keep enrolling them in sports regimens that abuse their bodies on a daily basis, steal their childhood, steal their time, and then drive them home following these regimens with drive-thru bags of food so that they can sit for two hours performing useless, boring, repetitive, and canned homework assignments that strip them of their American consciousness and love of learning. Then yell at them to go to bed so they can do it all over again - day after day, year after year. Then continue to pat yourselves on the backs for being good parents.

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Given another year or two, perhaps the public school system will simply eliminate the need for parents altogether via the mandatory volunteer service and pending legislation to enforce mandatory military service for both genders. Today�s child is wrapped up in the public school service requirements, including sports regimens and homework, from about 6:30 a.m. to 9:30 p.m. These hours certainly minimalize parental influence � wouldn�t you say? Don�t be surprised when your children grow up to be nothing like you, but are much akin to their social and public (or shall we say global-political) upbringing.

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Given another year or two, perhaps the public school system will simply eliminate the need for parents altogether via the mandatory volunteer service and pending legislation to enforce mandatory military service for both genders.