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Nancy Levant
August 22, 2006

You may have read the article by the same title, which was the forerunner to the book, and that is now in print and available via Many thanks to my readers who waited patiently for the book�s release. But, onward we must go with the subject of American women and the damage caused to our gender by the global culture in the making. The institution of marriage, children, and the condition our public school system and churches demands that we consider very carefully the freedom and rights given to women in this nation. Have we abused or mishandled this freedom?

American women are perhaps the luckiest women in the world. We have, however, taken for granted the fact that we were given rights in a world where rights for women is still curtailed, limited, and at times, non-existent. Many women on the planet are not free in any sense of the word. Many women are still owned entities. So, the question begs - why are American women, whose culture and males allowed them to have freedom from gender bondage, so incredibly stupid with their freedom?

Let us consider a small list of shallow stupidities:

We are free to take vanity to bizarre standards and measures � those created by the beauty, health, and media industries � that mandate skeletal thinness, life-long photo-youth looks, tanning bed skin color, Botox shots in the face, fake breasts, fake fingernails, waxing, manicured eyebrows, plastic surgery of every make and measure, bleached teeth, and unending and life-long diets.

We are free to fall into the trap of the mandatory mental health industry � supporting big pharma and the New Freedom Initiative on Mental Health � by our addictions to anti-depressants to the tune of millions and millions of American women now zoning out on a daily basis with mood-altering drugs.

We are also free to become useless in our homes. We now hire maid services, landscapers, pool cleaners, painters, interior decorators, cooks, nannies, teachers and tutors, caterers, therapists, party planners, massage therapists, laundry services, etc., while losing every intuitive instinct of our female natures.

We are free to have extra-marital affairs, multiple lovers, to abort children, to disrespect and ignore the traditions of our families and religions, to use men like ATMs, to back-stab our friends and family members, and to take thousands upon thousands of family dollars for personal use in our missions to look like (and act like) teenagers.

We are free to have children with as many men as we choose, and to bankrupt multiple men with mandatory child support payments. We are then free to ignore children by paying far more attention to maid-cleaned, spotless, and magazine-cover homes, where no cooking is achieved, no family memories are created, and no shoes are allowed to be worn on the white carpets of the �new� American home. We are free to give our children computer software to keep them addictively occupied for YEARS, and then complain about their lack of social skills.

We are free to completely ignore the FACT that our children are SUFFERING with mean-spirited and incompetent mothers � children who are hungry, starved for attention, and mistreated by non-stop extracurricular sports regimens, drive-thru bags of dangerous food, teachers and public school indoctrination camps, completely ignored spiritual needs, and disrespect and contempt of their children�s fathers.

Sadly, this list has become the typical �home� scenario for America�s children and husbands. �Home� has become sterile because the women in American homes have lost their senses under the highly political guise of �liberation.� So, another question begs � what does liberation mean to American women? Does it mean the freedom to vote? Freedom from historical gender bondage? Freedom from ownership? I don�t think so. Today�s American female is free to be an idiot � a shallow, self-involved, pathologically vain, completely incompetent, and angry person � angry to the tune of making the anti-depressant industry the largest profit maker, bar none, for big pharma. Stupid is what stupid does.

American children do not have happy homes. They are television and computer addicts thanks, primarily, to mothers. So sorry, but facts are facts. American children have so many video games, movies, and �equipment,� that we now have to have �media rooms� to contain the sheer numbers of purchases made to very purposefully ignore our children. Then add to the mix that American women can�t and don�t cook. They don�t know how, and furthermore, between jobs, beauty and �health� regimens, and chronic diets, today�s mothers feel like crap most of the time, which translates into anger in the home. Just ask dad (or boyfriend).

My fear? I look at the history of women in other countries � nations without freedom � and our rapid march toward and beneath a new form of government � one in which freedoms are being incrementally dismantled and removed from the people. I observe state governors who are implementing reproductive legislation, as we speak, to curtail the rights of procreation, which, as we know, means the unalienable, primordial, and biological rights of women. I see men who are becoming more and more disenchanted with marriage � who fear what will happen should divorces ensue. I see the slutting up of American women in dress, demeanor, and attitude, and I see young American girls following suit. And I think of women in other nations, who have never had rights, and their treatment under nations and laws that label them as chattel, property, and for the most part, primarily vaginas and wombs. I worry about the mass, or shall we say �global� disenchantment of men with women. This history could (and has) set women back thousands and thousands of years.

Therefore, let us think candidly about freedom. Let us not continue to be foolish, cruel, stupid, lazy, shallow, and mean-spirited when it comes to the freedoms that America and her male gender allowed to transpire on our shores. We are very lucky women in this nation. To mishandle that freedom is dangerous specifically to women and children. And in today�s world, we are desperately needed to be intelligent handlers of our homes and children. We need to educate our children in the home. We need to eliminate family debt and to stock and store our home pantries and family supplies. We need to reconnect to our biological and intuitive natures, and with that said, we must reconnect to our spiritual natures and needs as women. We must be ultimately careful that we do not become what we loathe.

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Anger has become a base point for many American women, and I suspect that anger stems from self-loathing, guilt, and boredom. If you�re running around shopping, spa-ing, working out, visiting therapists, tanning, bleaching, manicuring, and paying servants to perform all standards tasks in your homes, you are not operating as a woman and certainly not as a mother to your children. Think it through and buy the book � The Cultural Devastation of American Women, books section, at Equally, I strongly recommend this book for men, girls, and congregations. It�s way past time we look this beast right in the face. Do not continue to assist the destruction of freedom in our nation. And always remember, when one gender changes for the worst, so does the other. It�s time to pray for clarity. I pray the book will help.

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My fear? I look at the history of women in other countries � nations without freedom � and our rapid march toward and beneath a new form of government � one in which freedoms are being incrementally dismantled and removed from the people.