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Nancy Levant
August 15, 2006

This gem of a title fell out of the mouth of my youngest child after she had attended an animal presentation at our local library. She went to see amphibians, owls, snakes, turtles, and a raven. She was, however, far more stunned and amazed by the messages delivered to the audience, of which more than half were children.

We can well imagine the global warming, invasive species, habitat corruption, endangered species, blame-the-human scenarios that were, in fact, labored upon by these nature experts (a-hem), but even the children raised their eyebrows when �the farmer� was ultimately blamed. It just goes to show that land confiscation missions have no shame or conscience.

The presenters were very young apprentice ecologists � probably lowly or unpaid summer laborers for the DNR via The Nature Conservancy � or some such �partnership.� These kids probably received college credits or room and board for the summer in exchange for presenting canned lectures to the public.

The main focus and intent of the show was to relay to a young public a message of warning about �farming.� Farming, they said, destroyed habitat and animals. They pressed this message home again and again. One child raised her hand and states, �Maybe if everyone grew their own food and raised their own farm animals, we wouldn�t have to have big farms.� The youngster delivering the gloom and doom eco-messages was momentarily stunned into silence.

He finally said, �Well, considering how many people are on the planet, that probably wouldn�t work.� So, the questioning child reiterates, �So you�re saying that all farming should stop?�

�I�m saying that farming pushes wild animals off the land,� said the eco-student.�

�So, what is the world supposed to eat if there are no farms,� asked the inquisitive child? And the eco-student said he had to move on to the next endangered animal � leaving the question of the day hanging � much like all eco-truth.

�Never underestimate stupidity� is also a gem of wisdom for today�s American people. Such nonsense delivered upon us in the form of open borders, land confiscation schemes of land trusts, land developers, and ecologists; gasoline prices and road removals, the transnational transportation corridor, the legislative curtailing of reproductive rights, national mental health screenings, and pending legislation to force every American of both genders into military service; new and improved weather catastrophes � coupled with martial law and paramilitary systems practicing for �the big one� - underestimating the stupidity of our �leadership� certainly comes to the forefront of our current and manufactured reality.

�Stupidity� is THE ingenious word, as the pretense of the changes in our nation simply cannot remain hidden � even with professional liars, deceivers, their total control of mass media, AND the collection of the REAL money, which they have incrementally stolen from the American people for nearly 100 years. Their deceptions, in other words, are falling apart at the seams. However, underestimate their stupidity, we have. So, what do we do at this critical stage of their game?

Any incumbent politician, and any person who hopes to step onto any political platform, must be made to publicly address the following issues to even be considered for any position of office:

  • Agenda 21 mandates of the United Nations
  • Agenda 21�s mission to end all private property rights globally � but specifically in the United States
  • The North American Union � according to the CFR
  • The CFR revolving political power in the United States
  • The illegality of the Biosphere Reserves
  • The illegality of the Federal Reserve Corporation
  • The illegality of Martial Law under the Constitution of the United States
  • The illegality of Signing Statements and merging and placing legislative and judicial powers into the hands of presidents
  • The losing of American sovereignty due to the United Nations, regional governance, NAFTA, CAFTA, and the FTAA
  • The treasonous intentions of the Declaration of Interdependence � signed by Congress
  • The truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth about 911

Nothing less than all the above, the stupidity of our �elected� is no longer acceptable, desirable, or to be tolerated. No more easy shoe-in votes, folks. If you want to be an American politician in today�s world of lies and deceptions, than proof positive of your integrity, global knowledge, and intention to dissolve all the smoke screens is mandatory. No more BS-ing. The smoke is clearing, which makes our national enemies very, very fearful � hence our martial law system keeps practicing and practicing, drilling and drilling � waiting for THE crisis to end our freedom and our government. So to all new and incumbent politicians I say this: We, the people of this nation, are not as stupid as you think, and unless you address these issues, publicly (and that does not mean on C-SPAN), your careers are over.

We must also, as a nation, refuse to use electronic voting machines. This is not the decision of �politicians,� but of voters. Equally, we must create independent election auditors � also not decided by �politicians,� but by the true governmental power of this nation, which means us.

But most importantly, executive orders that suspend our Constitution, and all rights thereof, cannot be ignored or allowed to stand. You cannot swear to uphold the Constitution, and make long-term plans to eliminate it at the same time. Therefore, never again let us underestimate stupidity. Start your local A.C.E. chapter TODAY, and begin to educate all in your community about Agenda 21/confiscating private property, NAFTA/CAFTA/FTAA/open borders, the Real ID card, the Federal Reserve Corp., etc. And send lists of expectations and questions to all state and local politicians. Invite them to your local areas and town meetings and demand that they address the issues highlighted in this article. Let them know, in no uncertain terms, that they either address globalism missions, or they are permanently unemployed. If there is no public outcry and demand for honesty and integrity in office, there will continue to be none.

Contact A.C.E. (Americans for Constitutional Enforcement) at, ask for an information packet, and start your community education projects immediately. For those who have received their packets, get your chapters formed immediately and get to work.

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The main focus and intent of the show was to relay to a young public a message of warning about �farming.� Farming, they said, destroyed habitat and animals.