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Nancy Levant
July 11 , 2006

The problem with having too much globalization knowledge is that you focus upon specific lies, deceptions, and scams while forgetting the most simplistic issues. Such thoughts come to mind when considering that none of our �elected� officials are ever required to address their global governance actions. In fact, they simply refuse to talk about the subject, pretending it doesn�t exist. The entire world is talking about the new global government, which already exists, but American representatives are dead mute on the subject. Worried about being hung, maybe?

Every �elected� official knows full well that America is being systematically, secretly, illegally, and bureaucratically dismantled. After all, they�ve been quietly and steadfastly working at global governance for over 100 years. However, they have never been held to account, and they never, ever bring up the subjects of their treasonous legislating and back door dealings. They speak no evil, whatsoever. Instead, they play the terrorism game while double-timing to implement their custom made fascist system of total corporate ownership of the entire world � including �all human resources (translation: all human beings).�

So, let us ask the simplistic question, �Why?� Why are �elected� representatives in the Executive, Judicial, and Legislative Branches simply not required to declare and explain their global deals and plans? Well, mass media is a global puppet, so it obviously won�t blow the whistle on its corporate/financial handlers. The main function of mass media is propaganda and social re-engineering, much like their counterparts � the American public schools. In fact, two are essentially one and the same. They are psychosocial consciousness changers. The are �envisioners.� That is the primary function of American media and public schools.

The Federal Reserve, full of Ph.D economists and so-called geniuses, bankrupted the American nation and its people ever so strategically. They scammed the Federal Reserve into existence in 1913 with a handpicked quorum on December 23rd (vacation week), and they systematically destroyed the American economy and all opportunity for �the masses.� Keep in mind that the Federal Reserve central banking system was Nelson W. Aldrich and Paul Warburg�s baby (Aldrich being the material grandfather of the Rockefeller clan and the Republican leader ((at that time)) in the Senate). The creation of the Fed made way for today�s America � where the nation is held artificially afloat by the debt of the American people. The Fed can pull the plug at any instance in time, and they will when the other manufactured crisis pieces are in place - pieces like America�s paramilitary systems, including Halliburton�s civilian labor camps, weather controlled crisis scenarios, which will eliminate more desired private property from �the masses,� the complete plans for the forthcoming pandemic, and the readying of the global/U.N. disarmament of the American people. I also suspect that more members/numbers and coordination of United Nations �peacekeeping forces� are desired.

Of course, we see all of the above coming to fruition very, very rapidly, and at the same time. Once private property and guns are eliminated, food and water rights will follow suit immediately, of course. How do we know this? World history tells us that the landless are slaves and beholding to the landowners. History also tells us that the first badge of slavery is disarmament and the complete illegality of slaves to own or carry weapons. In other words, world history tells us that disobedience to masters is illegal. Any and all resistance is illegal. When you�re owned, you�re owned, and rights are no longer yours.

In a previous article entitled North American Reservation � Reap and Sow, I suggested that the world governors were gathering the world�s people into their new breed reservations. Here in America, we like to call them �deed restricted (water restricted, travel restricted, food restricted) communities.� Heads up, folks. History is repeating like a conquering plague � or is that �pandemic?�

NAFTA and its super-duper militarized highway system are splitting the nation directly in half. Watch for more and more and more road removals. Our wilderness and primary natural resource areas are all but swallowed by global initiatives like the Biosphere Reserves and the World Heritage Sites. We are being herded out of America�s rural areas, while global corporations swoop in to collect and sell the bounty of America�s breadbasket to foreign nations. And we, the people, sit watching, silently knowing something is terribly wrong, but only demonstrating our concern by electing, re-electing, and re-electing America�s destroyers - both primary parties being dedicated and card-carrying CFR globalists.

And to top it off, we now sit back in dull observation while electronic voting machines are installed, at the demand of our globalist leadership, which will forever and permanently condemn our votes and opinions to those of the global elite.

So, what does it take for the globalists and fattest cats in the world to achieve total world domination? What stands in the way of complete ownership of all land, water, natural resources, and genetically desired work forces? Let us consider the possibilities.

Perhaps they have not quite achieved the desired technological expertise and scientific advantage(s). Perhaps they are concerned that �the masses� may rise up � being that �the masses� out-number them �massively� and globally speaking. Perhaps these 20-50,000 people just aren�t quite sure enough that they can actually pull off becoming the kings and queens of Earth. Perhaps their dollar bills, which use to be the dollar bills of all people on the planet, just aren�t quite enough of a weapon to fight global humanity. Perhaps their national political puppets haven�t been as successful as desired in their manipulations, deadlines, and secret deals. Perhaps too many people are waking up to what is happening � globally � at the hands of the global elite.

We do know that they have kick-started their global government missions more openly and at a furiously quick pace. Makes one wonder why the sudden hurry. Makes one wonder what deadlines are forthcoming. So many global-ecological-terrorism deadlines � so little time�

And please, people, remember that in 2008, a new and mandatory ID system gets set into stone. The Real ID combines your driver�s license, social security number, health records, and financial records. Let�s think about this for a second, as well. All the aforementioned information is retrievable from your Real ID card. This is private information that will become available to law enforcement, stores, medical facilities, banks, or anywhere you show or use the Real ID. The use of this card will permanently eliminate your privacy. I suggest that this card is merely a stepping-stone to mandatory chipping.

We have been force-fed the �identity theft� crisis. Imagine the theft or confiscation of your Real ID card. If ALL your personal and private information is retrievable from these cards, then �identity theft� becomes picture perfect and complete. Now how would one solve that problem? By replacing ID cards with sub-dermal/implanted chips � that�s how.

Also consider the following. Why would a national ID card be required UNLESS a new nation was being created? Every American citizen carries so much ID that�s it�s a joke. Driver�s licenses, credit cards, library cards, social security numbers, driver�s registration forms, proof of insurance, VIN numbers, license plates, medical insurance and prescription cards, debit cards, etc. Now, combine all the above onto one card, and �identity theft� becomes picture perfect, and it also makes way for the picture perfect solution of mandatory chipping.

Would you rather have control over your �identity,� or would you rather �a government� control your identity through the vehicle of your physical body? The Real ID serves the new nation, which is not the USA, and it serves slavery. You, too, will be tagged, just like an NAIS animal. You better think this through, people. NAIS desensitizes you to the chipping concept, and then you�re next � guaranteed. Your Real ID will be chipped first, and then, for convenience sake, your body will be next.

Finally, a truly loyal and truth-speaking American wrote to me, stating that America would be sacrificed for the new world order. This struck me like a ton of bricks, and suddenly, more light bulbs went off over my head and much more sense was made.

America is a corporation. Most American people don�t realize this, and I will not bother trying to explain how or when this happened, because the American people have not read the Constitution and they don�t know which amendments have been legally ratified and which one�s have not � and they don�t, for the most part, care. This fact took a long time to sink into my dull brain. However, the elimination of the Constitution, which actually means the freedom and powers of the people, IS the PRIMARY mission of the global governors.

The belief in unalienable rights is a problem. Civil rights are a problem. Private property and gun ownership are big problems, though the globalists have just about accomplished the total collection of America�s physical territories. There is very little actual land left to buy in the United States. If in doubt, buy your county plat book or request a list of all property owners in your county. You will find that land development corporations, land trust organizations, transnational corporations, and government own most of your county lands. The West is all but gone. So is the Upper Peninsula of Michigan (think Great Lakes, forests, and mineral deposits). So are the Appalachian Chain, most coastal areas, most forests and deserts, and most of the other mountainous and snow covered areas. Think corporate-governmental ownership of ALL natural resources. Feeling vulnerable yet?

Then add the environmental missions of partnership-based land conquering and the intent to disallow �the human footprint� on these lands. Think forests, wetlands, island, and watershed areas, in particular (all for nature�s sake, of course�).

Yes, indeed, America is problematic for the globalist monarchs and their pathological greed. America represents everything that they despise and fear � freedom and rights for �the commoner,� which are most people on the entire planet. Us commoners are a particular problem in America because we tend to be armed and law abiding, and abiding by Constitutional law means that global efforts to dismantle our nation are 150% illegal. This government is our government, and our politicians are ours to LEAD, fire, or prosecute. This really, really bothers our global kings and queens. It bothers them because there are a whole lot of us and just a little handful of them. But nonetheless, they�re still not mentioning their global government dictatorship.

However, they have educated the American �masses� well. We�re not so smart these days. We�ve been trained to ignore our leaders and their doings, our governmental powers, our Constitution and Declaration of Independence, and we�ve been systematically trained to be unaware of our Constitutional rights. Ask your neighbors and family members to name their Constitutional rights. Guaranteed � they don�t have a clue. So the �beacon of freedom� is literally forgotten right along with its history. This was clever. Our internal destroyers are very, very clever and calculating fascists. And they have a lot of money � money that was once ours.

To achieve the mastership of Earth, America needs to fall along with her history, founding religion, moral values, and the knowledge of her people. America falls when America and her government are forgotten through social re-education (mass media and public schools), debt, landlessness, and physical control of the people. Once landless, our guns will be collected because at that point in history, we will be desperate like all landless people in history became. No land = no food, water, and shelter. These requirements for survival are then provided at the discretion and whims of the landlords � whoever they may be and whatever nationality they may be. Globalism, after all, means global.

America is the sacrificial lamb of the globalists. Once America goes, freedom goes. Once freedom goes, slavery ensues in absolute full force. And again, total disarmament is the first badge of slavery.

American people will not read Agenda 21, the Earth Charter, the Millennium Goals 2000, the New Freedom Initiative on Mental Health, the CFR report on the North American Community or their SPP. They won�t read them because they don�t have time to read and deal with debt, youth sports, grass cutting, and dinner; and they won�t read because their reading abilities have been incrementally destroyed by the public schools system, AND they don�t know their history. Freedom is a foreign concept, and public schools don�t allow the teaching of Constitution, freedom, and civil rights. Schools haven�t taught these subjects for decades.

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Our social re-engineering has worked like a magic charm for the global kings and queens, which is why they have turned on the gas, so to speak, and are accomplishing the finishing touches to their global domination. We have been trained into silence.

As you know, folks, it is to the choir that I am singing. While I can still sing, start a local A.C.E. chapter in your communities and try to re-re-educate your neighbors and family members. We must try until trying is criminalized. Our global monarchy is trying its best to do just that, so time is short. Request an information packet by contacting Let the choir members say that we tried our best and did everything we could for America and her children. She�s sinking like lead. Let history show that there were those who cared and believed in freedom from aristocratic terrorists and enslavers.

And one last thought, if you don�t make your �representatives� tell the truth, then none of this matters. And if you continue to vote them into office, then you and your children are already owned and condemned. I hope they feed and water you well.

� 2006 Nancy Levant - All Rights Reserved

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Nancy Levant is a life-long writer, a believer of God, country, Constitutional and individual rights. She resides in rural Southwestern Ohio. She has worked professionally with children since 1974 and is an ardent supporter of home schooling.

Nancy Levant has done radio and television interviews, has been a guest speaker in many venues including college campuses, schools, Indian reservations, human service organizations, and has been the president of a youth sports organization.

Ms. Levant just completed her new book "The Cultural Devastation of American Women: The Strange and Frightening Decline of the American Female." to be released May 2006. Equally, she is a writer for freedom and land rights issues and opposes the United Nation's Agenda 21 implementation in America.











America is the sacrificial lamb of the globalists. Once America goes, freedom goes. Once freedom goes, slavery ensues in absolute full force. And again, total disarmament is the first badge of slavery....