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Nancy Levant
July 1, 2005

Suburban families are really busy. They are working to support McMansions, impeccable yards, expensive and immaculately cleaned and polished automobiles, expensive social functions and clubs, gym memberships, day spa hair nail/pedicure, tanning, waxing, and massage expenses, housekeepers and landscapers, shopping excursions, and youth sports. They are wrapped up, so to speak, in image cults, which literally take every second of every day.

Meanwhile, in the land of facts and truth, their nation dies off in hunks. Older citizens realize this. So do many citizens under the age of 25, but the 30 to mid-40-somethings are largely non-functioning citizens. They are quite busy, but their citizenship skills are largely non-existent. Apparently, the draw of super-stores, vanity industries, and elite youth sports has a larger appeal to suburbanites than does the survival of America.

It has somehow escaped them that the public school system is a bastion of Socialist indoctrination. Compulsory mental health screenings linked to pharmaceutical corporations, information brokers, profiling, and resulting database collections have gone right over the heads of suburban adults. Instead, dads plan golf excursions. Moms plan sports tournaments, parties, outings, and play dates.

There is next to no outcry from the suburbs on issues ranging from loss of private property rights, eminent domain, the Patriot Act, NAFTA-CAFTA, illegal immigration, mercury in childhood vaccines, the New Freedom Initiative via executive order, No Child Left Behind, Outcome-Based Education, the religion of GAIA, lie-based environmentalism and its land trust schemes and bureaucracies, HAARP and ELF technologies, screening pregnant women, screening school children (and younger), on and on. I guess suburbanites are too busy to read, to notice, or to react.

Self-involvement requires much effort. Self-absorption requires blindness and indifference. Unadulterated vanity requires pathological selfishness. The addiction to sports and realty TV requires highly developed shallowness.

Socialism, for the record, is enslavement. Historically, many have advertised Socialist utopias, but forced implementation was never founded upon utopian principles. It was founded upon a 2-class system � the aristocracy and those owned by the aristocracy, the owners of all and the owners of nothing. Theoretically, utopian socialism was meant to level the playing field, but it has religiously, if I may still use that term, and historically collapsed the playing field for the 99%, while lifting the 1% to absurd and dangerous levels of wealth and power.

Suburbanites are broke. They are bankrupt, because they owe, on average, $100,000.00 to $200,000.00 to creditors, and they spend non-stop. Instead of keeping up with the Jones�, they attempt to keep up with media images. Equally, many suburbanites over-drink. Sorry, but true. Many, in true Hollywood form, have purposefully placed themselves into the hands of �therapists.�

Suburbanites infamously ostracize those outside of their social and neighborhood circles. They ostracize the divorced and the poor, and they are often mean-spirited gossips. They are infamous for slutting up teenage daughters with immodest clothing and the acceptance of trashy role models, and they are infamous for cheerleader training, which includes the lessons of social ostracism. Many suburbanites belong to community-based country clubs, which, via consensus, define further ostracism rules.

Boys spend hours upon hours on a weekly basis with coaches and trainers, and are overly subjugated to absurdly dangerous and non-stop physical regimens. Hmmm. When you think about it, the suburbs and their occupants appear to be highly involved in a highly socialistic training program.

Addictive adult devotions to schools and extracurricular activities, rigorous physical training of children, and yet unaware of the Socialist curriculum and the dumbing-down of children, unaware of the compulsory mental health screening and profiling assessments; shunning, gossiping, neighbor watching neighbor, social ostracism, and highly involved with the mental and physical manipulations of children - adults in suburbia have become very peculiar. And in between times, most are obsessed with vanity, debt building, community visual standards, and mind-numbing television. Hmmm.

If you�ve ever tried to talk to such people about �the� Supreme Court ruling, or the �environmental movement� land trust scams, the New Freedom Initiative, or executive orders, you will hear one-liners like, �Interesting!� Or �I haven�t heard about that.� And you will also notice their uncanny ability to change subjects with impeccable social grace.

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The Socialist experiment certainly worked like a charm in the American suburbs, and these Americans are a formidable challenge to the real citizens of this nation. Suburbia bought it, hook, line, and sinker, and they haven�t a clue. We must roll up our sleeves. They�re a tough crowd. They have learned their subliminal messages well.

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Nancy Levant is a life-long writer, a believer of God, country, Constitutional and individual rights. She resides in rural Southwestern Ohio. She has worked professionally with children since 1974 and is an ardent supporter of home schooling.

Nancy Levant has done radio and television interviews, has been a guest speaker in many venues including college campuses, schools, Indian reservations, human service organizations, and has been the president of a youth sports organization.

Ms. Levant just completed 'The Collapse of Intuition', a non-fiction book about the decline of instinctual and intuitive abilities in American women. Equally, she is a writer for freedom and land rights issues and opposes the United Nation's Agenda 21 implementation in America.










Addictive adult devotions to schools and extracurricular activities, rigorous physical training of children, and yet unaware of the Socialist curriculum and the dumbing-down of children, unaware of the compulsory mental health screening and profiling assessments...